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That’s A Jealous Girlfriend: 10 Signs That Give Away Her Jealous Nature

Sometimes, we need to invest ourselves in our relationship. Trust and respect for your partner will certainly take your relationship ahead. While jealousy and dishonesty, on the other hand, might cause some incurable damage to it. These prominent signs of jealousy in a woman will let you know if you really are jealous or not, so that you can take remedial steps.

1. She is insecure

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Needless to say, a jealous girlfriend will always be a little insecure. She will constantly track your whereabouts and needs to know your colleagues, friends, and everyone who talks to you. She might even stalk them to know how they are related to you and will get to know about your past in the most unimaginable way.

2. She constantly asks for validation

“Do you really love me?”, “Am I looking pretty?”, “Do you think I am smart?” – be prepared to answer these questions every now and then. She will need your validation for almost everything in her life, and would be desperate to know why you want to be with her or how much you love her, all the time.

3. She will look through your phone

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She will breach your privacy without waiting for your concern. She will keep checking your phone and even your browsing history to keep an eye on you.

4. She can’t leave you alone with other women

This one would be the most visible and prominent signs of a jealous girlfriend. She won’t stand the thought of you talking to any other woman, even if she is a colleague or a friend. She won’t trust you and might get agitated to see you talking to some other girl.

5. She belittles your friends and family

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She won’t really respect the people you love. She might ask you to choose between her and your friends every once in awhile by putting you in an uncomfortable situation.

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6. She can’t take criticism

Even if you will try to calm her down and would try to make her understand about her flaws, she won’t listen to you. She might get furious or may pick a fight in order to change the subject.

7. She always needs to have the last word

Whenever you would fight or even have a heated discussion, she would make sure that she will always have the last word. This would be her way of having an upper hand in the relationship.

8. She is materialistic

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Jealousy is caused by several things and the love of materialistic pleasures is one of them. Too often, it is seen that a jealous girlfriend might get materialistic by picking the kind of things that don’t really matter.

9. She will always remind you of your mistakes

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She will never truly forgive or forget your mistakes. She will keep reminding you about even the slightest of mistake that you could have made in the past. This would be her way of manipulating you in her own twisted way.

10. She will accuse you of cheating

The thought of you leaving her and being with someone else will never really leave her mind. She will blame you for committing adultery without any proof to back her accusations. This would only make you feel agitated as you will realize that your relationship is no longer based on trust.

If you think your girlfriend is exhibiting these signs of jealousy in a woman, then you must need to come up with a plan of action. For every girl out there – if you think you do one of these things, you should try to bring a change in your attitude as no guy appreciates a jealous girlfriend. Try to see the good in him and make sure that you are in this for the long run.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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10 Signs Of Jealousy In A Woman That Your Girlfriend Is Exhibiting
Is your girlfriend exhibiting these signs of jealousy in a woman? Then beware!
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