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Uh-oh, 12 Times People Were Sorry For What They Tweeted

Twitter is my favorite social forum. You have people who delight, disgust and entertain- tucked under one roof that can house only 140 characters of their yum platters, puke-worthy cr*p or ROFL-stuff! And when you find people who were probably updating their statuses when God was dishing out a thing called ‘good sense,’ you have a laugh that rips your pants and yet, you are still laughing. 

Which is why- I want that you see some of these ‘wonderful people’ too-

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1. This girl whose boyfriend cant make her organism


Even though she loves the sex, the lack of organisms are a huge setback. Tch tch. Should date a biology man.

2. Smells like mens colon.

Mmmmhmm. Love the smell of some digestive organs in the morning.

3. Excellent choice of food


Don’t take your grandmother to McDonalds

4. The overtly enthusiastic geology student


Twitter does not forgive.

5. The one who got trolled


It’s best not to use a terrorist threat as an idea for a prank. Capiche?

6. Malaria wins the Nobel Peace Prize


Malaria kills thousands of people every year. But supermodel Naomi Campbell mistakenly congratulated the disease instead of the actual winner Malala Yousafzai. Typo’s couldn’t be worse.

7. This elitist who only believes in real estate.

sorry7We get it, the dude likes manors. Anyone who doesn’t have one is an inferior human being.

8. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s butt


The eternal prankster messed up when he posted the above picture with the caption “shhh don’t tell wifey.” He hastily covered the faux pas with a successive tweet saying “watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!”

9. This poor soul
sorry9This new employee of Cisco was cribbing about the long commute to his new office on Twitter.

sorry9 ii

But he received this prompt reply from a company employee. And goal! 😉

10. The complaint which cost him his job


Joe Barett Ingles, a waiter, was complaining about the not-so-generous tip paid by a famous TV star. Somehow, the star got to know and came back to pay her dues. The waiter lost his job.

11. This racist comment got a radio host fired


Radio Host Mike Bacsik was let go from his job when he mistakenly let out his racist sentiments on twitter.

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12. Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen has to feature on this list. The infamous actor was in the news for mistakenly publishing his phone number on twitter. However, he was a good sport after he responded to a number of people who had called him by quoting a few lines from his character in “Two and a Half Men.”

All image sources: Twitter

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Twitter Faux Pas: 12 Times People Regretted What They Tweeted
People go on to make the most random mistakes on Twitter. And it is good entertainment!
Debroop Basu

Debroop Basu

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