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10 Lies People Will Feed You, Right After Your Breakup

ALL breakups are hard – unbearable to be precise. When someone breaks your heart, you often drown your sorrow in tears or alcohol or both or if you are a wee bit sane, turn to friends. Though, in order to make us feel better, these friends (they DO wish us well, those cutesie a-holes) often feed us with lies so that we can feel good about the entire situation. If you hadn’t caught them already (because you were blinded by the blinding pain of heartbreak), here’s a breakdown:

1. “You are too good for them!”

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This is the most common lie that every friend will tell you right after the breakup. You really fell for them in the first place, right? At that time, this friend thought that the two of you were great together. Things can’t drastically change just like that! But the poor bloke’s just trying to lift your spirits.

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2. They will speak bad things about them

They will start calling them names and point out every possible bad thing related to their behavior or attitude. This is often the consolatory prize- like ones given to kids who came last. We all know what THAT means, so NEXT! (Hey, the intention was always in the clear).

3. “I knew this was about to happen!”

This one is mostly the lie uttered by the supposedly know-it-all friends, who somehow knew that your relationship was doomed right from the start. Nevertheless, they never told you about it. Quite interesting!

4. “They were never really into you.”

This one often hurts the most. You knew that their feelings for you were genuine, but when you hear a friend saying this statement, you start questioning everything about your past relationship.

5. “Now you can be happy alone.”


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But what if you don’t want to be happy alone? What if you want to be happy together? What if you want to walk that extra mile in order to find your happiness with them? What if… you two were meant to last forever?

6. “This is a blessing in disguise!”

This is often spoken by those optimist friends of yours, who like to focus on the silver lining. They will give you reasons why ending the relationship was a good idea. Though, often these reasons make you feel even worse about the entire situation. Probably even want to kill them. (Aside: You’ll be glad you never succumbed because you will, in due time, see the silver lining yourself- even if it’s just a sliver).

7. “I don’t think you are meant to find love.”

Welcome to the other side of the world! Your pessimist friends (who like to be called “realistic”) will let you know why this relationship didn’t work out because of you. They will suggest that you should start living a single life, with an idea that love doesn’t exist on this planet anymore, and that you are not that miracle – the one in a million person-  who might find true love. Just ask them to buzz off, you do NOT need them now.

8. “One day, this will all be a distant memory!”

What they don’t understand is that reaching towards that day is the hardest part. Getting up every morning, knowing that the other half of your relationship is gone won’t stop haunting you just like that. It takes time.

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9. “He/She will regret this!”

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But that’s not always the case. Often, people don’t regret a breakup, knowing that it was never supposed to last forever. You should also think about it a little. If you are sure that the two of you are better off without each other, then it’s a good thing to end a relationship instead of dragging it along to a threshold point.

10. “They will never find someone like you!”

This is, by far, the most common lie that everyone will tell you right after a breakup. If they are no longer in your life, then you should stop thinking about them, as it will only cause you more pain. Take a mature step, wish them luck for their future, and focus on your life.

What are the lies your lovely friends fed you after your heart was ripped right out?

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10 Lies People Will Feed You, Right After A Breakup
With the breakup come the lies!Right after a breakup, your friends and well-wishers take on the role to coddle you by feeding you these lies...
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