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In Photos And Cine-Magic: On Shahrukh Khan’s Birthday, This FAN Teaser Does The Magic!

We never, ever had second thoughts about the magical hold King Khan has over his fans. After all, Shahrukh Khan- bas naam hi kaafi hai– to induce a reverence, a craze, an obsession- an epic fandom- like no other!


Image source: missmalini

But if we thought that ALL the love that beats in a million hearts worldwide for the one man who has the key to all of ’em in his king-sized grip could be packaged in one tiny bundle of two and a half hours, it has come possible.

Shahrukh in FAN

Image source: Youtube

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In the second teaser of FAN, he looks unrecognizable as Gaurav, the fan of SRK who idolizes him and wants to be him! Shahrukh Khan, himself, takes us on a journey of fandom that only he could truly represent. And we as hell can’t wait until 2016 for the love…

Check out the second teaser of FAN here:

You are the king of our hearts, Shahrukh- you truly are!

But that’s not all he did- check out all the love he spread from Mannat- during the midnight fan greetings…

Coz when a king stands to greet his kingdom atop his mansion, it is got to be ROYAL:

Happy Birthday O King!

We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Featured image source: Instagram

Article Name
On Shahrukh Khan’s Birthday, This FAN Teaser Does The Magic!
We couldn't have asked for more on the baadshah's birthday- Shahrukh brings the love in all hearts for him alive, himself!
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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