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12 Things You Should Never Say To Your Fashionista Girlfriend

Now now, did he fire the same volley of questions that gets you fired up?

Did he again say fuchsia = pink?

Did he just say he didn’t care about xyz trend and you couldn’t help snapping with a ‘you have issues’ remark?

woman fashionista

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Well, well, I empathize. I really do. Some people never get your fashion forward ways and sometimes, one among these ‘some’ happens to be your boyfriend!!

Sad, huh? You bet!

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I mean, yes, you are a true-blue fashionista, your life revolves around haute couture, cutting edge, glam, and fashion forward choices are the only way you know to ‘choose’ a thing – but those aren’t available for boyfriends – or are they?

We need some market research on that, eh? 😉

Either way, now that you are in love with a chump who knows li’l difference between a John Galliano and Giles Deacon, an Oscar de la Renta and an Elie Saab or even DnG and LV and couldn’t give a rat’s ass – what do you do but <sigh>!!

Except that he’d again pop up that stupid comparison of your spiky Dori Csengeri bracelet with a dog’s collar and you are bound to bite his head off!


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To help YOU, my fashionista girl, I have compiled this real-HELP-ing piece for your not-so-fashion forward boyfriend.

Fashion forward definition – (of a person or style of clothing) very fashionable – see, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Make him read this, whilst you go buy that sequined top – in all colors! That’s right!

All you guys with a fashionista girlfriend, steer clear of these ‘words,’ if you love yourself (and her too):

1. Do you really need all these clothes?

tights are not pants

Image source

Yes, yes, she does!

2. Aren’t you going to be cold?

fashion girl

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Listen dude, the real question for her is- is it worth being cold to wear this? The answer is always a resounding YES.

3. Are you going to wear that?


Image source

Yep, that was the plan. But you changed that with your stupid question and now she’s going to go change AGAIN!

4. But you can’t even walk in them!


Image source

The rule in the shoe department is no pain, no gain. Heels are a fixture on her feet since birth and even if they hurt, she ain’t trading them for those running shoes you wear all the friggin’time! :/

5. How much did THAT cost?

The correct thing to say would be ‘you look so good in that- you should get it in all colors!’ Coz dude, she works hard being stressed about lace and sequins- not for naught! And when she’s spending her ‘fashionable’ money on stuff, you shouldn’t question it- especially, if she’s buying shoes!

6. Isn’t that TOO bright?

girl makeup

Image source

Well, too bad you are just going to have to put on glares!

7. But wouldn’t this come ten times cheaper from <insert some cheap fashion brand>?

fashion emergency

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This one simply merits a smirk of the worst category on her fuchsia painted lips! No- that’s not pink! And do not utter these ever- it’s blasphemy in her book!

8. Are you sure that really goes together?

Duh uh! Do you seriously think you know more than her?!

9. You look so pretty without makeup


Image source

The only time you should say this is when she is not wearing any makeup and that too like this: “You look so pretty without makeup too.” Learn that, learn that now!

10. Could you make some space for this in your closet?

This is scare-alert. It is bad enough that her closet is filled to the brim- how can she make space for your stuff!?! I mean, c’mon she has been taking months to decide if she should throw her Louis Vuitton bag out or just trash the old make-up bag so she can buy those new bags she has her eyes on! And you are asking for THIS! DUDE!!!

11. Six suitcases for a two-day trip?

Clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, bags – where do you fit that – tell her!

12. *No Reaction*

fashion style

Image source

This is the worst- when she comes out of her room, all dolled-up, looking like she’s ready to walk down the red carpet (and this happens ALWAYS) and you don’t even notice- errr…….you might just get dumped- BEWARE!

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So, the next time she is worked up about the fact that she doesn’t have a matching clutch bag- do not ask her ‘what’s there to be stressed about’- you numbskull- it is the clutch bag!

Got it?

<long pause>


So learn these and all variations (kith and kin) of these so as to never ever utter such ‘prohibited words’ and drive your fashionista girl up the wall again- coz dude, she has sharp nails- and she’ll scratch- and then, cry for two days about chipped nails too!

Your pick! 😉

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Things You Never Say To Your Fashion Forward Girlfriend
Some words are plain blasphemous for a fashionista. Find out the things that you should never ever utter in front of your fashion forward girlfriend here!
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Sejal Parikh

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