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A Letter To The Modern Woman Of Today

Dear Modern Woman,

Know that I understand how the increasingly ‘progressive’ society you’ve had the ‘good’ fortune of being born in judges you. Know that I have my own handbook of the tremendous pressures it levies on you. Know that I understand them, because I experience the same, first-hand. Know that you have my indisputable respect for being unapologetically YOU in a world that tries to divorce your YOU-ness from you, every step of the way.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Know that you shall have all my love no matter the size of your jeans or the color of your skin. Know that you shall be no less beautiful in my eyes when you choose to hop out sans makeup or deck up like a diva. Know that I shan’t judge you for your itsy bitsy denim shorts nor label you for your modest dressing. Know that I shall love that dazzling scarlet on your pout as much as I shall the lips that blow off stress in a whirl of smoke. Know that I would never pick out on that cropped pixie hair as I wouldn’t that wild mane like Medusa’s own. Know that you are more than your looks or the way you dress, stronger than those who salivate at runway models sporting the same dresses and makeup that they slut-shame YOU for wearing as your own brand of confident energy. Know that you are a warrior princess to dance on the bloody tightrope that dictates who you should be and I will join YOU too!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Know that you have my heart for wearing yours on your sleeve and no less for guarding it inside tall fortresses. Know that all my love goes out to you for crying your heart out to your pillows on long, silent nights and not a bit less for drowning the pain in sloshed parties. Know that I love you with or without your V-card. Know that I have no qualms about the number of men you have dated, the ones you have been with and the ones you have called out on their BS. Know that I do not judge you for choosing to move in with the man you love nor love you any less for sealing the deal with an ‘I do.’

Know that I admire you for streaming all the blue films you can without an incognito mode and exercising your carnal instincts without a second thought about what society deems ‘propriety.’ You are no less phenomenal for actively putting the oh’s in your big Os than a man who fills in the gap between your thighs. And no less phenomenal if you don’t. You are wonderful in that you can love with reckless abandon and amazing in that you can love with careful caution too. You are strong for marrying someone outside your caste, stronger for choosing to have a kid out of wedlock and raising him too. You are incredible for loving a woman like others’d a man and incredible for marrying her too! You are as unapologetically YOU as you can be and I am in on that brave, honest as f*ck, sensational attitude too!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Know that I respect you whether or not you choose to have babies, put your career ahead of your ‘universally acknowledged purpose’ of child bearing or devote your life to raising happy children. Know that you shall have my admiration for bearing the scars and folds that come from raising a child in your tummy and no less for raising one born out of your heart and not your body. Know that you shan’t lose my admiration even when you go childless or bear as many children as you can. You are more than a life-bearing vessel to me and I join your voice when it asserts so.

Know that I am on your team when you speak up about that junior manager who groped you in a meeting or that over-friendly landlord who thought he could get away with asking if you’d like to service him. Know that I am with you when you slap the old man who thought pleasuring himself at your cleavage in the elevator is okay at his age or even the fourteen-year-old who thought you’d make one heck of a f*ck since you come closest to the milf in his magazine. Know that you are more than a salacious fantasy, more than the ‘far too bold’ sash people pin on you, and no less a WOMAN for raising hell when objectified by the oppressive, discriminatory, hypocritical society you live in.

woman smiling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Know that you are wonderful and loved just the way you are, because you deserve all the love there is. And just in case, you haven’t gotten around to loving yourself <secretly wondering WHY>, start now, because you have mine. I love you, o modern woman, unafraid of being YOU- because you are worth it.

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You are more than anything the world can throw your way and brave for kicking it to the curb and carrying on.



A modern woman just like yourself

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Article Name
A Letter To The Modern Woman Of Today
To the modern woman of today, know that you have my indisputable respect for being unapologetically YOU!
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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