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10 things every woman should know before entering wedlock

We women are an awesome lot, aren’t we? We can multi-task, work hard, rule the world, and look good doing it all. No wonder we are such good marriage material! Whether it is an arranged marriage or you are marrying someone who you were in a relationship with, it makes sense to know a few essential things before taking the major step.

And yet, there are still things that most of us wish we knew before we tied the knot. And because smart women empower other women, we’re putting them all down in a list – just for you! Here are 10 things every woman should know before entering the bond of holy matrimony.

1. Life Goals

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Whatever your age may be at the time of getting married, ask yourself what you want out of life. Do you want to have kids? If yes, how many? Where do you want to live? Do you want to set up a business or travel the world? Whatever your dreams are, be clear about them and share them with your man. You only get one life!

2. Personal Finance Management

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While we don’t expect everyone to be savvy about the bulls and the bears, it is absolutely essential to have your personal finances in order. Know exactly what your assets are, what you’re going to do with your trousseau jewelry and gifts from the wedding. Do your taxes yourself or hire someone. This might sound like common knowledge, but you’ll be surprised at how many educated women don’t know the basics of personal finance!

3. Career Plans

At the risk of sounding like a cliched interview question, you should know where you want to be five or ten years later. What will you do when you have kids? Do you want to pursue higher education? Decide now, before your husband gets a rude shock when you say you want to go study geology in Africa! Sure, career plans might evolve or change as we get older, but it is always good to have a plan that works for you as of today.

4. Cooking

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Now, we’re not suggesting you become Betty Crocker overnight and serve up five course meals every day. However, it is a basic life skill that every man and woman needs to learn. There are only so many times you can rely on Mom or restaurant food. And cooks – what if they bail on you? Learn at least the basics you would need to put together a simple and healthy meal. This will hold you in good stead and can even be a good stress buster. You can always learn to prepare other dishes if you’re interested!

5. Driving

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This one is a no-brainer – you have got to learn to drive. Even if you don’t own a vehicle of your own, you should plan to, as soon as you can afford one. Else, hubby dearest will have to double as a chauffeur or you’ll have to rely on public transport system all the time. While you’re at it, learn a little about what to do when it breaks down as well. Basis vehicular repairs like changing a flat tire will go a long way in ensuring your independence.

6. Your Body

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Yes, we’re talking about loving your body. Get comfortable with your curves and love handles or lack thereof, the rough patches and the soft spots. You are you, and perfect just the way you are. You need to love your body first, before someone else can. Workout to keep yourself healthy and strong, and eat only the best quality food.

7. Basic Grooming Techniques

Now that you have learnt to love your body, how about a bit of polishing to make it shine? Being well-groomed isn’t just for your marriage, it’s essential to appear well put together otherwise as well. Keep your hair tidy and frizz-free, unwanted body hair removed, and skin well moisturized. Whether you choose to wear makeup or not, find a style that you are comfortable in and feel confident to carry off. Learn to make regular appointments with your salon. Get tips from your regular beautician if necessary!

8. Full Health Profile

This is the time to go around putting uncomfortable questions to family members; do it and compile all the details into a family medical history file. This information can be crucial when you’re planning a baby or in case of a medical emergency. Get information from at least as far back as three generations. Oh, and ask your man to do the same.

9. Contraceptive Choices

If you’re not planning for kids right now, there are many things you can do. Instead of relying on half-baked information from friends and relatives, make an appointment with your gynecologist and discuss contraceptive options in depth. Clear all your doubts so that you’re in a position to make an informed and intelligent choice.

10. Laws of the Land

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Last but not least, get educated about the laws of the land, of the country that you and your hubby are going to be calling home. Know about your rights as a married woman, so that you’ll be aware if they are ever denied you. We all want our marriages to be our happily-ever-afters, but there are just too many instances that prove otherwise. So it makes sense to stay safe and informed.

When you marry, you bind your life with another person’s; you are set to share your joys, sorrows, successes, and failures together. It helps a lot to get the basics in place before you get started on this journey, so that the two of you can spend this lovely magical time truly knowing and enjoying each other.


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10 things every woman should know before entering wedlock
Getting married is a huge step in any woman's life. While it may seem like an overwhelming prospect, here are 10 things every woman should know beforehand
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Fabida Abdulla

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