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10 Must-know Relationship Advice For Modern Men

Handling relationships is no longer a woman’s business. It requires effort from both sides, and it is not cool to leave your relationships in ambiguity and risk making serious blunders. It is equally necessary for men to put effort into a relationship as it is for women. Hence, it is also extremely important for men to understand the nuances of managing a relationship, which, as all of us can agree, is not as easy as getting into one. Here are a few important pieces of relationship advice for men:

1. Be flexible with your checklist


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Just as most women have their checklists when it comes to their future partners, men too have them. But they may not acknowledge it, which is besides the point. The point that is important is that it doesn’t do well to adhere to this checklist – down to the last point, in your search for ‘the one.’ You may be disappointed if you’re not flexible with this checklist. There are certain non-negotiables that are a must that you absolutely can’t compromise on – stick to them. But others – you need to be flexible. Once that is done, you need to figure out if you have genuine feelings for her. If you’re not sure and are simply ‘trying it out’ if it fits like a pair of new shoes, then it isn’t fair to the woman or to you, for that matter. If you know that the relationship won’t go anywhere, be a man and make it clear to the lady, so that you both can get out of a dead-end relationship.

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2. Teamwork

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Making a relationship work is not a one-(wo)man task; it needs teamwork, collaborative effort, and co-ordination. In fact, you can make teamwork a part of your daily routine, starting with smaller goals that need not be gender specific, including going on morning walks for a healthier lifestyle. Just do small activities with your significant other, and observe your relationship changing for the better.

3. Communicate properly

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Communication is extremely important in any relationship. Make sure you communicate properly with her on every matter. Don’t keep feelings bottled up inside you; instead, ask her the hard questions and resolve problems as they come up before they harm your relationship. Respect her enough to have even the most difficult of talks – face to face. Never run away from the difficult talk – even if it’s to tell her it’s not going to work out. NEVER breakup with someone over a text/email/phone call. If you have the guts to start a relationship with her, then have the guts to break it off in person too. She will respect you for your honesty – maybe not right that moment, but she will 😉

4. Make a timetable

Mark days of the week when you have to spend time with your girlfriend at any cost. Make sure you stick to it no matter what, emergency situations and last-minute crises aside. If you are serious about your relationship, you should make it a point to spend at least one day every week with your beloved. It might not be easy given your hectic work schedule, but with a bit of diligence and dedication, you definitely can make it work. After all, time is made, not had.

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5. Make her feel important

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Every woman likes to have a bit of control over her man. So let her cuddle you, chide you a bit, and shower all her love and affection on you. But don’t let her go to the extent of monitoring your every step or vice versa. That’s dangerous territory right there.

6. Take vacations together

couple on their honeymoon

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It might sound like hackneyed advice, and you definitely must have heard it at least a hundred times before, but have you really taken this to heart in your relationship? Small vacations go a long way in regenerating the love and respect you have for each other. You obviously know that you love each other, but sometimes the relationship deserves some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of your regular work, in order to help it grow and evolve.

7. Have some time to yourself

Being in a relationship does not mean that you neglect your friends altogether. After all, they will be the ones to console you if things go awry. Plan an all-nighter with your buddies once in a while, and cheers to friendship!!

8. Give her space to hang out with her friends

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Being her significant other doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to live her own life, separate from you. You might be possessive of her time and protective about her, but you should realize that she needs her privacy too. You can’t ask her to stop spending time with her friends and instead spend every waking moment of hers with you. This would be a complete erosion of her personal life and individuality, and would make her retreat from you.

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9. Avoid telling every second person you meet about your relationship problems

No relationship is perfect. But it does not mean that you make it public, and worse still, plaster it all over social media. These are really personal matters and should be resolved on a personal level. Here again, is where communication is key.

10. Surprise her

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No, you don’t have to plan something elaborate in order to show that you care. Something as simple as gifting her a nice book she has been planning to buy, or maybe getting her favorite food packed, can work wonders in a relationship. It shows that you love and respect her enough to take care of her needs, and pay attention to every minute detail of her life.

Managing a relationship is not as mammoth a task as it sometimes seems to be. In fact, with a few little steps to show care and concern, a relationship can be more beautiful than anything you have ever had. Follow these invaluable pieces of relationship advice for men and revitalize your relationship.

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10 must-know relationship advice for men
A relationship needs effort from both parties involved. Here are 10 must-know relationship advice for men to help them navigate it better.
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