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8 Things To Know About Loving A Libra Man

Now we are talking about a truly bipolar guy – a perfect example of how deceiving the advertisement of a product can be! He may be the symbol of balance, and though he is striving to get there, he is the most unbalanced soul when it comes to love. If you are working shifts to get hooked up with the oh-so-elegant Libra man (yes, it’s like work!), brace yourself a little more. He is a pendulum! A Libra man in love swings crazily until he finally stops at the right point! (No, his batteries don’t run out!) He has to be dead sure that you are ‘the one’! That analogy about the pendulum was not intended to be dirty, though when it comes to the Libra, governed by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, the dirty bit may hold true too!

A classy sense of fashion (they must have paid Ryan Reynolds big bucks to wear that awful green suit in The Green Lantern!), which only adds charm to his ‘flirting even when not flirting’ nature; loving a Libra man is knowing that you gotta have only ugly best friends and neighbors, and sever any kind of connection with the pretty ones! Mr. Efron and his fellow Libra men can charm the pants off any woman under and, why not, over 80!

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As it is tough to make a Libra fall for (only) you, so I shall definitely stay out of the rat race and rather write about him! Here are the 8 things to know about loving a Libra man!

1. “Definitely, Maybe!”

clive owen

Clive Owen

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A Libra man in love is the last one to rush into things. Remember, he isn’t the fiery Ram! Don’t ask me how, but he can see both sides of the coin. Coming to a conclusion becomes the toughest thing for this guy who wants his life to go on like an epic without an end! When seduced, the wickets of a Libra man are sure to be stumped! But he’s going to resume his “love her or love her not” game soon. So babes, the more patient you are with Mr. Indecisive, the better it is for your relationship. If I were you, I would get on with my life and let Socrates do the thinking! Here’s a spoiler: Although eventually his demanding love will pay off, it is also maddening. What a spoiled brat, eh? Well, he on the contrary, has tiny-winy easiness about you being pouty, insecure, or silly. Of course, he will substitute that very addiction with sugar talk, cute voices, and adorable nicknames. It’s all about control and quantity with Libra – it has to be in proportion! If you have decided to be daddy’s little girl at the moment, he prefers you to be a chic lady tomorrow.

2. “Animal Attraction”

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A Libra man in love is like that kid who is attracted by a toy at the window and nags the hell out of his mother to buy it for him. Reminds me of Agnes from Despicable Me holding her breath to get a new unicorn! Once that the Libra has eyes for you, he will not stop swooning over you until you say yes to a date. Kind of a jerk? Well, he is so good-looking that the stalking will be an honor! A social butterfly, the Libra man will make you meet all his friends (and there are hundreds of them!) who’ll tell tales about his exes (hundreds of them again!). C’mon, don’t get furious. That’s his idea of making you feel comfortable! As Fitzgerald would put it, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” 

3. “Hereafter”

matt bomer

Matt Bomer

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Once committed, though that may take an eternity, he is the most faithful of them all. I told you, he just needs you to fit into the ‘glass shoe’ so that he knows you are The One! Scented flowers, candle light dinners, moonlit long drives – name the romantic cliché and he will do them all, sweeping your dancing shoes off with those Ray Charles melodies! And the best part is he doesn’t expect anything in return but your love! Yes, men like these do exist, but you never noticed because you were too busy dating that Gemini! Loyalty is a virtue that is intrinsic to the Libra man in love. Since he is a pleaser, hurting the one he loves is a cardinal sin for him!

4. “Love wasn’t left unsaid”

matt damon

Matt Damon

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The Libra man tends to explain everything, even the laundry, with philosophical concepts! His discussions are full of enough ideas to keep you entertained and also a little confused because of the information he will bombard you with. But this is just the ‘Inception,’ if you know what I mean! He is a conversationalist of the greatest order! Loving a Libra man is very rewarding as he communicates not only his love for you but also how much he appreciates you and your love. Love is the emotion through which the Libra man realizes his self. E.E. Cummings wrote it ever so beautifully, “I carry your heart in me, I carry it in my heart!” Incorrigibly romantic! Aww!

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5. ‘Blow’ the trumpet!

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

“Sweet words are like honey, a little may refresh, but too much gluts the stomach.” Well, that’s no true for the Libra man in love! He loves being flattered more than the designer clothes he dons! Well, you can cajole him about those clothes, that’s a brownie! I would suggest that you memorize a few compliments and not go Jack Nicholson on him, like in ‘As Good As It Gets’! Tell him that you believe in him, though in your heart you are hoping against hope that you actually do! “Looking great” is the one which will get you all that you have added to your cart online! Adore the guy and he’ll return the favour with interest!

6. “Patience, Grasshopper!”

viggo mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A Libra man gives the sages a run for their money when it comes to being composed. He seldom flies off the handle. How you keep the reins on your staying power is the worry here. He hates conflicts or confrontations. You are a lucky girl because this guy is never going to show any tantrums or slam the door on your face after a fight (there will be no fights!). His idea of love is one of ‘completeness.’ He sees you as the missing piece and thus, will do anything in his power to make it work! Confused by how the flirt changed into a saint? ‘Fatal Attraction’? Michael Douglas would agree with us!

7. “Just the way you are!”

will smith

Will Smith

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

An eternal optimist, a Libra man will always look past your faults! He ‘sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil.’ Wait, Gandhi was a Libra! That explains it all! The challenge lies in the fact that in loving a Libra man he’ll expect you to be his partner in crime (Did I just call optimism a crime?!). He is a diplomat which makes him everyone’s favorite no matter where he is! Consequently, he has a little herd of friends who are expected to be entertained and loved equally, no matter how horrible they are. Goodness can many a times be a pain in all the wrong places!

8. “Bow Chicka Wow Wow!”

zac efron

Zac Efron

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You couldn’t wait to brush through the others and get to the final point, eh? Well, when it comes to the action between the sheets, Libra men are kind lovers! Not nocturnal, Libra men like to get down and dirty in the morning light! Maintaining a perfect balance between domination and submission, he will make it as comfortable as possible for his lady! You have to make things attention-grabbing, and grab a lot of other things! He is egalitarian even in bed, so play his equal. If you’ve been high on Mills & Boons as a semi-adult, he is your Silvio!

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A man born under the Libra sun is epicurean – he loves the finest things in life! He wants a good life, some good food and music, and a good partner to share all this with. I think you can replace the ‘good’ with ‘great.’ He wants to live life king size! But the sense of justice which is built into him won’t let him cheat someone to make it big. He’ll always play fair and expect the same sense of fairness from you. So, lass, you might find yourself spending weekends in an NGO cleaning bed pans. He’s “Jigsaw” from that stupid horror movie doing horrible things to other people and blaming it on their Karma! No, it’s not that bad hon, he will call it Justice!

A Libra, despite his sincerity in love, is superficial. Nope, I am not judging him or putting it down as a statement, it is a hard but true fact. Reminds you of Rachel Green? Well! She’s gorgeous so it’s allowed! On a positive note, to love and be loved by a Libra man will be the easiest and the most natural thing that will happen to you. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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