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Are You Attracted To Intelligence? Good, Because You’re A Sapiosexual And You’re HOT!

Someone rightly said, “Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a napkin.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more. Sure, a lot of people dig beauty and physical appearances when it comes to dating, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you think you’re the weird kind that looks for intelligence before any of those other ‘beautiful’ qualities in a person, don’t worry. You’re not weird. You’re a sapiosexual. And sapiosexuals are hot!

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The thing what most people may not understand about sapiosexuals is that for us, beauty lies in the intelligence of a person. So a great body, great looks, and a charming smile don’t mean anything to us if the person is a dunce. Appearance takes a second place for most sapiosexuals because they are busy looking for people with higher IQ levels.

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If you’re attracted to intelligence, then you are most definitely hot yourself. Because, unlike others, you aren’t drawn to someone’s physical appearance (which, by the way, speaks volumes about your taste and thought process!), and you know that one day the looks are gonna go away. And then you just have a person, and if that person can’t make interesting conversation, then you’re doomed!

It’s a known fact that a person’s physical appearance or looks will only last for a certain amount of time, unless the people in question are opting for major surgeries and other artificial ways to retain their ‘youthful glow’. There is an expiry date for a person’s looks, and if you’re attracted to just how someone looks, you’d pretty much be disappointed when it reaches its expiry date. On the other hand, when you’re attracted to intelligence, you know that outward beauty comes with an expiration date, but there is no stopping someone’s intellect. As people grow older, they only turn wiser. So, that’s a plus for you right there.

Often, people who are attracted to intelligence are intelligent themselves. It’s about finding someone with the same wavelength as yours. So, yes, being a sapiosexual makes you hot in an entirely different, but better way. In a room full of people, if you’re attracted to someone for the kind of conversations they bring to the table, or their knowledge on history and science, or simply their ability to think quicker on their feet than the others, it surely means you’re someone who gets turned on by intelligence.

That is a great quality to have, and trust us, it’s better than being attracted to someone for their external beauty. However, we still think that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.

Here are some ways you can identify yourself as being a sapiosexual.

1. Your beauty standards are different

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Tall, dark, and handsome. Thin, fair, with long hair. This isn’t what appeals to you. Your beauty standards are way above what the world considers to be beautiful. You don’t get attracted to the beauty norms most magazines and Instagram filters are setting. For you, beauty is different, very different from what most people think. What most people find unattractive could be just your thing, as long as you connect with the other person’s intellect.

2. You’re always thinking about what to say next

You aren’t someone who is working their bum off at a gym to get that six pack, or someone who is at a salon setting their hair. You’re someone who is always thinking about what to say to who. You believe strongly that meaningful conversations are important than good looks, and you don’t spend too much time on your looks either. You simply gain knowledge, and for you, it’ll be embarrassing if you don’t have a smart reply to someone, than have the latest trend up your sleeve!

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3. Your favorite drink is coffee and not tequila

Friday nights aren’t spent in a bar with drunk people. Because most drunks don’t know what they’re saying or doing. You don’t like visiting bars with loud blaring music. You like quiet coffee shops where you can have real conversations and bond with the other person. All the unnecessary drunk banter just doesn’t appeal to you. You want to connect mentally and emotionally, and you know very well that, that can be achieved only when someone is sober and knows what they’re saying.

4. Latest trends aren’t your thing

You don’t care if bell bottoms are in, or frills are out. You simply can’t be bothered. Latest trends aren’t for you, and you make no effort to stick to them. You know very well that these trends come and go. You’re someone who invests in classics. Your style is forever green, you pick comfort over trend and love the good old-fashioned sense of style. Because you aren’t drawn towards what’s new and trending. Your taste in everything is different.

5. You are fairly well read yourself

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It won’t be wrong to call a sapiosexual a bookworm. Museums and libraries are your thing! Because you admire intelligence in another person, you strive hard to keep up with the same. So, you’re someone who loves reading, who is constantly updating their general knowledge, and who seeks similar things from a partner. So, you’ve kept yourself updated when it comes to doing your own homework, and you expect the same from the other person too.

6. You dig wit, sarcasm, and maturity

You totally get sarcasm, admire witty people, and are impressed by maturity. You, yourself, are pretty mature for your age as well. People have said that to you often. Therefore, you dig similar things when it comes to dating. Witty and well-timed sarcasm might just be the way to your heart.

7. Their passion or line of work appeals to you most

So, apart from their incredible intellect, you seem to be inspired and attracted to their line of work. Because, it simply tells you how passionate they are, their dedication, and the fact that they enjoy what they do. These qualities indicate their intellectual levels and you can’t seem to get enough of it.

8. Every text you send and receive is grammatically right

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You are someone who silently judges people for their usage of “who,” “whom,” and “whose.” Let’s face it; you are critical about every comma, appropriate apostrophe, and spellings. The lack of these could send you into severe hyperventilation or cause nightmares! So, you’re never going out with someone who doesn’t know the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘whether,’ or, ‘quiet’ and ‘quite.’ Moreover, their correct usage could become a criterion for you to start loving somebody.

9. You take long to commit

You aren’t the person who has sex on a third date. Heck, you won’t have it on the thirteenth date either. But that’s only because up until the thirteenth date, you have so much to talk about. You’re making mental notes about this person. You’re liking them so much that physical intimacy and other commitments come much later for you. There’s a constant struggle in your head when it comes to dating an intelligent person. Because you can’t seem to fathom the fact that you could end up with a foolish person, so you want to be absolutely sure that this person is meant for you. In other words, you’ll take a long time to commit to this person.

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10. You constantly feel misunderstood

Somehow, you think you’re either born in the wrong era or on the wrong planet! Because people around you just don’t seem to get you! You are way out of their league and are constantly misunderstood. It’s either that, or people think of you as eccentric, or goofy. But you know that these lame people know nothing about you, the real you. You have to often explain yourself, give reasons and justifications and it seems to tire you out.

Being a sapiosexual is definitely tough considering the world around us, but sapiosexuals are hot in their own way. If intelligence turns you on rather than someone’s chiseled body, then undoubtedly, you are a sapiosexual. There’s no denying the fact and there is nothing wrong with it.

Being attracted to intelligence is far better than being attracted to someone’s looks. The outward appearance will eventually fade away. But what will remain forever in a person is their ability to think, act, and speak wisely. So, it helps when they are intelligent. You’ll be assured that these guys/girls won’t be boring after all their outward appearance has vanished. They’ll still have a vast knowledge on any subject, they will make witty conversations and puns, they’ll forever inspire you. What more would you need in a relationship?

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Are You Attracted To Intelligence? 10 Ways To Identify Yourself As A Sapiosexual!
If you're one of the rare breeds of people who's attracted to intelligence rather than outward beauty, then you're a sapiosexual!
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