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These Babies Prove That Their Love Lives Aren’t All That Different From Adult Ones

So you think your love life sucks because of struggles like,

Getting that crush to like you! Check.

Surviving a friend zone apocalypse. Check.

Asking him/her/it out on a date. Check.

The torture of choosing the right restaurant. Check.

Then making a decision about what to eat!!! Check.

To kiss or not to kiss. Check.

And then the question which begins with a “Will you…” Now that’s the kick in the butt. Uncheck. Revert to struggle one!

Well, believe me or not, the toddlers are not having it too easy themselves. I guess, love does not pay attention to the manufacturing date before bringing about mess! Have a look at how the babies are dealing (or not) with it!

1. “The Philophobe and I!”

The only thing Charlie Sheen junior seems to be committed to is his commitment issue! And we thought we grown-ups were twisted! Men were just not born with the “I DO!” gene…

2. When the hot dude finally calls you before he calls your best friend!   

Your stomach’s free-falling…

You can’t feel your feet…

Your heart’s racing…

Your palms are sweaty…

You press the answer button: Hi!

Voice on the other side: Hey! It’s mom. Phone’s out of charge. Calling you from your aunt’s number.

Can I just kill mom? No, I am still on milk!

3. I am the woman and if I say no it’s a no!  

20 years later…

  • “Taking a shower is no excuse to miss 46 calls!”
  • “I am not bossy. I just know what the right thing is! Every time. Every. Single. Time.”
  • “So you don’t want me to go to the party?”
  • “No I don’t want you not to go to the party. I want you not to want to go to the party.”
  • “You want me to want to not want… what do you want?!”

4. KISS: Kid is (a) Serial Smacker!

Kissing is an art and this kid is just Picasso-ing it, bro! He knows just the right places to peck! And he pulled it out to not ‘pull out’, if you know what I mean?! 😉

5. To bear (a) hug!

We feel you, woman (if I may call you that!). Though you have an adorblet trying to get a hug from you, the following years will bring you jerks wanting to do that!

Oh, this one’s a jerk too, according to you? What? I am too old to understand?!!!


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6. “Touch me not!”

The look on the girl’s face when the man shooting this says, “I think he likes you!” Priceless! I know she is thinking of things to tell him to friend zone the bloke. Things like:

“I wish I could find a cute baby like you.”

“Aww! You are sharing your Cerelac with me? You are so cute!”

“The baby bi*ch in the orange diapers… I think she likes you.”

“I can see you both pooping your nappies together!”

7. Heart-breaks

The first time your heart breaks and it doesn’t make a sound coz it’s not fart… And you are too young to know the difference!

Well, this is excruciating.

Yeah, but at the same time, it’s funny. I mean, c’mon you are not serious right? Right? No? Okay.

8. “Just good friends”


Adam and Eve

Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe

Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep

Kate Hudson and Joe Jonas ….

We’ve been there done that, dude-ling!

9. I just want to have a look at them though!

Hahaha! This one cracked me up. Father’s epic fail to make his daughter vow that she won’t have any boyfriend when she grows up. Look at the uncomfortable look on her face! U…Uh…OH…! Oh babies!

10. “The feminist!” 

And those who have their priorities sorted!

Equal rights! Equal rights!

Asking me to pay half for the dinner. How unchivalrous! 😉

So next the time you tell a tot that he/she is too young to know anything, remember that the child is the ‘father’ of man, especially when it comes to fathering him! 😉

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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These Babies Prove That Their Love Lives Aren't All That Different From Adult Ones
Babies don't have it easy either! <sigh>
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Riya Roy

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