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12 Cruel Things Women Do To Men

Being a woman myself, I know that we can come across as harsh. I have seen my fair share of girls who change boys like I switch clothes, and I hate to break it, but I do own enough clothes to open a new online store! Understanding women can be quite a nightmare like what most people believe, and let me tell you they think it right. A woman is a walking, talking, breathing contradiction, and it isn’t easy to figure her out. She wants to hug you but will call you names; she wants you to kiss her but will stay away. Sigh!Why can’t we just be clear about what we want?

The psychology of women is so twisted that I am afraid women find it hard understanding women. Men, I am going to be really sympathetic with you because I hate the dubious standards which we women, often hold everyone else up to. This one is for you all.

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Here, I will share 12 cruel things that women often do. Dearest women, if you are reading this, I would advise you to take this not-so subtle hint and stop this terrible trouble of frustrating good men and then complaining why men are so disappointing!

1. I love you, friend. Period.

couple in love

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Trust me; I roll my eyes when girls do this. You either love him or you don’t. Why would you love to play with his heart? Friend zone isn’t something to be really proud of, but it is something a lot of women think to be their specialty. It is not wrong to be friends with someone, but do not play with their feelings by letting them know how you are looking for someone exactly like them, but not him? Why? Is he damned for you? Grow up, girls!

2. Leading him on

couple in love

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How often do you find women wrongly leading on men? I have seen too many such women who have no qualms when it comes to leading men on. They may have no intention of going out with the guy, but it doesn’t stop them from sending all the wrong signals. You need to understand that not every guy’s heart is a game you need to play.

3. You will help me, won’t you?

couple talking

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I do understand that friends stand by each other during dark times; however, some women leave no stone unturned to use men for their own selfish needs. It might sound sexist, but I have seen a lot of women do this. Don’t use a guy for serving your needs. You want someone to tag along with you to a party, so you call the guy even though you don’t have feelings for him. He is not your personal chauffeur, now, is he.

4. Be my credit card

couple on a date

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This is the worst kind of behavior which a lot of women are seen to exhibit. There are a few women who have no shame whatsoever when it comes to splurging on their shopping needs at the expense of their guy friends. If you are a shopaholic, make sure you do it on your own dime. Don’t use a guy as a credit card and have him come along just because you have your eyes set on his bank account. This is such a terrible thing to do and too many women have specialized in executing this cruelty.

5. Emotional abuse

couple arguing

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“Baby, you are not going to leave me for another girl, will you?”

“Honey, I am so tired today, and yet you are looking to pick fight with me?”

Too many women pull out the emotional card whenever it suits them. Women are a little more hormonal than men and they can often be seen taking undue advantage of this fact. You should understand that too much emotional abuse is only going to worsen matters for you and you may not succeed in working things out. Don’t torture your partner to an extent that he ends up walking out on you.

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6. We are just hanging out

couple looking at paint swatches

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Seriously!@# Who is a fool? Me or you? When you hang out with someone, the body language is different. Too many women hangout with people, with arms around their shoulders, walking hand in hand, and then calling themselves ‘just friends’ when it is quite possible that the guy definitely has feelings for the girl. Isn’t it simply cruel to exploit someone’s feelings when you have no intention of going out with them?

7. Keeping tabs secretly

woman suspicious of man

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Some women have the whole secret agent bit down pat. They spy on their partners and analyze every move they make.

*He didn’t reply to me, I must stalk his Instagram.*

*He didn’t pick up my call; let me see when he was last present on Facebook.*

Girls, cut him a break. If you love him, you need to trust him. Keeping tabs on where he goes and who he sees, is only going to eat into the happiness of your relationship. How can you doubt someone you love so much?

8. Constant criticism

nagging girlfriend

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Are you overly critical? Do you have a habit of constantly seeing the bad in others? Do you criticize your boyfriend all the time? This habit can hurt you immensely because no one is going to take constant criticism in stride. So, dearest women who like to boss their boyfriend around, let me break this to you – this attitude is not going to work. You should understand that you are dating someone who has feelings and is not a punching bag. Unlike what most people believe, I have seen women boss around their boyfriend in the name of love too. This is a red flag and should be avoided.

9. Girlfriends shaming


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Friends can sometimes be unintentionally cruel and pushy. Take for example, this situation: you’re out with your girlfriends and a conversation about boyfriends is doing the rounds. You have been seeing a guy on the sly, but haven’t yet made it ‘official.’ Your friends start taking potshots at him to make you admit to the fact. But, instead of standing up for the guy you’re seeing and your budding relationship, you join in the ‘fun’ and start calling him names. Is this the definition of fun? I don’t think so.

10. Don’t pick calls

friends texting

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I have met a lot of women who take vain pleasure in letting guys call them time and again, and even if they have all the free time in the world, they choose to miss the calls. This isn’t something you do with someone you love. He might have an emergency at his end and he may have really needed you when he called. This type of behavior will get you nowhere. You will end up sitting alone in your room, wearing an old T-shirt, and crying buckets at the way you killed your own love.

11. Play the girl card

woman thinking (23)

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Some women who claim to be feminists end up being sexist. Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean that you need to be pampered or showered withlove, and you’re certainly not entitled to it. Earn whatever you deserve. Stop pulling the girl card all the freaking time. So what if you are a woman, it doesn’t give you the liberty of playing with someone’s feelings. It is high time that you truly understand that you shouldn’t expect extra sympathy just because you are a girl!

12. I am sorry it is not working out

woman thinking

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When they have played their part and had enough fun, girls end up using the age old excuse that it is not working out. Now, there are an equal number of guys who are guilty of the same crime, but women can’t be left behind either. Understanding women can be truly baffling. I am not in support of being in a relationship forcefully, but at the end of the day, you shouldn’t really use someone. Make sure that every individual gets the respect they truly deserve. Being heartless doesn’t make you cool; it makes you someone with a reputation, which is best avoided.

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So guys, if you are wondering how to understand women who behave in a way they shouldn’t, don’t feel bad as we don’t get them either. This said, it doesn’t mean all women are the same. We have our own shining jewels and some great moments of discovery too. I hope you get the right woman who will make you smile even when your whole life is a mess.

Just like there are great guys out there, there are some really amazing women who care for their guys too. It is all about finding the right one who understands your feelings. Life isn’t always all sweet, you may face many bumps on the road before you meet Miss Perfect who will fill in the gaps created by some cold-hearted woman.

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Understanding Women: 12 Cruel Things Women Do To Men
If you thought understanding women was no child's play, you were RIGHT! Here are a few mean things women do - without any conceivable rationale!
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