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VH1 Dating Naked Returns July 15 With New Format, And Of Course, No Clothes!

In this hyper-digitized world we live in, it has become too cumbersome and annoying to find that one person you can connect with, have a decent yet stimulating conversation with, to see if you both hit it off – without having prior knowledge of the number of exes he’s left behind or the number of guys she’s besties with. Dating – whether online or offline – seems doomed before you even embark on the journey!

To avoid such preconceived notions and take away any such inhibitions – literally and figuratively – VH1 came up with the idea of a new reality TV show, Dating Naked. After successfully completing its first season – with no less controversies or glimpses of breasts or genitals, is all set to scorch the TV screens when it returns this summer, on July 15th at 9pm.

dating naked

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But the showmakers have shaken things up in the structure of the show from the previous season. Instead of offering up new, nude contestants every week, the newest second season focuses solely on two primary daters – one nude woman and one nude man – who will remain with the show from start till end, for the entire 10-episode run.

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The brave souls who have volunteered to be the primary daters on VH1 Dating Naked are two young professionals, Kerri Cipriani, 25, who is a traveling nurse recruiter from Tampa, and Chris Aldrich, 27, working as a financial consultant/accountant from San Diego. Cipriani has been jilted by her former boyfriend who cheated on her with a woman whose phone number she dared him to try and procure. And Aldrich ‘lost the girl of his dreams when he didn’t take her or her dreams seriously.’

dating naked

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Each week on VH1 Dating Naked, Kerri and Chris will have a ‘nude romantic adventure,’ who will be joined by two new nude individuals. At the conclusion of each episode, Kerri and Chris will select one of them to remain on the island with them. The rest of the show seems pretty similar to last season, with the nude contestants getting up to all kinds of wacky and some refreshing dating activities. There’s even talk about one episode featuring the contestants making papier mache molds of each others’ … um … derrieres.

Going on first dates in your birthday suits is as awkward as it sounds, but with a camera hovering to capture every awkward moment of that date – priceless! That’s what’s kept audiences coming back for more this summer. The show does its bit to blur out any actual nudity with breasts and/or other privates hidden on the show so that it could be aired at a relatively early timeslot on VH1.

dating naked

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

However, despite the privates and breasts being blurred out, there are bound to be some problems when cameras follow the nude contestants 24/7. Following the first season’s airing of VH1 Dating Naked, one of the contestants, model and reality star Jessie Nizewitz, angry at the showmakers for showing her genitalia without blurring them out, has sued the channel, asking for $10 million to cover her ‘emotional damage.’

The show, which is being hosted by Amy Paffrath again, was filmed earlier this year on an island in the Philippines. The first season created six couples, but no actual wedding took place. With the new structure of the show, it hopes to rake in more moolah and fans – all in one fell (nude) swoop!

Would you go on a first date completely nude? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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VH1 Dating Naked Returns With Changed Format
VH1 Dating Naked reality show returns this summer with a changed format. Check out the details and its premiere date and time.
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