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The Prince Of Bollywood Turns 33 – 7 Wacky Gifts Ranbir Kapoor Deserves On His Birthday

It seems like the not-too-long-ago-firebrand Ranbir Kapoor is now facing a lean patch and his own share of brickbats – what with back-to-back flops like Roy and Bombay Velvet (seriously, what was he smokin’ when he read those scripts) and yet, the ‘tamasha’ continues as his real life girlfriend continues to star right alongside him in blatant PDA pictures while his on-screen co-star and ex Deepika Padukone continues to put on the ‘wish him loads of love, happiness and luck’ cloak in front of the same shutterbugs! Seems like one way or the other, Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t seem too intent on keeping the paparazzi off his LIFE! And we aren’t complaining at all (although Bombay Velvet did deserve some swearing) coz for the love of the handsome Kapoor lad, we sure are happy with our mouthful of the buzz to munch on…

Ranbir Kapoor

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…which has given us some novel gift ideas for the Kapoor lad. Why? Well, coz the handsome dude who began his journey clad in that enviable towel in Saawariya and charmed us all the way up until Barfi before delivering these duds of movies like ‘what-the-f*ck-is-happening’ Roy and ‘seriously-dude-tell-us-what-were-you-smoking’ Bombay Velvet is turning 33 today! Yep, can you believe that? Our beloved Kapoor lad is all grown up – awwww!

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Want to see what we have in mind to give the Kapoor scion – though he has made it clear (to Deepika) that he’d like cash… 😛

Take a look:

1. Milk bottle

ranbir kapoor birthday

2. A book titled, “How to impress your mother”!

ranbir kapoor birthday

3. A football

ranbir kapoor birthday

4. A real life Temple Run Game 😉

ranbir kapoor birthday

5. Superhero costume – Superman’s of course!

ranbir kapoor birthday

6. Guitar – to impress the ladies *wink*wink*

ranbir kapoor birthday

7. Fair & Lovely – fairness cream

ranbir kapoor birthday

Well, those were the perfect gifts that we thought Ranbir would like for his birthday instead of the staid and practical gifts that he could use daily.

What do you think of these gifts that we think would be ideal for Ranbir? Tell us in the comments below.

Article Name
Ranbir Kapoor Birthday: 7 Of The Perfect Gifts For The Kapoor Scion
Today is Ranbir Kapoor birthday. Instead of staid and practical gifts we have come up with 7 perfect gifts for him. Take a look.
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