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10 Sheet Mask Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

For those of you who thought using face sheet masks was a simple four-step process (open-unfold-apply-remove), here’s news- it isn’t quite as straightforward. There’s so much more that can go wrong with your masking regimen than simply ripping the delicate sheet mask into shreds while opening the package. If you have wondered why you aren’t getting the results that were *promised*, chances are that you may be making some critical mistakes that are negatively impacting the outcome… Korean skin care products, not unlike most skincare products, need to be used effectively for effectivity. So, if you aren’t getting much out of the NLT-approved *miracles* in skincare (yes, we are talking sheet masks), you are definitely using it wrong. A sheet mask is only as good as how you use it- and if you are disappointed with the results, things are not in place. And it may not be just the sheet mask regimen. What goes before and follows after the routine of using face sheet masks may be impacting the results.

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Here are a few sheet mask mistakes you may be making, unawares:

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1. Improper prep

It is extremely important to begin with a fresh clean slate before using a sheet mask. If your face is dirty or still has traces of makeup and/or other skincare products, it is unlikely that the sheet mask is going to yield optimal results. So, ensuring that you begin with a freshly cleansed face can prove extremely critical in obtaining effective results.

2. Non-adherence to instructions

It seems like a ‘duh uh’ mistake but in reality, the slipup isn’t as obvious. It is absolutely mandatory that you read all the instructions in full before ripping open that package. Skimming the surface or simply, glossing over the fine print can break your masking session.

3. Improper application

The preparatory stages of masking are extremely critical to attaining the most effective results. You need to think of the mask as a second layer of skin- so make sure that you place it right, by matching all corners and cut-outs to the bridge of your nose, your eyes and ears carefully without any tear. After positioning it strategically, you need to smooth it down on your skin so it adheres to your skin, allowing the essence to absorb into your skin for maximal benefits.

4. Use of moisturizer

Cleansing and toning are prerequisites to a masking session- so that you don’t end up wasting a sheet mask on a layer of dirt, makeup or any barrier between your skin and the mask. However, moisturizing is a complete no-no when it comes to prepping one’s skin before a masking session. Moisturizing can be skipped from the CTM routine and saved for afterwards.

5. Mask backing

The best sheet masks on the market come with an additional layer of backing that needs to be peeled off before application. Forget to do that and you might end up being disappointed with your masking regimen. Removing the backing helps the mask to cling better and adhere to the skin surface, thereby bolstering the absorption of vital elements.

6. Duration of use

This isn’t a more=better scenario. So, quit thinking that prolonged usage is going to make your skin look better. In fact, leaving the mask on longer than the instructed time can actually worsen your skin. Excessive mask time can result in reverse osmosis, sucking up all the moisture from your skin back into the dry mask. So, hold yourself to that mask for the instructed time and remove it while it is still damp. Allowing yourself to wear it until dry or fall asleep while it’s on shall only make your skin dryer, taut-er and worse than what you started with.

7. Washing your face after-use

The benefits of a sheet mask do not end with removal. They can continue to seep into the skin long after the mask comes off. The hydrating and skin-moisturizing essence continues to stay on your skin after the mask is removed and by washing it off, you rinse clean all the nourishing-goodness. So, instead of washing out the excess essence, work toward tapping it in so that the ingredients can be soaked into the skin. If you feel that your mask leaves behind an unbearable residue that you cannot bear not to clean up after-use, you should consider switching to a sheet mask that does not leave the residue behind.

8. The after-use goof up

You could be wiping off the essence from the sheet mask with worse than washing your face. If you are using a cleanser or toner on a cotton ball to wipe off the residue, you are simply undoing the good work of the masking session. Pat the essence into your skin until it is completely absorbed. If you feel there’s some in the packaging, place it on your neck and décolletage.

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9. Forgetting skincare

Your sheet mask can be a tricky buddy. So, if you feel that glowing skin from the masking session shall stay that way, stop and think again. You need a sealant to seal in the moisture and other nourishing ingredients, so do not ditch the rest of your skincare regimen. A sheet mask is a wonder but it cannot do everything. So, follow up your masking routine with a generous coat of moisturizer. Not only will it moisturize your skin (because masking leaves it more dry than it usually feels) but also act as sealant to lock in the essence of the sheet mask from evaporating. While using a serum before applying moisturizer isn’t a compulsory step, if you are insistent, you may want to use a smaller amount than you generally care to use.

10. Forgetting sunscreen

If you are a morning mask person, then you must take care not to skip the sunscreen before hopping out. The sheet mask doesn’t take care of sun protection, so make sure you db on your SPF post-mask application so that the sun can envy how bright you shine!

Now, you are ready!

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10 Mistakes Related To Face Sheet Masks You Didn’t Know You Were Making
Face sheet masks are only as good as how you use them, and if you are disappointed with the results, things are not in place.
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