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[Fitness Diaries] Bebo’s ‘Don’t Lose Out, Work Out,’ Fitness Mantra: Keep Those Kilos Away!

The face of ‘size zero’ – Kareena Kapoor – wasn’t born the sultry seductress who managed to make a million hearts skip a beat whilst shaking a leg (and more) to the raunchy tune of ‘Fevicol.’ Hailing from a true-blue Punjabi family, she was what you’d expect a ‘punjabi’ girl to be – a ‘makkhan-maar-ke tandoori murgi’ (If we can call her that, that is!) 😉

kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Her transformation from the rather plump ‘Naaz’ of Refugee to a ‘tashan-ful’ sexy siren is an interesting inspirational tale for all those who are intimidated by fitness. Coz Bebo has an amazing fitness mantra that when translated to its de-glammed version is ‘fitness can be a fulfilling habit and less a chore.’

Now you’re interested, eh?

full-figured kareena kapoor

Full-figured Kareena Kapoor during her pre-size zero days

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Yes, Bebo believes in the ‘Don’t lose out, work out’ mantra for fitness and it sure stands in direct contradiction to what most fitness gurus out there opine. And no, she did not crash-diet to lose those 20 lbs for her ‘size-zero’ figure nor does she endorse the same, but she achieved the ‘fabulous result’ through a carefully regimented diet plan and her highly efficacious workout sessions.

The style icon is now curvy and still follows her amazing mantra for being fit and fabulous.

Here’s what her fitness regimen consists of:

The workout

kareena and saif practising yoga with a trainer

Kareena and hubby Saif practising yoga with a trainer

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Despite being tremendously busy, Kareena steals two hours each day for exercise. Not a fan of air-conditioned gyms, she sticks to cardio and yoga for a healthy and fit body.

Payal Gidwani Tiwari, the much-celebrated celebrity yoga trainer, is the person behind Kareena’s immensely flexible and toned body. She is also instrumental for making Bebo fall in love with yoga. The quintessential ‘heroine’ of Bollywood expresses her gratitude to the trainer in no uncertain terms, saying,

“Payal has helped me challenge my genes and transform my body.”

At the launch of a yoga book written by Payal, Kareena expressed how her dedication to the art has benefitted her.

“Initially when I started yoga classes, I couldn’t lift my feet up above the ground. Payal told me that my thighs are bulky, and I need to tone them down. But now I can throw my feet above my head.”

kareena doing yoga

Kareena doing yoga

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Power yoga, surya namaskar, and ashtanga yoga are compulsory elements of Kareena’s day. Her daily yoga routine consists of forty surya namaskars, Bhujangasana for strong back, Virabhadra for lean and strong legs, Naukasana for perfect abs. Bikram yoga is also part of her regimen and is performed in a room with regulated humidity. She kick starts her day with yoga sessions as it helps to relieve stress and keep her spirits uplifted all through the day. Her cardio regimen involves running, swimming, and biking. She also combines Pilates with her yoga sessions every alternate day.

The diet

Being a foodie (which shouldn’t be a surprise given her Punjabi roots!), she does not refrain from eating what she likes. All she does is ensure that she binges on ‘favorites’ in moderation and works out. She loves simple, Indian home-cooked meals, and states,

“I can’t live without food. I love food as much as I love movies. I am a ‘Kapoor,’ so that explains my love for food, and I eat everything, but in moderation.” 

She insists that balance is key to a healthy lifestyle and as such, one need not divorce oneself from eating what they like. In fact, she herself does not shy away from samosas and kachoris and rice is, in fact, a part of her daily diet!!

Here’s what her daily nutrition intake looks like:

A morning glass of fresh fruit juice.

Breakfast:  upma or paranthas, muesli, and idlis. She snacks on a brown bread sandwich in between.

Lunch:  roti, dal, and vegetables.

Dinner:  dal, vegetables, and curd with brown rice.

Also, she remembers to munch on health bars every two-three hours and drink lots of water to keep her system hydrated.

kareena kapoor before and after weight loss

Kareena Kapoor before and after weight loss

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This amazingly refreshing and welcome mantra of ‘not losing out’ seems to be a fresh lease of life for some inspiration to flow towards fitness enthusiasts, who haven’t quite gotten to realize the enthusiasm anywhere save in their heads!!

Now that you know the secret behind how Kareena maintains her svelte figure, I don’t think there’s any reason to hold back. Remember, Kareena Kapoor says,

“Have a clear soul, eat a balanced diet, at right time, and be in sync with the local food and climatic conditions. This will keep you calm, quiet, and balanced inside as well outwardly give you the best of your physical persona as well as your looks.”


Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Kareena Kapoor weight loss mantras just for you!
Kareena Kapoor, the beti of the Kapoor Khandan, loves to eat, although she did get to size zero. Here are Kareena Kapoor's weight loss mantras for you.
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