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16 Strong Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve broken up with someone we really wanted to be with. A breakup is bad enough, especially if you’re the one that got dumped. It just gets worse when you’ve broken up and are dealing with mixed signals from your ex. If you thought breakups are always easy-peasy, then you’ve never had to deal with someone who probably wants to get back with you, but just won’t tell you.

You never know how things will be after you breakup with someone. You could end up as friends, you could avoid each other, one of you is probably still in love with the other, or heck, you might even get back together again! It all gets so complicated. It is frustrating and downright maddening. You start over-analyzing all the signals that your ex is giving you, and then it just turns into one whole mess in your head.

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So, instead of breaking your head over it, look out for these signs your ex wants you back.

1. Too emotional

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You might not notice it, but the rest of your friends will. Your ex gets emotional about everything there could possibly exist. Do they get angry when they spend too much time with someone else? Or maybe they can’t stand the fact that your best friend gets to see you way more than they ever will. They’re an emotional mess because of you, especially if they broke up with you because of something that you did. Don’t take these emotions for hate. They’re angry because they still love you even though they probably shouldn’t.

2. Frequent communication

Absolutely, for no reason whatsoever. Your ex might have nothing to say to you, but will still keep in touch with you frequently. They might just talk about the weather, their day, or ask you just about anything to keep a conversation going. They want to know what is happening in your life, especially in case you’ve found someone new. Your ex becomes insecure because they are worried that they might lose you to someone else. Hence, all the effort to communicate.

3. Single still

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If your ex still wants you back, chances are they’re still single because they like you. They avoid dating anyone else, and even if they do go out on a date, you wouldn’t know about it. They would have gone an extra mile to make sure that the news doesn’t reach you, because they don’t want to hurt you. The bottom line being – they want you to know that they’re still available for you. This is definitely one of the signs your ex wants you back.

4. Drunk calls

Most of us have been in a place where we’ve been bombarded with drunk messages and calls by our significant others and people crushing on us (doesn’t happen to everyone, I know). Point being, if your ex is doing the same thing, it shows how desperately they want you back. You are all that they can think about when they’re in an inebriated state. That has got to mean something.

5. Competitive streak

If you’re not paying them the attention that they’re looking for, your ex might just turn around and try to get you jealous. Flirting with people when you are around or going out of their way to make sure that you know that they’re dating someone are just signals that they’re still in love with you. As immature as it may be, your ex is doing everything to get you to notice them. You’re on their mind most of the time and they want you to know that.

6. Your opinion matters

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If your ex calls you when they need advice concerning a major life issue or when they need someone to just talk to, then it’s very possible that they’re still in love with you. It clearly suggests that they miss you because why else would someone call up someone they want out of their life if they need life advice? It’s because they hold you in regard and your opinion and insight are valuable to them. You’d probably do the same if you still want to get back with your ex, wouldn’t you?

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7. Familiar terms

One of the first things that starts to prick you after a breakup is the way in which you both address each other. All your endearments can’t be used, so you resort to using each other’s names which might be just a little too awkward. But if your ex is still using terms like ‘babe,’ ‘love’ and other familiar terms that they addressed you with, then it’s definitely one of the signs your ex wants you back. They are using these terms to probably remind you about how great you were together. Smells like a reunion, no?

8. Always there

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They’re making frequent attempts at communication with you but it doesn’t end at that. They are always there at your beck and call. They reply to your messages immediately, pick up the phone on the first ring, and come to pick you up in case you’re stuck somewhere. Well, then you should know that exes who are over you do not wait around for you to contact them. But if your ex is available all the time, then maybe it’s just their way of winning you back.

9. Creative mode comes on

When you miss someone and can’t see them, what do you do? You might call them, write them a long message, write poetry, paint something and send it to them, or a host of  other things that you can do. If you can see such things on ex’s profile or hear about it, then it’s probably because they are still thinking about you. Our creative side comes out when we get too emotional, and in this case, your ex is doing the same because they can’t get you out of their head.

10. Touchy much

You’re seeing each other almost after a month post the breakup and you can’t help but hug each other. But if your ex happens to touch you softly or make accidental and lingering touches, then something is up for sure. You might experience the gooseflesh every time that their touches linger. When people don’t like you, they will not even sit close to you. But your ex probably wants to be with you again because otherwise they wouldn’t be touchy. They obviously want you.

11. Reminiscing

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If your ex still wants to get back with you, chances are that they’ll remind you about the fond memories that the two of you created when you were together. Maybe it’s about the incident that happened when you went for a particular movie or maybe it was the weekend trip that you went for. But if these keep coming up, you can assume that your ex-lover wants you back.

12. Keeping an eye on you

You probably don’t tell them everything about your life now, but they know anyway. If your ex is interested in getting back with you, they will try to keep tabs on what you do and whom you meet. They will ask your mutual friends to keep and eye on you or even get chummy with your sibling or another family member. Stalking is part of the efforts they make to get back with you.

13. Less social

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They’re staying in on Saturday nights and not getting out often even on other days. Their friends might even call you up to let you now that they’ve disappeared from the social scene. If people are not aware about the split, they’ll turn to you with the questions. If they’re busy painting or posting pictures about how lonely and heartbroken they are, then this is a cry for your love.

14. Showing up at your hangout

They probably already know your favorite hangout spots and if you have mutual friends, then they might even know where you’ll be heading to. If this is the case and if they want to get back with you, your ex will surely make the effort of showing up there and making their presence felt. They want you to know that they’re still there.

15. Keeping the belongings

Most people take time to get their stuff back from you if they’re still in love with you. It is a link between the two of you and they’re not ready to let go of it just yet. It is also the sanest excuse they have to see you again and discuss things with you. This is a clear indication that they don’t want to get away from your life completely.

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16. They’ll tell you

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This is one of the biggest signs that your ex wants you back. If they want you, they’re going to open up and tell you about how much they miss you and why they still need you. If they’re expressing this way too often, then it’s probably time that you discussed things with them and tell them what you want; this being completely up to you, of course.

Even if you’re remotely confused about what to do, if your ex is showing at least five or more of these signs, then there is definitely something more that they want you to know. Relationships are complicated, but we humans make them that way. The best you can do is lookout for these signs and then make the decision that you want to make.

Good luck!

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16 Clear Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life
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