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Great Tips For Choosing The Best Blush For Sensitive Skin

People who have sensitive skin generally tend to shy away from makeup. Most makeup products tend to contain chemicals and compounds which can cause sensitive people to suffer from skin problems. However, just because you have sensitive skin, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup at all. If you can go for foundation and concealer and lipstick and eye shadow, there is no reason why you should stop at the blush. Believe it or not, there are a number of blushes out there which can give you the lovely blush affect without ruining your skin.

We are going to help you pick the best blush for sensitive skin, depending on certain factors, so that you can rock a flawless makeup look every time you decide to wear blush.

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Before we can talk about the best blushes which are available for sensitive skin, you can check out the following skin care tips, which can give you a strong and healthy foundation to work on. Here are some tips which can help you take care of your skin.

  • Wash your face with natural face cleansers like lemon water and the like, instead of using harsh face washes which can leave your skin super dry.
  • Try to wear a hydrating face mask with natural things like cucumber, Fuller’s earth and papayas to take care of your skin, in case of a breakout, or even otherwise.
  • Make sure your bath products and other personal care products are as natural as possible, even if they are bought off shelves.
  • If you are allergic things, be extra careful about the products that you buy and read the ingredients section and do your research properly.
  • Use only high end makeup products, which are less likely to react with your sensitive skin.
  • Clean your brushes every time after you use them, because residual makeup and skin cells can cause harm to your skin and trigger an allergic reaction.

Knowing how to choose the best blush for sensitive skin will introduce you to a number of factors that you might not have thought of before, while shopping for your makeup. These tips will allow you to differentiate the good products from the bad ones and consequently, make you look so much better than you would have, if you would have settled for an average quality blush.

1. Identify your skin tone: The first step is to understand where on the skin tone spectrum you lie. Whether you are fair skinned, olive-toned or have dark skin, you can choose from a number of wonderful blushes, which can make you look like the absolute bomb. Even though you can choose whatever shade you wish, and rock it if you have the confidence, there are some brands and their products which give you that extra edge over the rest. Here are the best blushes for your sensitive skin, according to your skin tone.

  • For those who have fair skin, they can opt for colors which are near pink, pale peach or nude. This will give you a soft, dainty look, while colors like plum or red with matte tones will give you a wild and edgy look for the days when you are feeling like going all out with your makeup. Here are NLT’s top picks for fair skinned people who have sensitive skin.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Telling Glow

Dior Cheek and Lip Glow

NYX High Definition Blush

  • If you have medium to dark-ish or olive toned skin, then you should go for colors which offset the warm or cool tones of your skin. If you have warm undertones, then plums, dark corals, reds and oranges would look wonderful on you. However, if you have slightly blue skin, which is cool toned skin, then you should check out warmer colors like warm coral, peach, vermillion and orange. Here are our top picks for sensitive skin.

NARS blush in Orgasm

Becca Beach Tint

L’Oreal Le Blush

  • If you have dark skin which is also sensitive, then chances are that it gets oily too easily. Before you choose your blush, make sure you choose the right concealer and foundation to match your skin tone, and then you can go for all the lovely blush options that are out there, waiting for you to own them. You could go for lovely bright colors like red and orange, or you could choose a matte pink with sheer tones for a more natural look.

Sisley L’Orchidee Rose

Yves Saint Laurent Crème de Blush

NARS Angelika

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2. Choose the occasion: Your choice in blushes should ideally change depending on how long you plan to wear makeup. Since you have sensitive skin, you have to be careful about how long you want to expose your skin to makeup. If you are going for a natural day-look, then you can relax a little while making your choice, but when you are dressing for a party, you have to go for heavy duty blushes.

  • If you are planning to wear blush during the day, for a casual outing, or to work or for a formal event, then go for semi-sheer pinks, reds and corals. A slight pink tint is all you need to get you through the day, and you don’t have to worry about the effect that the makeup is going to have on your skin because you know you are going to take it off once you get home. When you are dressing for a cayusal event, you also don’t exert your face much, so your makeup stays put. Here are the top choices for a casual day out.

Maybelline Color Show Blush

Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon

Le Blush Crème de Chanel

  • If you are dressing for a more active place, where you might have to move around more, then you need a blush which is going to stay on for longer without harming your skin. The problem with sensitive skin is that after a while, once your skin has had enough, you start to breakout, which needs to be avoided if you are planning on having a good time. For this, you can go for reds, oranges, corals and plums, which give you a nice sheen, while protecting your skin at the same time. Here are our top picks.
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Great Tips For Choosing The Best Blush For Sensitive Skin
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