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Why You Need To Get Rid Of Your Old Makeup, NOW!!

Choosing makeup products can turn into quite a process. You might consult magazines or your friends to find out which products will work best for you, which is fine. But after using a product for so long, it can be tough to part with it even if its time has passed. But if you are aware of the adverse effects that expired makeup products have on your skin, then you won’t hesitate at all to dispose of them when the time comes. While nail polishes can be kept for a long time, makeup cannot be kept and used indefinitely.

This list will help you understand when to toss out those old products and bring in the new ones.

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1. Lipstick

woman applying lipstick

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

For many women, their look isn’t complete without their trusty lipstick. Fortunately, this incredible stick of wonders has a longer shelf life than most other makeup products. You can easily keep using all your lipstick tubes, lip glosses, or even lip pencils for two full years.

2. Concealers and foundations

Foundations and concealers are an essential part of your makeup and beauty routine. But you should be aware of their shelf life. Experts say that it is absolutely not safe to use your foundation or concealer if eighteen months have passed since the day of its manufacturing. This shelf life is applicable for oil-free foundations as well as liquid concealers. Foundations have a tendency to dry out quickly, so it is best to buy a new one if you notice this.

3. Mascara

woman applying mascara1

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Don’t we all just love the mesmerizing effect that mascara has on our eyes? If you are fond of eye makeup, then mascara is bound to be your best friend. However, makeup experts say that you shouldn’t use a tube of mascara for more than three months. This amazing makeup product has a short shelf life, and hence, needs to be replaced often to avoid drying out or causing infections. The reason for its dishearteningly short shelf life is that bacteria are easily transferred from your eyelashes back into the tube. If you see that your favorite mascara is drying out even before its usual shelf life of 90 days, then we suggest that you throw it out instantly. Some people add water to their mascara in order to make it reusable when it has dried up. You should avoid doing this because it will increase the chance of getting an eye infection.

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4. Eye shadow

Eye shadow comes in both powder and liquid forms, and you might be surprised to know that the shelf life of the two types differs greatly. While liquid eye shadow can last for just about one year, powder eye shadow can be kept for a good long period of two years.

5. Face powders and blushers

woman applying makeup

Image source: Shutterstock

These are yet another vital part of everyone’s makeup and beauty routine, so it is important for all of you to know just how long you can store this type of product. Cream blushers can be used for up to one year, while powder blushers can be used for two years. Face powder can also be used for two years.

6. Eye pencils

bridal makeup

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

This is one makeup product that can be used for a very long time since the risk of transmitting infections from your eye pencil to your eyes is low. However, to be on the safer side, you should sharpen your eye pencil regularly before applying it to your eyes. This will ensure that the tip of the eye pencil is clean. In general, eye pencils are said to have a shelf life of about two years.

Apart from the shelf life of specific products, here are some additional tips to keep in mind when it comes to your makeup to avoid risking any sort of infection:

1. As far as face powder, foundation, or blushers are concerned, you will have to throw them away the moment you notice that the product is smelling strange, has developed a weird film over it, or if it develops a green shade.

2. Branded makeup products may cost more, but are also of higher quality and will last longer than cheaper options.

bridal makeup

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

3. You should also pay attention to your applicators and other makeup tools. Always use sponges and brushes that are clean. Wash them regularly, and replace applicators whenever they look old and decayed.

4. If you have developed any sort of eye infection, then it is advisable to throw out all of your eye makeup products. You may have unknowingly transferred some of the growing bacteria from your eyes to your other eye makeup products. Reusing these infected makeup products will harm your eyes even further.

5. Make sure that you store your makeup in a dry and cool location and away from any direct sunlight.

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6. Make sure that you always cover the lid of your makeup products securely after each use.

So, the next time you reach for a product that has been stored away for a long time, do think of these pointers about the shelf life of makeup products. They are bound to come in handy!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Makeup And Beauty Tips On Shelf Life Of Makeup Products
Do not risk infection by using your old makeup products. Check out this list of makeup and beauty tips on the shelf life of makeup products you use.
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