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The Ultimate List On The Best Natural Moisturizer For Dry Skin 2019

If you are as incredibly lazy as I am, chances are that you’ve never had a proper skincare routine either. For a large part of my life, I never understood the point of skincare. It did not occur to me that good skin is something that can be achieved with a little effort and discipline. I’ve always thought that you are either born with flawless skin or you’re not. Since I mostly have had something or the other wrong with my skin, I assumed that I just had ‘bad quality’ skin and nothing could be done about this. But just like taking care of your physical and mental health, maintaining the health of your skin is equally necessary. In fact, a good skin signifies a healthy body system too. Your skin is connected to your digestive health, your hormones and your sleep schedules as well. If your skin is healthy, then it means that other systems of your body too are functioning well. And conversely, bad skin conditions might be symptomatic of larger problems too.

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It was only recently that I realized that having a skincare routine, even the most basic one, does wonders for your skin. It takes some time to form this into a habit, but if you keep doing it for a few weeks or so, your routine almost becomes second nature. In fact, now I can’t fall asleep without first doing my daily skincare routine. It’s best to not get into a very stringent and long drawn out routine immediately; start with the basics, do your research and then gradually move on to a more comprehensive routine. Any basic skincare routine requires a moisturizer. It’s basically an essential product that everyone needs to invest in. It’s a common myth that people with oily skin don’t need a moisturizer, but the truth is contrary to it.

After you’re done cleansing and toning your face, applying a moisturizer is the final step. It helps your skin regain its moisture levels and locks that in, leaving it smooth and supple. However, not all moisturizers available in the market are good for your skin. I’d advise everyone to be wary of what skincare products they buy, and to always, always go through the ingredients list. Most cosmetic brands use the words “natural” and “organic” quite liberally, often for products that don’t even fit the description. A natural product is one which will barely have any chemicals or artificial ingredients; the ingredients list is usually a short one, comprising botanical ingredients, natural compounds and with very few preservatives, artificial fragrances, etc. Scroll below for some of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin, that will instantly make your skin feel soft and nourished, without the threat of artificial chemical compounds-

  1. Ursa Major Recovery Golden Hour Cream

This luxurious product from the house of Ursa Major is an incredibly fast absorbing cream and one that’s super nourishing, especially for dry skin. It provides deep hydration and nourishment to weary skin, replenishing and soothing the dullness in the process. The best part of this product is that you don’t have to follow strict instructions while applying it; you can use it whenever you feel like your skin needs some extra lovin’ or even as a tender night cream. This moisturizer is also well suited for combating wrinkles and preventing the onset of signs of ageing. Sea buckthorn, black currant, calendula, sunflower, sandalwood and rose are some of the primary ingredients; which, not only are amazing for your skin but also smell as fresh as a cool spring morning.

  1. Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream

This product is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin because it boasts of being made with only the simplest, purest plant based organic ingredients and is known to be a godsent antidote to irritable skin. Osmia’s moisturizer contains aloe vera juice that hydrates skin, and a vegetable based glycerine which is ideal for retaining moisture in the skin. I haven’t come across too many lists that contain this product, but this certified organic moisturizer is sure to do some wonders for your skin.

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  1. Nourish Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Cream, Argan and Pomegranate

These “organic pioneers”, as they call themselves, have given us yet another skincare product that’s value for every penny. This one contains Shea butter- a crowd favorite when it comes to organic ingredients- that helps lock moisture for several hours. It is also known to fix fine lines, scars and stretch marks, alongside rough spots and dark patches. The Moroccan argan oil is also great for nourishment of sun damaged skin, and gives an even tone to skin. Regular use is advised for best results.

  1. Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer

Here’s a cruelty free, organic moisturizer that your skin will love! This rich, creamy hydrating moisturizer is packed with the best of nutrients- calming botanicals, fatty acid rich plant oils, vitamins, antioxidants that replenish skin and fight ageing. This moisturizer will rejuvenate your skin with flavonoid rich organic botanicals, and is possibly the best natural moisturizer for dry skin.

  1. Éminence Organic Skincare Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer

This sustainably sourced, paraben free moisturizer is a wonderful product for mature and ageing skin. The rich Shea butter and skin- plumping hyaluronic acid add hydration and nutrition to ageing skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This organic moisturizer is also packed with lovely ingredients like Acai berry juice which improves the appearance of skin tone. Blueberry juice, raspberry juice, sea buckthorn berry oil are rich in antioxidants and perfect for revitalising dry skin. Apply this over your face and neck area daily for visible signs of change; you can apply a thicker layer on dry areas for quicker healing.

  1. 100% Pure Restorative Sea Culture Extra Riche Créme

This light moisturizer is packed with the best of sea minerals and vitamins, adding a cooling and hydrating effect to your dry skin. This cream is one of the best natural moisturizer for dry skin and is a purchase you won’t ever regret! The skin plumping properties of the seaweed polysaccharides helps to lock in moisturizer into your skin for long hours and makes lifeless skin appear supple, smooth and even toned in no time. Use this product for deep moisturising your face and neck, applying a nut sizes amount to cleansed skin. It’s non greasy and makeup goes perfectly over it too. We love this Rich Crème even more because it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free!

  1. Acure Brightening Day Cream

This paraben free, cruelty free moisturizer is a crowd favorite, with hundreds of reviews on the internet raving about how good it is. Ideal for normal to dry skin, Acure’s moisturizer, embodying the brand slogan, is pure, simple and effective. It is made using exotic ingredients like Gotu Kala stem cell oil, argan oil and CoQ10. It contains chlorella growth factor which is known to collagen and elastin fibres, making skin look firm and healthy. Not only does it provide all day protection to skin, it also protects against free radical damage and restores skin cells. We love this brand because of its ability to combine organic, sustainable botanical elements along with some cutting edge formulas, which leads to some of the best skincare products we know.

  1. Odacité Beautiful Day Moisturizer

A moisturizer like no other, this product protects and nourishes your skin, giving it a natural all- day glow that one can only dream about in their wildest fantasies. It is made of a formula of coconut oil, aloe vera and tea that is just perfect for locking in moisture and hydration. It also contains DMAE that helps to firm up any sagging or loose skin. For those with dry, mature skin, this is the best natural moisturizer for dry skin. It’s combination of fresh, organic ingredients rich in antioxidants is well suited for fighting environmental aggressors that cause skin damage. This non-greasy moisturizer feels super soft on skin, and not the least bit oily.

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A quick scroll through the multitude of beauty and skincare websites will reveal how there are many, many different kinds of moisturizers out there to suit your varying needs. We decided to make things easier and a little less confusing for you by preparing a list of only the best ones for your skin. Some of these products might be priced on the higher end, but each one of these moisturizers is definitely worth the money you spend on them. A moisturizer, like I said earlier, is a skincare essential and so it’s wise to rely on trusted brands only. Spend that extra buck and go for the organic ones and you’ll realize in the long run what a smart decision that was.

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The Ultimate List On The Best Natural Moisturizer For Dry Skin 2019
Read on for some of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin to make your skin feel soft and nourished without threat of artificial chemical compounds.
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