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10 Simple Tips On How To Be A Better Husband

Married life is blissful only if the couple is able to understand each other perfectly. For an ideal, balanced life together, each should realize their responsibility and fulfill it in the best way possible. Every couple is different, and there is no fixed formula that will help couples all across the globe work out how to be with each other happily.

However, every couple undergoes the initial honeymoon stage, then the phase of growing and developing together, and finally old age when couples walk towards the end of their lives hand in hand. Across these stages, some common problems come up from time to time. For example, often it so happens that a couple gradually grows apart owing to a lack of communication or just taking each other for granted.

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It is both a husband’s and a wife’s duty to overcome these problems in order to achieve a peaceful, married life. As far as a husband’s role is concerned, he should always try to be a better husband than what he already is.

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If you want to know how to be a better husband to your wife, here are a few golden pointers that are bound to help you in the long run.

1. Be truthful


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Here’s the biggest key to being a better husband. Women really appreciate it when their husbands are honest with them. Even if it is a trivial matter, your wife will feel hurt upon realizing that you felt the need to shield the truth from her. Having a very open and mature relationship, where both of you can be frank about every matter under the sky, is one of the pillars of a fulfilling relationship.

2. Be tactful when giving opinions

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It goes without saying that your wife is very sensitive to your opinions, and hence you must think before blurting out anything to your wife. Sometimes it is not easy to give a response that is at once honest and kind, so you have to give it some thought and express your thoughts as gently as you can. If your wife is trying on a new dress or has had a new haircut that are not to your favor, do not be blunt and mock her. Instead, tell her in a roundabout manner that she looks good, although some other style or dress would look better on her. The more personal you can make it sound, the more valued your wife will feel.

3. Talk, talk, and talk some more

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In many surveys across the globe, women have complained that at a certain stage of marriage, usually around the ten-year mark, men don’t share much with them. Don’t let your own wife feel the same. Make it a point to talk as much as you can with her and share everything in your life you can, even if they may seem insignificant to you.

4. Don’t insult your wife, no matter how bad your mood is

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Irrespective of what the argument or the reason for your disagreement is, you must not treat your wife in an insulting and/or disrespectful manner. Experts say that contempt can ruin relationships, even if it is the most minor form. You shouldn’t do things like roll your eyes at something she said, or smirk, or sigh in disgust. All these are clear signs of insult that will only belittle your wife and show that you are trying to act superior to her.

More importantly, you should definitely not treat your wife rudely in front of your child. This will cause your child to be stressed about your relationship, not to mention think that it is perfectly permissible to treat their mother in such a way. You do not want to bring your kids up under such unnecessary strain and with such a mentality.

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5. Be romantic, and sincerely so

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It is one thing to be romantic when you are expected to, like on her birthday or anniversary, but one of the most important ways to be a better husband would be by showing your romantic side when your wife least expects it. It is no fun for a woman to feel like she’s no longer being sought by men, and she will surely love it if the one who has been and always will want to seek her love in various ways is none other than her beloved husband. If you can keep the romance alive, you will very well be a better husband.

You could reenact scenarios from the beginning of your romance. You could make your wife feel like she is still single and you have to put in a great amount of effort to win her over. Above all, only express yourself romantically when you genuinely mean it. A woman intuitively understands when her husband is sincerely expressing his love for her, which makes her respect and love you all the more.

6. Say the three magical words in as many ways and as many times as you can

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Women never get tired of hearing ‘I love you.’ It may seem like an exaggeration, but the statement holds more truth than any other statement on earth. You could text her once in a while expressing your love for her, or you could write it on a note before leaving for work. You could say those words out of the blue as a pleasant surprise. All that you need to express is that you are very lucky to have your wife and you are glad she chose you as her husband. These three words are the best medium to express these thoughts and feelings, and will surely make your wife’s heart skip a beat.

7. Surprise her with gifts

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A woman loves being pampered, so shower your wife with small gifts now and then. It does not mean that you have to give her expensive valuables all the time. On the contrary, it can be something small and meaningful. If you are window shopping together and your wife expresses her liking for any object in a shop, then buy it for her later as a surprise if it is within your budget. Gift it to her when she would be least expecting such a gift. Or get something for your wife if it reminded you of her when you saw it. Best of all, make something for her on your own – she’ll cherish it all the more. And this is just one of the things on the how to be a better husband checklist.

8. Stay intimate

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Intimacy means a lot to women, and by constantly expressing your interest in your wife you will be able to keep the romance alive in your relationship and make your wife feel loved, prized, and young. It does not matter how long you two have been married – keep the physical relationship alive through minor but meaningful gestures. Leave her with a kiss in the morning before starting for work – a kiss like this expresses more than mere words could because you will be stuck in your wife’s mind and heart for the rest of the day.

9. Give her a helping hand

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You sure want your wife to be the superwoman who would be able to take care of the kids, her work, and household activities perfectly, but it is not reasonable for you to demand that of her when there is no way you can do so yourself. Rather, the two of you are a unit together, so pool your efforts together as one. Make dinner once in a while, or develop the habit of doing one household activity every day, be it washing the dishes or helping your kids with their homework.

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10. Be supportive

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You should value your wife’s aspirations, and help her realize them. Showing your wife that marriage does not mean that she will have to give up her dreams is the best way to become a better husband. Let her study, help her with her projects at work, or order take-in if she has an important assignment to complete and won’t have the time to cook – anything to make her feel supported and loved.

Well, these are just general things in how to be a better husband checklist. You are the better judge when it comes to knowing your wife and her preferences. So things that make you’re a better husband is truly in your hands. Good luck!

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