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That’s A Jealous Boyfriend: 10 Signs That Give Away His Jealousy

Are you sure you are dating the right guy? Your perfect boyfriend might be simply faking it all this time. Trust is the foundation of every relationship and you certainly can’t be content with a jealous boyfriend. These visible signs will surely let you know if you have a jealous boyfriend on your hands:

1. He knows your passwords

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From your phone’s passcode to the password of your social media accounts, he would know it all. Not just that, he would also keep checking your friend-list and might even block a few people without making you realize a thing.

2. He won’t be pleased with your male friends


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He won’t like the thought of you being out with other guys. His over-possessive attitude will never let you have fun and you might have to come up with a reason to simply hang out with other male friends of yours.

3. He will never let you take a solo trip

If you would try to escape for a while in order to explore the world, he won’t allow you to go out on your own. A jealous boyfriend will make sure that you won’t be able to come out of the vicious circle that he has made for you.

4. He will make you sacrifice your passion

Whenever you would try to find your happiness somewhere else, he will certainly destroy it. He will make sure that you won’t have enough time for your passion and might gradually kill it.

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5. He won’t let you experience anything new

Because the thought of something new and exciting might make you feel rejuvenated. It might make you question his position in your life. To make sure that your life becomes mundane and dull, he will make sure that you would rarely get a taste of something new.

6. He won’t appreciate your success

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Needless to say, he would be jealous of your professional success. A jealous boyfriend will never like his girl to be more successful than him and will pull you down every now and then.

7. He will constantly keep in touch with you

No matter where you go, he will keep texting or calling you in order to know every single detail about your whereabouts.

8. He won’t approve your fashion choice

This is one of the most visible signs of a jealous boyfriend. He won’t let you wear the kind of clothes you like. Instead, he will start picking your outfits and will make you wear his choice of clothes. This would be his way of letting you know that he has the upper hand in the relationship and won’t allow you to question his judgment.

9. He will invade your personal space

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You will no longer have your privacy. From your phone to your Instagram and your choice of friends to your wardrobe, he will have a complete control over your life. You will feel suffocated in your relationship and will start looking for a way to escape.

10. He will make you change your goals

He would gradually change your priorities that will affect your long-term goals as well. He will make sure that you would never be able to have an upper hand in the relationship. He won’t appreciate your professional success, your free spirit, and would even alienate you from your friends and family. He will make you rely on him every step of the way.

Dealing with a jealous boyfriend can sometimes be a task in itself. Now when you know about the common traits of a jealous boyfriend, make sure that your relationship is not flawed with his jealously. If you think he is crossing the line, it is high-time you have “the talk” with him.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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10 Ways A Jealous Boyfriend Will Show His Jealousy
Because a jealous boyfriend will leave the clues of jealousy strewn about!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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