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12 Women Reveal What Drove Them To Cheat On Their Partners

For the most part, the answer to why women cheat should be a matter of a simplistic ‘emotional fulfillment.’ Only it isn’t. As we brought to you the several reasons for why women cheat or are at best, driven to cheat earlier in the day, we decided to stir things a li’l bit more and fetch some rare answers to why women cheat straight from the horse’s mouth.


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When we approached several women to probe the matter of why women cheat, we weren’t seeking personal confessions. But you know what they say – sometimes, the best way to let go of a wrong is to fess’ up and come clean. Not only did we get quite an insight into the reasons why women cheat but got quite a handful of shocking revelations, which most of these women, on a binding term of anonymity, ‘graciously’ agreed for our website to splatter on its pages.

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So, sit back and read along as women cheaters spilled the beans about an indiscretion (or not-so-much-an-indiscretion!) :

I am cheating on my husband with the man I should have married. For whatever reason, it does not feel wrong.

My husband seems to have a pathological distrust of women. When I am running errands for the family or take a tad bit longer than usual whilst grocery shopping, I am greeted with accusations. So, I think to myself why not do the time by doing the crime? My lover gives me everything my husband is innately incapable of – and I really mean everything.


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I got married young. I was in love and that was enough. Only it wasn’t. As the years rolled by, I realized we wanted different things from life – I wanted to travel, he wanted to stay put; I wanted children, he hated ’em; I wanted to be challenged in newer environs, he simply loved his comfort zone. So when I bumped into a man who seemed like the anti-version of my husband, I fell headlong in love. Only, this time, I was careful to weigh in my choices. I cheated on my now-ex-husband for over a year and a half before coming clean. I don’t regret my decision to call it off – but I regret being unfaithful. I should have fessed up early on and separated.

Yeah, we love each other alright; but he hasn’t wanted sex in a long, long time. So, I find that bit elsewhere. He does not need to know.

I cheated on my boyfriend because he just didn’t try hard enough with me. I was always calling, texting, making plans, planning surprises, remembering birthdays and special occasions – without even so much as a token appreciation. I found someone who respected the effort I put into my relationships and I went a step forward.

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I have been with a guy who just wouldn’t stop cheating on me. When I hit rock bottom, I decided to pay him in the same coin. So I found the hottest piece of beef around and spent the night. It was my way of getting even with him. Only it felt worse. He didn’t seem to mind the cheating as much and kept up his philandering ways. I am glad we have parted ways.

It happened four years ago. I cheated on my perfect guy with a man who just seemed to offer me more laughter. He was older, but age is just a number, right? Knee-deep in love as well as the guilt of cheating, I found out that I was but a sidepiece on the chessboard. This man was married! I told my guy the truth but he wouldn’t forgive me. I don’t blame him. Cheating hurts everybody.

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I was unhappy for a long, long time and the affair allowed me to muster courage to tell my boyfriend I was done. Not the best way of doing it, but… <sigh>

My affair wasn’t the reason I left my ex-husband – but it surely was the reason I realized how unhappy I was in my marriage. I wouldn’t have walked away had it not happened. I still love my ex-husband but I also know he’d not change, for anything or anybody.

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It was plain zipless sex. Never told a soul about it.

He never gave me the love I craved. I guess I exhausted my patience and crossed the threshold. I don’t think the situation is uncommon but it takes some ‘falling out of love’ to understand it.

It just happened. A professional alliance became a friendship sprinkled with flirtation, became an infatuation, then, a hot-blooded affair, and then, saw its death. Just like that. I treat the memory as a bad hangover and fervently pray that my husband does not find out.  

Do you think you’d ever cheat? Have you? If yes, would you dare to ‘fess up? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Why Women Cheat: 12 Women Reveal Why They Did It
When we approached several women to probe the matter of why women cheat, we weren’t seeking personal confessions. But we got so many.
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