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The Perfect Personality Types And Relationships Mapping You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everyone thinks they know themselves better than anyone. They would like to believe that when they are engaging in relationships, they can do no wrong, since they known themselves so well. However, if that were the case, and if people were truly perfect creatures with a perfect knowledge of the self, then heartbreak, breakups, sadness, grief, etc. as emotions would not exist. Everyone would be happy and together and joyous. Since that isn’t the case, it is imperative to understand that human beings are indeed flawed creatures whose eccentricities makes them individuals, and a relationship is all about finding someone compatible with those very eccentricities.

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To put it simply, these eccentricities can also be called an individual’s personality, and when you find someone who is able to vibe with your personality, you find true happiness in a relationship. The study of personality types and relationships is a huge part of psychology. It helps one understand the general behavioral trends that human beings follow, and it also gives you valuable insight into who you are as a human being, and how you are likely to behave in life and in relationships.

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Today, we are going to be talking about the importance of personality types and relationships, more specifically, the effect that the former has on the latter.

Types of Personalities

One of the best, most reliable way in which you can determine your personality is by taking the Myers- Briggs personality test. It is series of question which you have to answer with a range of options from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”, after which the test is going to show you your results. Before we can talk about each kind of personality in detail, here is a brief chart which can help you determine which category you fall into.

Category 1: Analysts
– INTJ (The Architect)
– INTP (The Logician)
– ENTJ (The Commander
-ENTP (The Debater)

Category 2: Diplomats
-INFJ (The Advocate)
-INFP (The Mediator)
-ENFJ (The Protagonist)
-ENFP (The Campaigner)

Category 3: Sentinels
ISTJ (The Logician)
-ISFJ (The Defender)
-ESTJ (The Executive)
-ESFJ (The Consul)

Category 4: Explorers
-ISTP (The Virtuoso)
-ISFP (The Adventurer)
-ESTP (The Entrepreneur)
-ESFP (The Entertainer)

Personalities and Relationships

Once you know the kind of personality type that you belong to, you can find out what makes you unique, and how you are likely to behave. These are all conjectures made based on the answers that you have given, so the chances are that your behavior in relationships is also based on that personality. Here what each personality type does when they are in a relationship.



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Finding the right partner for someone who has an INTJ personality type is of prime importance. They are careful and methodical about everything in life, and finding someone to be in a romantic relationship with is no exception. They are almost clinical in their choice, ensuring that each person meets a set of predetermined clauses, before they are trusted.

Their weakest links are tradition, sentiment and social norms. They tend to dismiss the mainstream when it comes to functioning in a relationship. They are deep, intelligent creatures with integrity.

Compatible with: ENFP, ENTP


Their need to know more about other people and get acquainted with them makes them very eager companions. They aren’t the kind who would not take any relationship casually, romantic or otherwise. They require very little other than trust, harmony and intellectual excitement in their relationships, in order to be happy.

However, the Logicians tend to gel well with more outgoing people, who might have needs different from theirs, in which case, any other needs remain unfulfilled.

Compatible with: ENTJ, ENFJ



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These creative creatures tend to take their relationships very seriously. As their personalities are very strong and assertive, they like to assume the role of the leader in a relationships as well, and make initiative their personal responsibility.

They aren’t very keen on feelings and emotions and can sometimes come across as cold. Since they are so powerful in their own right, they could never survive with any other strong, assertive personality, and instead, would thrive with a sensitive introvert.

Compatible with: INTP, ISTP


Even though they are debaters, they can also sometimes be dreamers, conjuring up the perfect image of the perfect life with their perfect partners. Sometimes, these partners don’t live up to their expectations, and it leads to heartbreak.

They like to try new things with their partners, and are all about new and exciting experiences. They like growth, their own and others’, which can sometimes be tiresome and overwhelming, but endearing nonetheless.

Compatible with: INFJ, INTJ

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High on intuition and sensitivity, the Advocate is someone who can look right through people if they aren’t serious about their relationships. They covet an intimate connection, and would rather be alone, than be with someone who isn’t as dedicated to them as they are.

The connection they seek is often much more than just intimacy and can sometimes be emotional and even spiritual. Being in a relationship with the Advocate is a wonderfully rewarding, but static experience.

Compatible with: ENTP, ENFP


These are the kind of people who often hold rom-coms as the ideal for their real life relationships. Dreamers and idealists, the Mediator takes time to understand that no one is really as perfect as they think.

They are passionate and independent in relationship and like their own space, and don’t like confrontations or conflict.

Compatible with: ENFJ, ISTP


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Despite being classified as Protagonists, they are surprisingly dependent on a stable relationship. They value their love life more than anything, and are willing to do all for their partner. Nothing gives them greater joy than their partner’s joys and achievements.

They can sometimes be fickle-minded and compromise on their values for their partner, or to avoid conflict. However, they are a supremely loving, giving lot.

Compatible with: INFP, ISPF


For the Campaigner, a relationship is a way to connect with another person spiritually, and share mutual experiences which is what makes them special. Full of life, ideas and joy, the Campaigner will leave no stone unturned when showing affection to their partners.

Their enthusiasm for life and the spirit of adventure might make it difficult to find someone who shares the same amount of passion, but once they do, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Compatible with: INTJ, INFJ


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If a relationship entails risk and venturing into the unknown and unplanned experiences, then you won’t expect to find a Logistician anywhere near it. They are very methodical when finding their partners (usually for life) and do so with a logical and precise attitude.

You can’t expect a lot of excitement or newness in a relationship with the Logistician, but you can expect a fulfilling and stable relationship.

Compatible with: ESFP, ESTP

10. ISFJ

Even though they are inherently traditional and old-school in nature, they are open to change and adaptation, which makes them likeable and attractive. They are very attached to the idea of a comfortable home and family life, and in a relationship, they are always kind, loving and giving.

They often substitute emotional affection for physical affection, but once they get truly comfortable with someone, they can only bring about love, happiness and harmony.

Compatible with: ESTP, ESFP

11. ESTJ

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The Executive has extremely stable relationships because of their (often) brutal honesty. They like everything straightforward and taken at face value and don’t have time to fool around. Even though they aren’t very spontaneous, they do know how to have fun with their partners.

They assume the role of the guardian or the responsible one in a relationship, which makes them ideal for introverted and subdues personalities.

Compatible with: INFJ, INFP

12. ESFJ

The ultimate goal of the Consul consists of a loving family and a nice home. They take their relationships very seriously, even if they are just dating. They thrive on social validation, which makes them a little too dependent on their relationships, for knowing that someone cares for them and loves them and values them exclusively is what keeps them going.

Compatible with: ISFP, INFP

13. ISTP

 couple in love_New_Love_Times

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The Virtuoso values their personal space above everything. They aren’t very keen on the idea of a stereotypical romantic relationship, but if they have the right partner, who knows what they want from life, and allows them enough independence, then they can live a happy, peaceful life.

As far as emotions and expressions go, they have trouble expressing themselves, but make up for it through physical affection.

Compatible with: ESTJ, ENTJ

14. ISFP

The Adventurer is a highly introverted creature who is difficult to gauge. They like being in love and having someone to love, but they don’t let people in very easily. They often shift the focus to their partners, which can be a little irritating and frustrating, but once they do open up, they are a whole new person with exciting ideas and a lot of love to give.

Compatible with: ESFJ, ENFJ

15. ESTP

 things couples do_new_love_times

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The Entrepreneur loves excitement, newness, spontaneity, activity and surprises in their partners. They aren’t the kind who spends their days thinking of a future with who they are with, because they are all about living in the now.

It can be difficult for them to settle into a routine, stable relationship, but they can use their talents and ingenuity to build a strong and exciting relationship with their partners anyway.

Compatible with: ISFJ, ISTJ

16. ESFP

These hyper-social creatures are all about carpe diem, whether it is about life or their relationships. They are more into physical intimacy, rather than emotional expression, and have no trouble at all dealing with heartbreak and moving on.

They are secretly super emotional, and once they find someone they actually connect with, they can channel all their extrovert’s energy into keeping this person in their lives, no matter what.

Compatible with: ISTJ, ISFJ

These were the main personality types and relationships that they are likely to be in and behave in. However, it is also important to know that these aren’t fixed standards. Any two individual can vibe with any personality type, even their own. However, I hope this gave you some insight into yourself, and the kind of relationship you can expect to experience!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License

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