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7 Compelling Reasons Dating A Coworker Is A Journey Of Regrets

Yes, I know – we should never defecate where we eat. But I thought that this would be an exception. The way we all do when we think we have found our one true love and are willing to do anything for it. Coming from someone who has dated his colleague and thought that this would be an exception – if these reasons are not enough to make you realize that an office romance can never turn into a relationship you want, nothing else can.

1. You see them 24 x 7

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One of the reasons why I don’t prefer hanging out with my colleagues a lot is because I need a break. I can’t handle seeing them all day at work and then going out with them after that as well.

But when you are dating a coworker, you get to see them at work – you will try to sit nearby, have lunch together, will talk about all the office gossip, and then you will go home with them. You will go to movies and parties with them. They instantly become an integral part of your life, even when you are not ready for it. You won’t get a break and would definitely not get your own time. You would do anything to get your own space. Anything.

2. You become the office gossip

Before you even realize, everyone around you would be talking about the two of you. Office moms will give you unnecessary dating and marriage advice. Your relationship will no longer be a private matter and will be a hot topic of discussion at your workplace. There would be whispers and stories about the two of you circling all around. Not a pretty situation, right? What did I tell you about not defecating where you eat?

3. Your career will take a backseat

You might get everything you want, but that would be a year later. You would always be that “one promotion later” employee who would always be a few steps behind everyone else. When you date a coworker, chances are your managers might not take it in a positive way. They would assume that you are not able to focus on your work and this will hinder your professional growth.

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4. It will be a major distraction

The worst thing is that your manager might be right. You won’t be able to work and show your potential when you have the one you are dating staring right at you – all the time. You will get distracted more often and might end up losing your groove.

5. You both will argue a lot

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When you would have all the office gossip to talk about, you won’t just bitch and moan, but would argue as well. When you are dating a coworker, there is no such boundary between your professional and personal life. You will bring home your work and will start fighting over your work issues for no reasons.

6. The secret

There are a lot of companies in which dating a coworker is not allowed. You would not only be breaking the company policies. But if things get ugly, you might end up facing a possible harassment case. No one has seen the future, and things might get ugly in the blink of an eye.

7. It’s never meant to work!

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It doesn’t matter how much you try, but this is one such relationship that is never meant to see the light of day. You might have to face them the next day of your breakup and it would be followed by several awkward moments. This is certainly a road that you should not be willing to travel.

So what if dating a coworker is a bad idea? Exit your workplace and go out there to explore. You never know, you might end up meeting the love of your life in the next party that you attend.

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7 Reasons Dating A Coworker Is A Journey Of Regrets
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