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10 IMPORTANT Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Taking A Relationship Break

All of us have found ourselves at the crossroads of a relationship, when we begin to wonder if it was time to call it quits and take a relationship break, or maybe stick it out a little longer hoping things will eventually work out. In the end, it boils down to serious introspection when you ask yourself some essential questions before making a choice. This contemplation will go a long way in assisting you to take the right life decision.

We have narrowed it down to 10 important questions that you must ask yourself before taking a relationship break.

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1. Does my relationship with this person bring out the best in me?

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You need to ask yourself if you feel like your partner brings out the stellar version of you! If he/she is an encouraging and supportive person, who shares your happiness when you achieve one of your life goals, your answer is most certainly going to be a yes. But if they tend to drag you down and make you feel awful about yourself, you are definitely better off flying solo!

2. Am I disappointed most of the time?

Trials and tribulations are part and parcel of every relationship. But if the dark clouds are totally masking the sun of your life, there is a problem. One should never keep themselves trapped in a relationship out of a sense of duty or commitment, even when they are unhappy.

3. Am I sacrificing more than what I should, for my relationship?

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If you are feeling burdened by your relationship, you should absolutely consider a relationship break. Try to deeply think about what your partner is bringing to the table, and how many sacrifices you are having to make to sustain the relationship.

4. Do we share similar goals in life?

This is something people generally neglect, and wrongly so! If the two of you seem to be going in opposite directions, how do you expect to reach the destination together?!

5. Do we fight all the time?

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Fights are healthy for a relationship, true, but too much of it is sure to spoil the broth! If you don’t feel inspired, uplifted by your relationship, and rather feel it is the most awful part of your life, you need to let go of this person. You should spend time with people who kindle your spirit, and not damper the light of your soul!

6. Does he/she make time for me?

They may be busy; there are so many duties that we need to fulfill, and life really is hectic nowadays. Having said that, love should top the priority list. People either take out time or make excuses, and if your lover falls in the latter category, you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting a relationship break.

7. Am I in love with the person I secretly wish they were?

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If you cannot love your partner for who they are, are you sure this relationship will endure? You may be hoping that they will change with time, but it is not necessary that you will be able to love them even then! The pain and struggle of staying in a relationship which is false, is affecting the both of you.

8. Am I going to regret staying in this relationship?

Think of what happens five years from today. Living with regrets leaves a deeper wound than breaking free from a relationship that is unfulfilling. Never remain in a relationship because you have gotten used to it! By doing that, you will be letting your partner down, if nothing else!

9. Is this relationship adding value to my life?

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Does your partner add color and vigor to your life, or you see everything black and white when you are with them? Is this relationship taking you on the path that you want to walk in life? If they are dragging you down a different path, intellectually or morally, it is high time you close your door on this relationship.

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10. Would my life look and feel way better without them?

If the idea of your partner not being in your life fills you with a sense of relief as opposed to one of sadness and yearning, it is for the best that you go on a relationship break.

These are what we call the million dollar relationship questions. The breakup will most certainly cause upheaval in your life, but following your heart is the best way to go about it. However, if you, through these questions, realized that you shouldn’t be taking a relationship break, we suggest you talk about whatever it is that’s disturbing you and made you question yourself, with your partner. Sort it out.

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