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10 Hauntingly Beautiful Poems For Strong Women

She made broken look beautiful

and strong look invincible.

She walked with the Universe

on her shoulders and made it

look like a pair of wings.”

― Ariana Dancu

With the rise of as much conformity driven by the allure of image-driven superficiality as rebellion, strong women shall continue to be those individuated gems who know what it is to spread out their fins and swim, even when the current is against them. These will be the breed of strong women, born to achieve plentitude. These will be the strong women born to be propelled by inner fulfillment. These will be the women who shall have ‘woman’ written all over them and shall wear and do that label proud!

To these strong women (and all womankind), NLT and the poetess AVA send their greetings with these inspirational poems for women:

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strong women_New_Love_Times 


another word for beginning.

another word for revolution.

another word for healing.

another word for being.

another word for me.”


strong women_New_Love_Times

i am a woman

and i am alone,

and i cannot tell

which one of the two

i love being more.”


strong women_New_Love_Times

no one needs love from you

more than you need love from you.

love yourself first,

and you will always be in love.”


 strong women_New_Love_Times

“love is in my thighs,

this belly,

my eyes.

love is in my speech,

the search,

my cry.

love is myself in the mirror.

i will see love every time.”


 strong women_New_Love_Times

“they always told me

i would go somewhere

and i would fall in love.

what they didn’t know

was that i would go far

and i would fall in love with myself.”


strong women_New_Love_Times

the woman is rain,

and when she falls,

she is a monsoon.

to love her is to drown.”


 strong women_New_Love_Times


“i never understood

competition between women.

to me, it’s a lie

someone wants us to believe

i love you.

you’re beautiful.

look how beautiful we are

when we are together.”


 strong women_New_Love_Times

“my strength should not threaten you.

my strength is not a threat to your strength.

you are strong.

you are beautiful.

you are lush.

you are powerful.

as you are.

as i am.

imagine the force we would be together

if we lifted each other up.

imagine the force we would be together

if we didn’t tear each other down.”


strong women_New_Love_Times

i will not hold my tongue

for your ego

or your comfort.

too many have fought

for my right to speak

and still so many

have not learned

how to listen.”

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 strong women_New_Love_Times

“there is nothing more powerful

than a woman in love

especially when she’s in love with herself.”

Are you feeling inspired with these inspirational poems for women already? Tell us what are your go-to strong women quotes when you feel the world’s knocked you down and you need to spring back on your feet. There’s a comments section below.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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10 Hauntingly Beautiful And Inspirational Poems For Women
These inspirational poems for women are sure to hit a chord with you!
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