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10 Compelling Signs Dating A Coworker Is Worth The Risk

You might have heard people saying that dating a coworker is a road full of regrets, but it is a common stereotype made by people who can’t take risks. When you realize that you are an exception and can make the impossible work, all the risk and the pain becomes worthwhile.

1. You have a lot of common interests

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If you date a coworker, chances are that they would be interested in a lot of things that you like. You share a lot of things in common, your work one of them and chances are you could load more on that plate. If that is true, then this could be that one relationship that none of you would be ready to let go of.

2. You always have something to talk about

From colleagues to your incompetent boss, there would be endless of topics to discuss. You two will never run out of conversations for sure.

3. You motivate each other at work

You will never have a bad day at work because your inspiration would be right there in front of you. Dating a coworker comes with a lot of perks! Their presence will make you feel that you can do better at work and will make you a go-getter.

4. You will always have an ally

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There will always be that one person whom you could trust blindly. From office meetings to parties, you two will always have each other’s back.

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5. The never-ending office gossip

Because there is no greater feeling than bitching about your other colleagues! You two would love to talk about those spicy details and will take pride in sharing some fresh office gossip.

6. Making plans is so damn easy


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If you cancel your date because of a last-meeting office meeting, chances are that your significant other might not understand, but not when you are dating your coworker. Usually, they would be a part of the same meeting if they are a part of your team and you don’t have to explain them anything at all. Even if they are in a different department, they would easily understand your priorities.

7. When you go home together

This would be one of the best feelings in the world. It will make you test the water without making any commitment, which is certainly one of the best parts about dating a coworker. It would make you feel like as if you are living together (even when you are not), which is a win-win thing for the both of you.

8. You have lots of mutual contacts


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This would make your life so damn easy. The two of you will have plenty of mutual friends, which will make you chill together without any trouble. There won’t be any complications or awkward conversations while meeting their friends, as you are already well-acquainted with them.

9. You make life-changing decisions together

Life can get unpredictable, but if you have someone who is smart and intelligent by your side, then you can certainly make the best out of it. They will help you make your personal and professional decisions and will be your go-to person in no time.

10. You get to know them in the best possible way


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Because you are with them almost the entire day, you see them in their most natural way. None of you have to hide anything and can show your real self to each other. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else. You don’t have to hide your flaws. You are just who you are and that is more than enough.

Dating a coworker might actually be a risk worth taking, don’t you think?

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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