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The Complete Guide To Finding Your Way Into A Girl’s Heart By Making Her Laugh

You may call it a cliché, but a girl’s laugh is the surest sign that there is something that you are doing right. The first impression may be vital, but the first conversation features way up on the list on “how to impress a girl.” Someone might introduce you to her, or the two of you might just bump into each other in the hallway. Remember that it only takes a few minutes for her to decide if you are interesting or not. Now, fret not! That might sound scary but if you master this guide on how to make a girl laugh, you are sure to foxtrot your way into her heart!

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How to make a girl laugh

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If the funny bones in you are missing, the idea of transforming into a Bill Murray overnight can be frightening. But let me tell you this. We all have some funny in us, and all we need to do is tap into the kind of funny we are best at, and then use it to our benefit.

Not being a wannabe funny chap is the first thing you must master if you really want to know how to make a girl laugh. This is the kind of a guy who, after saying something he thinks is hilarious, waits expectantly for the girl to laugh her head off! In 9 out of 10 situations, the girl is most likely to not laugh, and that is when the guy drops the bomb: “So you think that wasn’t funny, huh?” I mean, what the heck is wrong with you?!

Few things you can do to avoid being the wannabe funny bloke

A guy who is actually funny, does not wait for an appreciative nod, or worse, an applause! He says something funny, waits for like a flash of a second for the girl to respond, and then continues talking! As simple as that.

Now here are 6 tips to help you know what it takes to be a witty and funny man.

1. Trying too hard is a major turn off!

Don’t try to look up jokes on the internet, memorize them, and use them at irrelevant situations. That makes you a phoney, and not the charmer!

2. Imbibe from other funny people

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If you have no idea where to start, try noticing the funny ones in your life. They could be friends or even people on TV. Carefully watch the funny dudes at stand up clubs or romcom movies. You will learn that it is actually not about what you say, but the way you say it. The timing and the body language are crucial in this art of being funny.

3. Do not overcook the stew!

To be a funny guy, you need not utter funny one-liners and anecdotes all the time! You have to be creative. Just wait for the right moment when you think of something that might be funny or see something which is worth a laugh.

4. Don’t be the irritating funny guy!

That wannabe thing again! Don’t try to annoy the girl away by being someone who looks around the room after cracking a joke waiting for laughs! I cannot say enough about how pathetic that is!

5. Laugh that wholehearted laugh!

If you think something’s funny, laugh with all your heart. That is totally infectious! Your laugh is sure to bring your girl closer, unless you are sniggering that psychotic laugh!

6. Don’t be a bore!

You need to let your happiness fill her life. Her face should light up with zeal and happiness, when she converses with you.

Why girls prefer guys with a good sense of humor?

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A date throws both the participants out of their comfort zones. Both of you are unaware of each other’s likes and dislikes. More importantly, you don’t have anything in common to have a tête-à-tête about yet.

With each sentence you speak, you lift the veil of discomfort, a layer a time. To cut out the tension faster, humor steps in. The funny side is universal. That is something everyone can easily relate to, except if you make crude jokes regarding body parts! You know what I mean?!

Humor is something that will help you relate to each other and thus, break the ice faster, making the girl feel way more comfortable in your presence. Whenever you find yourself in an awkward situation with her, use humor!

Humor not only makes the girl you are trying to impress, comfortable with you around, it also makes her feel happy by laughing out loud! Every talk you guys have, will leave her fonder of you.

You may exchange flirtatious glances with a girl, but if you fail at having a full and funny conversation with her, you will not be able to impress her. So you know now just how crucial the funny bones are!

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Things you should keep in mind when trying to make your girl laugh

Now that you are aware of how necessary humor is, you are ready to take your efforts to the next level!  Here are 10 tips that will always help you be humorous with the ladies!

1. Situational humor

Try and use circumstances to your benefit when you want to quip something funny. When you come across anything that’s witty and hilarious, talk to her about it. If she finds that kind of stuff funny too, she will be able to relate to you even better.

2. Avoid meanness

Being mean to others is the worst way of trying to be funny. That is no humor, and will only make the girl hate you!

3. Self-deprecating humor

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Women enjoy humor that is self-deprecating. It allows them to be comfortable almost instantly as they realize that you are willing to laugh at yourself and that you don’t take yourself too seriously either. And more importantly, you are not full of yourself!

4. Pull her leg a little!

Girls love being teased, to the point that it is friendly teasing and not some obsessive, abusive kind of teasing. Also, don’t start pulling her leg as soon as you are introduced to her. Get to know her a little, become friends with her, and then use this trick!

5. Being the dumb dude

Pretending to be clueless about things (trivial things alone!) at first and then letting her find out that you knew it all along. She will take offence for a minute or two and will then burst out into a laughter that will shatter all awkwardness between the two of you.

6. Flirt, but discreetly

Flirting is really sweet and one of the best ways to make a girl laugh, or better, blush! However, it must be subtly done. You don’t want to come across as a pr*ck-tease, do you?

7. Indulge in a light-hearted laugh

Try not to take yourself way too seriously. Girls hate that. If you think that your girl just said something to put you down, you should use humor to get back rather than feeling offended about it.

8. Tall tales

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A funny tale always works as a conversation maker. It allows you quite a lot of time to bond. Try to make the story ridiculously funny or even silly, which in a way should be so bad that it is good! You may even use life experiences that are hilarious. That way, you can give them a personal touch by allowing her into your personal life. Try the, “this incident reminds me of…,” line!

9. Current events

If you score a zero on funny life experiences, then try making her laugh by talking about current events. You can take a jibe at a movie star or a TV show; use just about anything! Don’t cross the thin line between funny and offensive, though.

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10. Sex

Now let me warn you. This is a very scary place to be! Before cracking a joke based on sex, you need to find out if the girl is comfortable with such jokes, in the first place. Use puns, initially, or seemingly innocent and cute lines which have a hidden sexual innuendo in them!

If you smile shyly yet naughtily while saying a line with a hidden meaning, she will fall for you. Clue: Jack Nicholson! And in case she takes offence and says that you were being rude, just laugh it off. Tell her that you did not mean it that way. And instead you can call her a little perv for seeing the dirty side in an innocent joke. Finish it with a wink!

I am sure, you now feel way confident about being the funny guy and making a girl laugh, because it is really simple, isn’t it? Initially, you might find it a little complicated, but with time, and the closer the two of you become, things will get really smooth! You will be able to sweet talk your girl in just a line or two!

All you need to do is be patient and do not lose heart. Also, more importantly, do not lose your calm in front of the girl you want to impress.

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