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What Does A Person With ENFP Personality Traits Bring To The Table In A Relationship

Believe it or not, but your personality has a huge role to play in how your life turns out. Even though you might think that personality is a vague and insignificant part of your life which only matters when you are going for a job interview, it is in fact, a part of your very identity and dictates most of what happens to you. It is more definitive than your horoscope, and it is more detrimental than any of the other things that you might believe in, so you must take it seriously.

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One of the best ways to determine your personality is by taking the Myers-Briggs test, which is a psychological analysis of who you are, based on the answers that you give. These qualitative answers are all questions which ask you about your choices, decisions, manners, preferences, etc. and finally sort you into one of sixteen different personality types. Of these 16, one of the personalities is ENFP type, and we are going to be discussing ENFP personality traits and the affects that it has on relationships for people with this particular kind of personality.

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About ENFP Personalities

ENFP means that these people are extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive. This is a surprisingly wonderful mix of personality traits, which come together to form a personality which belong to only 7% of the world’s population. If these people were to be described in one word, then it would be “free-spirited”.

ENFP personality types belong to the second category of personalities, namely the Diplomats. Even though there are three other personalities under the Diplomat category, this particular type is referred to as the “Campaigner.” They are highly outgoing and like socializing, and become the life of the party and center of attention wherever they go because of their optimistic attitude and fun persona. There are some personality types which tend to get rowdy and hyperactive when they are socializing, in order to “live in the moment,” but the Campaigner enjoys company because they see it as an opportunity to meet new people and form new bonds, spiritual and emotional.

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There is an inherent contradiction in an ENFP personality, because they are both extraverted and intuitive. As one of the most exemplary extraverts among all the personalities, they are out-going, adventurous, like meeting people and are open to new and exciting experiences, no matter how great the risk factor is of the latter. However, they are also intuitive, which means that they are thoughtful, sensitive, careful and insightful. One of the things that bring balance, peace and harmony in their lives is finding a middle ground between the two, and they often end up idealizing situations, which is their way of finding the middle ground.

They are dreamers and creative people who covet their independence and freedom over everything else. While they can be fierce defenders of the ideal and the impossible, they also have their feet on the ground, and know their limits, almost to a fault.

ENFP Personalities and Relationships

As mentioned before, your personality can be play a bigger, more significant role in your life, than you think. It can determine your career and profession, it can drive your choices in the present, and it can also reveal a lot about your preferences and behavior when it comes to romantic relationships.

Today, we are going to be discussing how your ENFP personality traits affect your relationship, and the possible outcome your behavior can have on your life and on your partner, relationship wise.

1. Meeting people

Like I have said before, a Campaigners lust for life, excitement, charm and passion is very hard to resist. They have almost no trouble attracting people, because that is what their personality is characterized by. No matter where they go, they tend to stand out and draw attention (of the right kind). They have no inhibitions, and if they like someone, they won t hesitate before approaching them.

The Campaigner uses their sociable personality and extraverted nature to meet new people, and engage in various different kinds of social situations. They try to connect with people on an emotional level from the very start, and that is the first thing they look for in a potential partner-an instant connection. They look for partners they can spend a significant amount of time with, and take time looking for the right person, with whom they can share their passion and excitement.

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2. Early stages of a relationship

The beginning of a relationship for any Campaigner starts with showing their partner how much they love them, and how unconditionally devoted they are willing to be to them. This is a necessary process also, because they are very attractive, and can draw a lot of attention from other people whether they are already in a relationship or not.


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They are also very keen on showing their partners their true selves right from the beginning. From the very start, you can expect them to share their secrets, explore adventure with their partners and have deep, sensitive conversations, which are all things that happen later on in other relationships.

3. Long-term relationship

When a Campaigner starts dating, you know that they are doing so by keeping the distant future in mind. Even though they are highly social people, they tend to be very emotionally available and therefore, vulnerable when it comes to romantic relationships.

This particular personality type is perhaps most comfortable with long-term relationships, and frequently engage in relationships which have a lot of emotional challenges (most of the time, unconsciously) because they believe nothing can surpass the power of love. For them, distance is just another concept which has to be overcome by love, which is all a part of their idealism. They are all about mutual responsibility, mutual happiness and mutual growth, which they believe is the foundation of a long, healthy and fruitful relationship.

If there was a graph that could represent their relationships, then it would be pretty stable, since they expose their true selves pretty early on in the relationship and don’t have much trouble opening up to people.

4. Rough patches

One of the worst challenges that they have to face with regards to romantic relationships is heartbreak. The problems which normally occur during the course of any average relationship, are not perceived as problems at all by the Campaigner, and are in fact, challenges that have to be faced head-on and defeated by their indomitable power of love. However, if under certain circumstances, their relationships do fall apart, then the result can be a harrowing experience for them, and they can go into withdrawal.

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They are very passionate and enthusiastic people by nature, and their excitement can sometimes get overwhelming. Being sociable and extroverted and spiritually inclined and adventurous also means that they become dependent on the reaction of others, which makes them needy, and can sometimes lead to problems in a relationship. However, their charming personalities and alluring beliefs and diction can also make them some of the most exciting people to be in a relationship with, no matter how many years you spend together.

Recovering from a broken relationship for a Campaigner takes time, and can often be one of the most challenging things that they do in life. They can also sometimes retreat to a spiritual existence or state of mind in order to get relief from the loneliness and betrayal they feel from a broken relationship. It takes time for them to open up to people again, which means that when they are committing to a relationship, they are doing so with all their heart and soul.

5. Compatibility

There are two other personality types with whom the ENFP personality type is most compatible with. These are:

-INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judgment)
-INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving)

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The reason why they would be most compatible with personalities which are primarily introverted, is because it would be the yin to their yang. Two opposing personalities with regards to passion, excitement and being “out there” in general would bring much-needed stability to a relationship. For example, if the Campaigner gets carried away while being free-spirited and creative and idealistic, then an introverted personality would help them keep their feet rooted to the ground.

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Similarly, if an introverted person had difficulty performing in social situations, or opening up, or coming out of their shell, a charming, alluring, popular, kind, trustworthy personality, like the Campaigner’s, would be the perfect catalyst for them to perform in society.

At the end of the day, being in a relationship with a person who has ENFP personality traits is an exciting roller-coaster of emotions and experiences, which can become one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life. They are compassionate and energetic when it comes to relationships, so one can expect to have a wonderful time with them, as long as they find the right person to share their experiences with.

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