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10 things women want men to know about dating

Dating has never been a walk in the park. Both partners have their set of expectations, issues, and also needs from the relationship. Considering the common notion that women are twisted and complicated, we are going to make it easier for men by telling them a few things women want their men to know.

So mister, here is your Bible.

1. Sincerity is a turn on

Superficial tactics like trying to impress a woman with flattery and using cheesy lines, are only going to work for a short while. Nothing can give her butterflies in her stomach like when you actually try to woo her by being yourself and showing genuine love and concern. It’s all about being sincere.

2. Shopping is her favorite activity

couple shopping

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You may hate it, but your girl loves to go shopping with you. No matter how annoyed you are by her repeated questions about how she looks in ‘this’ dress or ‘that,’ you need to keep your cool and continue to humor them. Because she will definitely humor you when you want to take her to a cricket match – of which she may know neither head nor tail, or watch an action flick – of which she may not be a fan.

3. Sex does not end as soon as you climax

couple in bed

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This is supremely critical. There should be cuddling after sex (most women love it). Do not leave immediately or go to sleep. Spend intimate time together in bed, and also make sure that you subtly acknowledge it the next morning. She will fall for you all over again.

4. Make that call and make it fast

man texting

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If you said you’d call back, do not waste time. The whole wait-for-two-days-before-giving-a-call thing is too out-dated. Nobody has the time to linger around and wait. A woman can move on too quickly if you do not act. So call back immediately. That’s sexy right there, and lets her know that you keep your word.

5. Looking presentable is a good thing

man getting ready

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The woman might not explicitly spell it out, but she wants her man to look good; maybe even better than her. Women do not give two hoots about coming from the ape family: so do not look like the little ape in you. Wear well fitted clothes, if you do not know what that means, then get the girl to shop for you. Stay fit and healthy, and practice clean habits. Even the most unhygienic girl wants a clean man.

6. A ‘No’ sometimes means a ‘Yes’

no means yes

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“Are you jealous, baby?”“No.” It’s a Yes!

“Are you mad at me?”“No, of course not.” It’s a yes!

[Side-note: If she’s upset or mad at you, pamper her and shower her with attention and affection. Do not stop till she makes you 500% sure that she is fine.]

You will reap the benefits of you efforts for the foreseeable future in your relationship.

7. Communication is essential

couple talking

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Communication is one of the cornerstones of a relationship. Try to express yourself, even if it is not in your nature to do so. Listen to your lady patiently and kindly – even if she talks too much. Be willing to discuss or have a long chat about any issue. There is no escaping communication.

8. The charming gentleman is the best side of you

man helping a woman to a chair

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Etiquette and respect are ageless and timeless. Don’t stop being the gentleman you are simply because she has become a permanent part of your life and you don’t have to impress her anymore. Give the lady the respect she deserves and appreciates. Although women are in no way less than a man, small acts of chivalry like holding a door open, pulling out a chair for her, still hold a lot of appeal for them. And besides, it’s a huge turn on.

9. Address her well

How you refer to her is noteworthy. Introduce her as your girlfriend when you go out. If you call her a friend, a lady-friend, a classmate, a colleague – that is all she is going to behave like. Although this might seem like a small thing, it lets her know how you see her, and how you want others to see her as well. It also shows her what place she holds in your life.

10. Take initiative

man holding flowers behind his back

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A man who takes charge of things and follows through with his promises, is sexy. It might simply be the matter of setting up the date and picking a place for dinner, or surprising your lady with flowers and chocolates – just because you felt like it. These might seem like minor things in the larger scheme of things, but trust me, these little acts of taking lead shows a woman that you are a man who is dependable and reliable.

This list is in no way exhaustive because a relationship constantly evolves, and no two relationships are the same. These are just generalized things that woman would appreciate in a man she is dating.

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10 things women want their men to know about dating
Dating is no walk in the park. It requires effort from both parties involved. But this list here is a must-read for all the men out there.
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