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Time-lapse Photographer Sam Yeldham Captured An Epic Picture Of Newlywed Couple At Sydney Harbor

A wedding ceremony happens once, but you can relive the cherished moments through pictures – lots and lots of them. That’s why, the wedding photographer is one of the first on the wedding planning checklist of most brides. But what if you got a totally unexpected picture from another photographer, who was just trying to capture nature’s raw beauty?

That’s exactly what happened with one Sydney couple, who were captured by time-lapse photographer Sam Yeldham. On Sunday, Sam captured a newlywed couple in an awww-worthy embrace on Bradley’s Head at Sydney Harbor even as roiling heavy rain clouds broke behind them.

sam yeldham iconic wedding picture

Sam Yeldham captured this stunning picture of the couple embracing on Bradley’s Head at Sydney Harbor

Image source: Sam Yeldham

Sam posted the iconic picture on his personal Instagram account which also doubles as a portfolio of his work, and has since gone viral. He was trying to locate the identities of the couple in the loving embrace that he captured. And the Internet being what it is, helped Sam find the couple in the iconic picture within hours of posting it. The couple’s friends tracked down the newlyweds Chris Galvin and Jessica Pearson who were honeymooning on the other side of the world, in Hawaii.

Galvin responded to Sam’s search by commenting on the iconic picture, saying, “Hi @samyeldham you can call off the search! This is me and my wife @jessicapearson$!!! What a great photo! Thank you so much for reaching out. Can I get your email address?”

Sam quickly replied back to Galvin saying, “AMAZING! I will call off the helicopters for you and @jessicapearson4 – I will message you my email! Lovely to connect!”

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Sam Yeldham is a time-lapse photography enthusiast, who captured his first wedding photograph quite fortuitously. He said he was trying to capture a time-lapse of the roiling dark clouds above the Sydney Harbor, when he happened to spot the couple on Bradley’s Head with their wedding photographer, Olivia Corbett. The newlyweds even spoke to Sam and his girlfriend briefly when they offered to hold up an umbrella for them. However, Galvin left with his new bride before Sam could take down the couple’s information.

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Galvin said,

“Our phones suddenly went crazy! It was the last thing we were expecting.”

“I didn’t expect to find the couple so quickly,” said Sam. “I thought I would be ringing around wedding venues and florists for a week but the Internet just worked so fast. It was quite amazing really.”

Further, Sam said,

“The sun came out of the clouds and I just had to snap the photo because it was an incredible moment. It was so windy and rainy it just stopped for a few minutes for them to kiss at the end of the platform – it was pretty amazing.”

The picture truly is amazing, don’t you think? Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

Featured image source: Sam Yeldham

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Sydney Photographer Sam Yeldham Captured Awesome Photo Of Newlywed Couple
Sydney-based time-lapse photographer Sam Yeldham captured an awesome photograph of a newlywed couple, and it broke the Internet! Take a look.
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