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Festival Fashion Trends You Need To Take A Crack At RIGHT NOW!

Festival fashion trends are all about making a splash with one generous plop of colors! But the plethora of combinations and permutations one can create, might put you in a bit of a dizzy. So, to help you with your ethnic wardrobe, we have come to your rescue.  With a little inspiration from fashion bloggers on Instagram who did the math for us, here we are with all the festival fashion trends that can help you amp up your festive style!

But before we rush into the outfit color combinations you can take a crack at, here are some tips with a hefty dose of style that is practical.

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Below are a few of our seasoned styling tips for festivals.

1. Layer up

A day out during the festival spell is like living all 4 seasons at once. So, layers will be your BFFs in a situation like this. A plaid shirt and a light knitted cardigan that you can either tie around your waist or around your shoulders when the sun shines bright, are a must, if you are going western with your ensemble. For a more traditional look, an Indian jacket can work great, and it looks gorgeous too, doesn’t it?!

A neck chief, a scarf in subtle prints or purse-friendly bandanas or a dupatta can be your companion to fend off the chill. Also, if your hair gets all greasy, by the end of the day, you can use your scarf or chunri to veil the grease.

2. Don’t forget your backpack at home

A backpack is a must-have, not only coz it’s super useful and practical, but also because it is also a way of defining your fashion sense. A chic and vibrant bag can fit all your necessaries like water, makeup kit, purse, etc., and is the perfect accessory for your ensemble.

3. Forget delicate footwear

A flip flop or a sandal is a footwear option that will lure you this festive season. You need to resist the temptation! Often festivals take in a fair amount of walking from one place to another. Should I even mention situations when you get your feet trodden on?! And the toilet peril… let’s not even go there! So, keeping all that in mind, we suggest you pick something that is sturdy like a pair of converse or wedges or ankle boots. Also go for darker colors, for obvious reasons!

4. Sunspecs are a MUST!

 Apart from daubing generous layers of sunscreen on your skin, you also NEED a quirky, funky or a classy pair of dark glasses to protect your eyes! If you are not in the mood of splurging those bills for a pair of designer glasses, that is not a problem; get yourself a cute cheap wear-and-throw pair, and you are good to go!

5. Trust your tights!

 The default festival look = Baring the legs! Well, the festive spirit compels us to do just that, doesn’t it? In such a situation, your tights will be your besties! These are easily washable, quick to dry, and amazingly warm. As the evening chill sets in, you can wear these under your pajamas, skirts or palazzos for an instant warm up, if I may call it so!

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Now that we have run you through the festival fashion tips, let us dive straight into the color combinations you ought to try this festive season.

1. Orange with monochrome

A burst of saffron is all you need to rock the desi look. Club it with monochrome, and you are ready for the gods! I love that pop of pulsating red Nilu’s lips have indulged in!

2. Green with purple

Equipoise a pair of upbeat green palazzos with a white kurta. You can team the pair with Kolhapuri chappals (go nuts with the feet accessories like toe rings and payals!). If you are not into feet flirting, slip on a statement choker in deep lavender.

3. Black with gold

The black sari with golden border needs a break, people! How about trying on a chequered sari blouse with a saree that’s a pro at color blocking?! Also, the aviators are rocking the whole rigout, methinks!

4. Olive green with fuchsia

The fashion world is going all crazy over this color combination, and we are no exception! You can either go for an olive green and fuchsia sari-choli combo or a skirt-crop top ensemble! If there is any other combination that floats your boat, let us know about it in the comment section below!

5. Cobalt blue with magenta

This one is a match made in heaven, and as long as we dress up for our festivals in an ethnic way, this combination will rule over all others!

6. Brick red with navy

For those of you who like to play it safe, this blend works best. It is unfussy and yet, so chic! Silver bangles, a statement neckpiece and a pair of jhumkas, are a must!

7. Canary yellow with pink

The color pairing is what we are hearting here apart from the tribal jewelry that’s on-point! For those who like turning heads whenever they walk into a party, this is your baby!

8. Pastel blue with white

When trying to tone down the outfit to stand out in a crowd of boho vibey colors and combinations, this graceful, muted look can be your ‘go to’! Not only is it subtle and refined, but also speaks volumes about who you are without you having to utter a word!

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9. Orange with turquoise

Now this one is stark opposite of what we had picked for you at number 8, right? But look at the colors!!! A striking fashion statement is guaranteed with a combination like this! A must try I would say, since it is also the wedding season!

That’s a wrap from us on this season’s best festival fashion trends! For more on what to wear and how to rock it, sign up for our daily newsletter today! Au revoir!

Featured image source: Pinterest 

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Festival Fashion Trends You Need To Take A Crack At RIGHT NOW!
Festival fashion trends & combos can be hard to follow! But, we've done the maths for you! Here are 9 color combinations you must try this festive season!
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