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Top 6 reasons why women think they are better off remaining single

In the movie ‘Runaway Bride,’ Julia Roberts’ character, Maggie Carpenter, runs away from her wedding, leaving behind not one, but four prospective grooms!! That ought to make her the poster girl for spurning commitment!

runaway bride

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But reel life apart, real life is seeing a lot of women doing the same nowadays, the difference being that they don’t wait to get to the altar to decide that this isn’t what they want. Modern women aren’t in any rush to get hitched, and while this has been going on for a while in the west, it’s a fast increasing trend in India as well. There are many reasons why women are spurning commitment these days, and here are the top 6.

1. They want career advancement without distractions

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Women today aren’t just happy with having a job of their own, they want full-fledged careers. To do this, they need to push through the glass ceiling, a move which requires complete dedication and focus. Many women fear that a commitment can hinder their progress and stop them from achieving their dream.

2. They have their own money

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A direct consequence of a well-established career is financial strength and independence. Women have become savvy investors too, with many dabbling in the stock market. Financial freedom makes it unnecessary for them to depend on a man to fulfill their various needs. Women are taking advantage of special schemes targeted at them and ensuring that their financial future is secure.

3. They don’t want to settle for less

Women don’t see the need to settle for the first man that comes on their radar. They are fully aware of what they are looking for and don’t want to make do with anything less than that. They are willing to wait for the ‘right’ person, with the view that it’s ‘better to be alone than in bad company’!

4. They want to see the world

woman on vacation

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Unlike their mothers and grandmothers, women nowadays don’t want to suppress and sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of their partners or families. So many women are becoming entrepreneurs, and successful ones too, which requires 100% of their time and effort. Besides, they don’t hesitate to take a sabbatical and jet off to see and experience what the world beyond their restricted horizon has to offer. There simply isn’t space for a relationship in their lives. They rightly ask, ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’ and then pack their bags and set out on a world tour!

5. They’ve heard too many horror stories

woman cowering

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Newspapers and news channels these days are rife with reports of women being abused by their partners, and their number is just too high to ignore. With a judicial system that is inherently biased against women, getting justice is a long drawn out process. Today’s women would rather play it safe and stay single than commit and enter a death trap of a relationship.

6. They love themselves more

woman at peace with herself

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Self-love is something that is being stressed in all circles like never before, particularly pertaining to women. Women are learning to look beyond perceived faults and to love themselves as they are. They are taking better care of themselves and have no qualms about spending for this purpose. They are beginning to appreciate themselves and realize that they deserve the best that life has to offer. They don’t need a partner to make them feel complete anymore.

Women today have opportunities that their mothers and grandmothers couldn’t even dream of. Even women of previous generations agree that they’ve had to sacrifice their dreams and aspirations at the altar due to society’s intolerance of single women. Those women are encouraging their daughters to study further and be financially independent, and today’s generation is taking that advice to heart. As the situation lies, it’s up to the men to step up and make themselves worthy of these smart, feisty women!

Article Name
Top 6 reasons why women are spurning commitment
More and more women are spurning commitment these days. Here is a list of top 6 reasons whey they are doing so.
Fabida Abdulla

Fabida Abdulla

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