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10 Valid Reasons Why Silent Treatment Is Your Best Revenge After Breakup

We have all been through the agonizing phase of post breakup when you are emotional and want to say so much, both good and ugly to your ex. You are constantly sending long texts pouring out your emotions even though you don’t hear a peep from the guy! But what if you turn the tables and give the silent treatment to your ex? Here are 10 reasons why silent treatment is the best revenge after your breakup –

1. Silence speaks more than words

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Without a doubt a breakup means that more than a few words have been exchanged but a point comes where there is no going ahead. A point where there isn’t much you can do or say that you haven’t already and that is the point at which you should stop. It is the best way to convey that it is the end and nothing more remains unsaid.

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2. Silence confuses the guy

Your ex is probably used to you shouting your head off or ranting wildly during an argument but the silence will stun him. He is not used to this treatment and will confuse him so much that he will start wondering what brought on this behavior.

3. Silence will empower you


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You may itch to respond to that text sitting in your phone but the agony of waiting for a reply is worse. When you opt for the silent treatment you give yourself the power to respond. Trust us nothing is worse than waiting for a text and its best you keep the ball in your court!

4. Silence will control the damage

Breakups can be hard and ugly; you will both say things you don’t mean and its best if you put an early stop to this mudslinging.  It’s not that you are protecting him, you are protecting yourself from hearing any unsavory things about yourself and it’s best to remain silent and let him feel the burn of not being responded to!

5. Silence will let you walk away dignified

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It’s difficult to maintain your dignity after a breakup because of all the bad mouthing you end up with. You may speak ill of your ex to his friends and acquaintances which will make you look like the needy one. When you walk away without bothering to justify yourself to him and his group, you walk away with dignity and respect.

6. Silence will make him come back

What’s better than snubbing an ex who comes back, right? Your silent treatment after a breakup will make him wonder what’s wrong and even make him come back to you with an apology. He can feel the thrill of the chase coming back to him but by now you know better than to let him in your life.

7. Silence makes you feel better

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The best breakup advice is to invest in yourself and feel so good that nothing can take it away from you. It would be the best revenge if you end up being a better person after the breakup and silent treatment is the first step to it.

8. Silence helps you move on

Silent treatment would not only mean not responding to your ex but also consciously avoiding him and letting him cease from your life. Out of sight, out of mind works best for breakups and when you choose not to correspond with him, you choose to move on and live happier.

9. Silence will help you heal

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A breakup leaves you susceptible to a lot of self doubts and vulnerability, and arguing with your ex will only make it worse. By giving your ex the silent treatment you choose to look beyond the hate and learn to heal yourself and be happy. Being happy is the best revenge you can serve your ex!

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10. Silence leaves the door open

It is unlikely that you will get back to your ex after an ugly breakup but maybe it was too long ago and the circumstances were not right. The silent treatment after the breakup will cease negative communication and even allow you to pick up at a later stage, if you really choose to do so.

Have you given the silent treatment to any exes? Tell us your experience!

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10 Reasons Silent Treatment Is Your Best Revenge After Breakup
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