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When Your Fetus Decides To Text You…

With these beyond-hilarious texts from your fetus, the nine months can pass away laughing before you’ll know it. So, hold on to tight, coz it’s going to be a bumpy ride of never-ending fun ahead- coz your fetus is funny! Or is it?

1. How could you’ve known that the little tenant you’re going to have could be a real pain in your you know where, don’t you!

Your fetus: Moved in alright. But could you just make a little more room?
And don’t forget checking the float-y flights while you’re at it!

2. Maybe you don’t get it, but the tenancy agreement you never could officially file, is giving your little one a hard time

You fetus: When does the lease end, ma?
I want out already!

3. And when you are the lucky one with your twins coming up, better not forget to teach the little ones all about sharing

Your fetus 1
I don’t like my roommate

Your fetus 2
Me neither

Fetus 1
Ma, you there?

Fetus 2
Where are you!!

4. When your fetus is not exactly happy about the way you are making it hang up, is there anything you can do about it?

Your fetus : It’s just cruel to hang me upside down all day long
Couldn’t you just hold on to the punishments for till I’m out? *Sulks*

5. Believe it or not, but sometimes it feels as if your little one’s got a remote control of its own down there

Your fetus: Headache
or the chef’s special ‘expecting-shouting’
Tell me mom, what are we having this fine evening!

6. And about the control – your fetus can be a little selfish and way too choosy when it comes to the yummy!

Your fetus : No, not the broccoli!
how about tasting it again if you like it so much, ma?

7. How nasty are the hours your little one’s up? The real trouble only starts when it’s craving for your company starts to borderline on crazy!

Your fetus: Mom
You there?
Come on, I know you are!

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8. Its simply adorable how your fetus can piss you off so bad from within your womb with nothing more than its mere rudeness

Your fetus : How about you go on and do your business, ma?
The poop here isn’t making my day any brighter!

9. The complaints of your tiny tenant can sometime drive you nuts. But hey, it’s not like it can do something about it, or can it?

Your fetus: I just can’t handle my neighbors
The smell from your tummy makes me want to throw up and I’m just sick of fighting over space with your bladder.
Get me an agent NOW!

10. It can get a little hard when they’ve got their judgmental side up, but maybe it’s for your best (only if you can see past the bubbling annoyance at all, ha!)

Your fetus: Don’t embarrass yourself ma.
No peeking, but I can tell that dancing just ain’t the exercise for you from in here, LOL…

11. And they are not exactly happy with the exercise changes that you make. But you just keep trying your best (only if you can!)

Your fetus: This is the first and last warning for you
Another round of the dreadful jog and your cervix is going to be my punching bag.
No questions asked!

12. This is how you get the happy news of them developing with time

Your fetus: Good news, I can hear you now
And no mom, NOT Sam!
Put down the ‘100 baby names’ right away!!!

13. And they are going to have an opinion about everything – EVERYTHING!

Your fetus: Could you please keep alternating some jazz with the meaningless pop you’re so hell bent on playing?
It’s the two of us listening to it, remember!

14. And, it’s the dreaded time for eviction – Oh My God!

Your fetus : It’s done, I’m leaving
and you better count all the complaints I ever had
coz this, mother dear, is payback time all right!


Featured image source: discovery

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When Your Fetus Decides To Text You...
Your fetus has a lot to say... and you better listen...
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