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12 Sure Signs He’s Already Had The Breakup In His Head

It gets tough to handle a failing relationship, especially after knowing that you have given it your all. If you think that his behavior is changing drastically and he had started to keep himself a little distant, chances are that he is already thinking of breaking up with you.

Ignorance isn’t always the bliss and the next time your man is giving you any of these signs, instead of taking a step back, try to have an honest conversation with him. You’d probably figure he’s already broken up with you in his head, so there’s no point delaying the breakup that’s inevitable:

1. He starts getting secretive

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You won’t realize it out of the blue, but he would start building a whole new world without letting you be a part of it. He will dodge questions and won’t let his secrets be out.

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2. He ignores you

If he ignores your messages or calls, then it means that he is simply not interested in having a conversation with you. If he is bluntly ignoring you when you are in front of him, then you should certainly have a conversation with him regarding his behavior.

3. He picks fights with you

You won’t even see it coming. Sometimes, even the smallest of things will make him angry.

4. He threatens to leave you

After realizing that the relationship is not going ahead, he will start looking for ways to come out of it. There would be some initial threats, but then one day, he will just stop threatening you. He will simply walk out.

5. He thinks a lot about his past

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

He will try to imagine the life he had before you two were together. He will start comparing his past with his present, and too often, he will simply think of the things that didn’t make him happy in the process of being with you.

6. He stops being intimate

This might hurt the most. Sex is one of the driving forces for any relationship and can bring two people together. But when he is planning to break up, he might stop getting intimate with you in the bed.

7. He finds a way to escape a discussion

Whenever you would try to talk to him, he will simply find a way to escape that conversation.

8. He starts putting his friends first

His priorities will change. He would put his family, friends, work, and everything that you can think of before you.

9. He stops making an effort

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Knowing that the relationship is about to be doomed, he will take a step back and stop making an effort in order to make it work. He will stop initiating any productive conversation.

10. He stops making plans with you

He will think of his future, but that would not include you. He will stop participating in every discussion that will be about your future and would even come up with excuses so that you two won’t have to go out together. There won’t be any last minute plans or those romantic surprises.

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11. He stops appreciating you

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He will stop looking at you the same way. There won’t be any glitter in his eyes or a smile on his face. Those little things that he used to do in order to appreciate you would be gone. He will simply start taking you for granted.

12. He is no longer be the same guy you fell in love with!

Most significantly, he will no longer be the same person anymore. It would be like being with an entirely new person. Gradually, you will realize that he has become a complete stranger. He isn’t the person you fell for initially, and that would hurt the most.

A breakup is rough- but a truthful relationship is what each of us deserve! Pick your battles, friend!

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12 Sure Signs He's Already Had The Breakup In His Head
If he's had the breakup in his head, he will play it out for real, real soon!
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