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12 Summer Instagrams That Prove You Can Never Grow Out Of Your Love For The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are our go-to summertime wear, not only because they are comfy, but also because they make over our look, into something that is drool-worthy! Let’s dub them the staple wear this season, as they take you from an early brunch at someone’s patio to a twilight soirée at an impressive bistro! So how about putting in some new ones to your already remarkable pool of dumbfounding maxis?

Here are 12 of our favorite finds!

1. Floral maxi dress

If you are looking for something that will zing things up a little, we propose a high-low hem affair! This floral print will welcome summer at your doorstep with its bouncy flair! The wrap, however, ensures closure, thus, accentuating your lovely waist. This is a perfect wear from dawn to dusk!

2. Off-shoulder maxi dress

You can take your off-the-shoulder maxi to greater heights by donning this look. A boho vibe too will go amazingly well with this attire, further paired up with brown wedges. A drawstring waist, that ties up at the back, gives you a better fit allowing those curves to show!

3. Striped maxi dress

A stripe maxi is always the dernier cri, the thing in vogue! This one, particularly, is made of cotton which makes it a smart choice, considering the season! A one-step outfit is totally pull-together-able on any casual date! Furthermore, slits in maxis add a fun twist to them!

4. Dress the street maxi dress

Retreat plans any time soon?? I think you should make some! This is a ready to go maxi that will leave you super happy! Whenever you cherry pick street maxis, go for those that are drawn through the mid-thigh. This will ensure that your fabric does not fall short of your length!

5. Long embroidered dress

This gorgeous maxi is ethereal if you ask me! These also come with a keyhole opening at the back, which make them innately sensual, without even showing much skin!

Pro tip: Adorn with braids or even wavy strands for a chic flair!

6. French Connection Kiki palm ruched maxi dress

So your best friend’s tying the knot this summer, huh? How about throwing on this dress? Stunning, ain’t it?! The blue is a refreshing change from the rubicund, plus, the flowy chiffon will give you movement, making it convenient to walk around in!

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7. Column dress

If you want to flaunt those curves, without looking flashy, say yes to this beauty! A column dress has to make it to your ‘Must Wear’ summer fashion list! With its fitted cut and soft blend of hues, it is a stunner! Thanks to the slit on the side, you won’t feel trapped!

8. Jersey maxi dress

Say ultra-versatile, say Jersey dress! A sporty racerback piece this one, is easy to slip into, if you are going to run some errands, and can even be edged up with a pair of white plimsolls and a moto jacket!

9. Strap maxi dress

Go bold with a strap dress of bright hues which go against your tan! Hitting right above the ankles, these pieces ensure that you don’t trip on the flowy fabric and fall. Team up a lovely pair of shoes with these, and you are ready to paint the town red!

10. Monochrome peplum

When it comes to this monochrome peplum, the craftsmanship is incredible! With a walking vent along the back of the dress, you can move around easily, and also pair it up with either crocs or wedges!

11. Brunch dress

The bold prints that these brunch dresses come with make them perfect for any occasion, methinks! The glossy finish and the volume makes one look st-uh-nning!

12. Crepe silk maxi dress

The crepe silk dress gifts you a silhouette, which gives the black an extra-elegant feel! These also come with hidden pockets, OMG!

All the dresses on this listicle look fabulous, no matter what the body type! So relax and let the diva in you awaken! Cheers!

Featured image source: all-womens-dresses

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For Love Of The Maxi Dress: 12 Instagrams To Prove You Can't Grow Out Of It
A maxi dress is your one-stop solution to freedom and beauty, rolled in one!
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