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Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Follow Now!

  1. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni (@chairaferragni) can be described as the ‘ultimate’ fashion blogger on Instagram.

Her humble beginning as a blogger, eventually venturing into fashion by launching her blog, and subsequently serving as the creative director of a very successful clothing line.

Today, with over 15.5million followers on Instagram, she has found herself not only on the covers of Vogue, but also secured the #1 position on Forbes’s Top Influencer in the fashion category, and also made it to Forbes’s 30 under 30 list.

She happens to be a lawyer, who also travels the world, and visits the Fashion Week.

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Up in the air 🤗

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But the secret to her success and popularity will not surprise you — being an avid Instagrammer, she has over 16000 posts (she was one of the firsts to be in the game), and her style is effortless and clean.

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While some endorsements could be a li’l out of our reach, her blog  sports her also wearing simple clothing items (simply put, very basic), and rocking them oh-so well!

  1. Susanna Lau

A glance at her Instagram feed would reveal an eclectic, stylish individual who loves to live her life.

But Susanna Lau, popularly known as Susie Lau, is much more than this bio.

Her blog, Susie Bubble (@susiebubble), was created only in 2011, but Susie began blogging way back in 2006. By being in the game for long, Susie’s blog is refreshing from different fashion blogs that sustain themselves with homogenous endorsements that takes out the individualistic creativity that fashion is all about.

As a proud maximalist, she loves to adorn her prints and bright solid colours, which simply tell you to live the day the way you feel.

  1. Gabi Gregg

Fashion is about making one feel confidant in their skin with the choice of one’s attire. But for many, the failure to conform to certain standards of beauty and fashion creates a dent in one’s self esteem and confidence. And Gabi Gregg (@gabifresh) aims to change this perception.

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you’re the one that I want ⚡️

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Frustrated by the lack of choices posed to plus-size women, Gabi started her blog back in 2008, in order to represent a majority that was ironically, unrepresented by the mainstream media.

Her goal was, and remains to make the fashion industry more forward and accessible to women of all shapes and sizes.

Afterall, most traditional societies hate one thing- a woman comfortable in her own skin, and Gabi is doing just that.

And she does this beyond the realm of Instagram — she constantly speaks that Fashion is Political, and the need for diversities to be represented by making bold choices that challenges society’s standards of perception and heteronormativity.

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Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Follow Now!
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Sreetama Basu

Sreetama Basu

Currently residing in Hyderabad, Sreetama believes in the healthy optimisation of a variety of interests- while engaging with political commentaries alongside a cup of tea is an essential, YouTubing her favourite bloggers on the latest media trends is her revered pastime.