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8 Karva Chauth Looks You Can Steal From Bollywood Divas

Hey Lovelies, I bet by now most of you are going crazy figuring whether red, maroon or green is a good bet for Karva Chauth. And we are here to help. Of course, we know you have to chip in the mehendi and the chuda and so we have a lineup that is going to sync in just right- and what’s more they are all inspired by the women you sometimes watch onscreen and wished you were more like- or at least, you wished you had their wardrobes…

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But when the festive season’s here, what’s a li’l splurging to inch closer to the looks you’ve always fancied, right? So, take some inspiration for your Karva Chauth outfit from these dazzling divas and get ready to dazzle your hubbies. Here we go:

1. Maybe take red, maroon and green all with you- like royalty- see Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Image source

Because this one can never get old- for Karva Chauth. We love the sleek, combed back hairstyle along with the striking green jewelry set off against the contrast of the crimson red!

Kareena Kapoor Khan 2

Image source

When it comes to rocking a look- ANY look, nobody knows it better than Kareena!

2. Or keep it fresh and dewy like the beloved babe of the nation and umm, Ranbir Kapoor- Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Image Source

We love the fresh, upbeat feel of this one-piece gharara donned by Katrina Kaif- in its subtle, yet striking peachy pastel hue offset against the champagne gold of the bodice. The subtle make-up and the contrasting earrings and maang-tika are doing the job for me!

3. Or rev up the temperature around by wrapping your hot bod in this hot saree, like Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

Image source

Yes, she is still the one who once claimed ‘UP and Bihar’ on a thumka. If you are the confident, curvaceous babe who thinks a li’l belly play isn’t quite unwarranted when your belly is going hungry, go for this saree. The color, the cut and oh, yes, the chandelier earrings are all just right!

4. Perhaps, go the princess way so your guy has ‘eyes just for you’- as Jacqueline Fernandes shows you how

Jacqueline Fernandes

Image source

Jacqueline Fernandes never fails to delight, does she? And she looks oh-so-adorable in this bridal avatar. I bet your man will never, even for a moment, take his eyes off of you. And that’s all you want, right?

5. Or experiment a little more and push the envelope like our true-blue fashionista Sonam Kapoor here

Sonam Kapoor

Image source

Because Sonam shall always show us the fashion-forward way. Tread a different route with this rust color saree, draped in a pseudo-Bong manner, teamed up with the perfect assortment of pearls and gems. Look at her- she has got it all- from the arm bracelet, the bangles, the earrings to the neckpiece and maang-tika and yet, there is nothing OTT about the look. Ahh- Sonam!

6. Or go the traditional saree style with a striking piece of jewelry like Dippy babes- you WOW us Deepika

Deepika Padukone

Image source

But if all of these seem a tad bit too much to you, go for the traditional saree look, albeit in a different hue and see the WOW-result!

7. You could also opt for bling for that extra zing, like Alia Bhatt in this traditional avatar- I can’t help imagine how cute she’d look with chuda on

Alia Bhatt

Image source

Coz Alia is really going places..look at her rock this chic, traditional look- after giving us that go-crazy-over bridal avatar in 2 States!

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8. Or go a mile further and find this modish take on the lehenga that shall set you apart from all the too-much-red-clad ladies- like Anushka Sharma right here- love that hot pink color

Anushka Sharma

Image source

Because a pop fo color never hurt nobody! Look at that sleek and chic neckpiece along with those statement earrings- ahh- isn’t simplicity just the BEST?

What is your Karva Chauth ensemble gonna be?

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8 Karva Chauth Looks You Can Steal From Bollywood Divas
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