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Dating Translator: What These Statements Really Mean

Dating is pretty twisted. And so is its language. There are a zillion meanings behind a seemingly innocent-looking statement and you wouldn’t believe the kinds lurking right behind the curtains! Don’t believe me? Take a look: 

1. You look  very different than your picture!


Image source: gifrific

You are not so hot! You must be super good with Photoshop.

2. Your dog sounds so cute, I’d love to meet him.


Image source: theinsyder

Let us  go back to your house  and we both know what that means 😉

3. I really want to see that movie but all my friends have already seen it.


Image source: reactiongifs

Umm…I don’t care about the movie, I just hate your stinking room with no AC.

4. That’s so so interesting!


Image source: giphy

I have no friggin idea what you are talking about. I am going to laugh and smile because you are so cute.

5. Aww, you must really love your dad!


Image source: spoilertv

You have issues!  You have mentioned your Dad like 5 times already…I am beginning to get a little worried. Should I press SOS?

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6. So why did you and your ex break up?


Image source: tumblr

Were you dumped (loser) or did you dump your ex (insensitive much)? I need to know- like NOW!

7. You both sound pretty close huh!

I’ve begun to think there is more to this friendship than you are letting me know and I am obviously jealous but trying to play it cool, so tell me everything! There’s more alcohol, right?

8. I’m not drunk!


Image source: thefrisky

Oh!  I am so wasted but I will die before I admit that. Instead I will gulp down more alcohol just to prove my point.

9. I just want to talk and hang out!

You are not hot enough for me to want to have sex with you on today but I can’t ruin my future prospects so I have to say this.

10. Let me take that (bill)!


Image source: genius

I really want to go halfsies but I know you will judge me so I am just going to pretend I am made of money and this is absolutely ‘no big deal’!

11. So how was your day?


Image source: giphy

I don’t give a damn what you did or who you met or what they said. I just want you to finish talking so I can get around to the ‘drink wine and whine’ part of my day!

12. You’re so funny!


Image source: sharegif

Well, you’re laughing at your own jokes which I can’t really say qualify as jokes. But I am going to laugh anyway. HA HA HA!

13. It’s so crowded in here. Do you want to go someplace quiet?

Clearly I want to make out with you without letting everyone in the room know I am an a*shole!

14. Let’s do shots!


Image source: tumblr

This is the fastest way of getting to have sex with you and I don’t want to waste time.

15. Are you on Tinder?

I am just wondering if you are- coz there I can text you all the dirty things I am thinking right now- without any shame!

Can we cut out the masquerade, peeps? How about we serve some honesty here- with five shots of vodka, huh? 😉

Featured image source: Findmemes

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Dating Translator: What These Statements Really Mean
Coz dating has a secret dictionary of its own!
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