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10 Naughty And Nice Things You Can Do With Your Partner This Christmas

Christmas is literally upon us, and it is time to go into overdrive mode when it comes to decorating your home, deciding on presents, and making the day special for your loved ones. If you are spending Christmas with your spouse or your partner, you have to think about the activities that you will be doing with each other throughout the day. These activities, which will have to be decided with care so that your Christmas is special and memorable, can be naughty and nice, considering that it is your partner after all, with whom you will be spending the day.

If you do what everyone does, that is, wrap generic presents, keep them under the Christmas tree, and wait for them to open it and get moderately happy, and then go out for a Christmas dinner, then it will become one of those forgettable Christmases where you don’t really celebrate the spirit of the season.

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Here is a list of 10 naughty and nice things that you can do with your favorite person, to make the day super memorable for the both of you:

1. Bake Christmas goodies together

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Baking is one of the most engaging and interesting activities that two individuals can do together, especially on occasions like Christmas. I can promise you that the feeling you get when a batch of cookies made exclusively by you and your partner, comes out of the oven looking all perfect, the feeling is unparalleled. It is worth both your time to share that kind of feeling together. Even burning your baking is not as bad as you think it is, and when you are sharing that kind of a tragedy with your partner, it becomes a hilarious story, or a beautiful memory you can save for later. Baking is not as stressful as cooking a Christmas feast, and if it is something you can both arrange and enjoy, it is bound to lead to the both of you having a beautiful, intimate time during your Christmas holiday.

2. Dress up as sexy Santa

sexy santa_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Now, when it comes to surprising your partner on Christmas day, you don’t have to be all goody-two-shoes and give him a tool kit or clothing to make his Christmas special. You can let your sexy side reign free this Christmas, and dress up as the most iconic image of this season, Santa. When I say Santa, I don’t mean the old man with the pot belly and a shock of white hair on his face and head. You can choose to slightly modify the iconic red Santa suit, and the Christmas cap can be the most solid piece of clothing you wear when you are at it. Your partner will be very pleasantly surprised at your look and what follows, of course! 😉

3. Dance together to Christmas songs

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One of the most romantic things you can do with your partner this Christmas holiday is dancing together to Christmas songs. Arrange the furniture in your room where you have kept your Christmas tree, in a manner which will allow plenty of space to dance to fast songs as well as romantic songs. It is bound to bring you two closer together as people. This is probably one of the nicest things you can do together on Christmas, and the best part is, the list of songs that you can dance to this season are endless, starting from old, retro songs, to the newer ones, and the classic Christmas songs, of course.

4. Hang up mistletoe everywhere

Back to being naughty. Mistletoe is one of the most meaningful and symbolic plants/decorations for Christmas. It is believed to have mythical powers, and the legend around the mistletoe is basically designed in a manner which will make people come closer together. You can be a little naughty this Christmas and take advantage of this myth and the legend, and use it to hang up mistletoe all over your house. The rule is that you cannot leave from under the mistletoe until you have kissed the person you are stuck under the vine with. When you hang it up all over your house, it is likely that you two will get stuck together under it a lot, and it will give you the most amazing, adorable excuse to kiss each other all the time. This idea is both naughty and nice, and you will see that sometime later, you won’t even need the mistletoe to want to kiss each other.

5. Make it the season of giving

Christmas is a time when you realize that a lot of people are not as fortunate as some of us, and it is our duty to make them happy in whatever little way we are capable of. It is the time to show that you truly understand what Christmas stands for – love, compassion, and giving to the lesser fortunate. One of the things that you can do with your partner is go out and make the day special for someone else. You might think this is dumb, or too idealistic for you to enjoy your Christmas, but in reality, the joy you feel is unsurpassed and probably more potent than the joy you feel when you merely exchange gifts with each other. You can visit an orphanage, give clothes and presents to the homeless, give them the stuff you baked, or even adopt a pet from an animal shelter! What could possibly be better during Christmas?

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6. Sit under the tree wearing a ribbon. Only a ribbon!

If you are in the mood to get down and dirty with your partner, and you’re not able to come up with any ideas that are naughty enough, why don’t you become the present and wrap yourself up in a nice little ribbon and wait under the Christmas tree? The catch, however, is that you have to wear only the ribbon and even if you do want to keep some clothing for your partner to be able to take off, then that too should be minimal. I am sure the best present your partner could get is you sitting under your Christmas tree, wrapped in barely anything but a ribbon. This way, you probably don’t even have to worry about whether they like the presents that you actually gave him, because he’ll be… well… busy unwrapping you! 😛

7. Hang up pictures on your Christmas tree

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This will bring back a lot of memories, and it will also give you an excuse to spend time with each other, doing something which you both have to be involved in, something you both have to pay attention to. Hanging up pictures of the two of you on your Christmas tree will not only make your Christmas tree look super unique, because others usually stick to candy decorations, baubles, glitter, tinsel, etc., it will also give you an opportunity to relive your memories, and this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to establish that this is the season of love and spending time with people closest to you.

8. Make him his own pin-up calendar with your pictures

This idea can be both naughty and nice, depending on what pictures you choose for your calendar. Have a friend or a self-timed camera mounted on a tripod to take some interesting – even risqué – pictures of you, and make a calendar out of it, to give your partner the surprise of his life, and one of the most unique Christmas presents possible. If you want to ensure that your partner does not take your sex appeal for granted, pose in pin-up clothes, makeup, sexy lingerie, and other things which will make your calendar extra special instead of checking out random calendars with random girls in bikinis, or you can also put a different picture of the two of you, taken during the different months of the past year, and make a handmade calendar for him, which will be a trip down memory lane every time he flips the pages.

9. Make him a Christmas mix CD

christmas couple_New_Love_Times

Image source: Flickr

Music and songs are one of the best ways to express your emotions, whether you are making them, or listening to them. They speak to you in ways possibly no other art form can, and they have a very strong, emotional effect on you. You make use of this sort of an art medium to convey to your partner how much you love them, and how much they mean to you, and Christmas is the perfect time to do so. Making a mix CD is a highly underrated art, which leaves people emotionally charged for a really long time. You can intersperse all the lovey-dovey Christmas songs with songs that mean something special to the two of you, and you can even include small voice notes, telling them you love them, or sharing the memory with which that particular song is associated. There could be nothing more romantic than this.

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10. Out him on the naughty list and give him presents accordingly

couple kissing on christmas_New_Love_Times

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Children are asked to be good throughout the year, and they are compelled to do so by telling them than Santa will put them on his naughty list and deprive them of presents on Christmas. However, you and your partner can take advantage of the naughty list in other, more interesting ways. Tell your partner that you put them on the naughty list and give them presents accordingly. What would the presents include? Something that could only make them naughtier, of course! Whipped cream, handcuffs, racy lingerie… well, you get the drift! 😉

Whether you want to be naughty or nice this Christmas, there are a number of things that you can do with each other, which will ensure that at least you can spend the whole day together, and make amazing memories this holiday season, and celebrate your love in unique ways. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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10 Naughty And Nice Things You Can Do With Your Partner This Christmas
This Christmas, instead of the regular, staid things, do some naughty and nice things with your partner to make it a truly memorable holiday!
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