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More Than Snooping: 10 Things An Extremely Jealous Girlfriend Is Doing That She Won’t Let You Know Of

Everyone is a little possessive of their significant other. Though a little jealousy might seem cute, but if your girlfriend has started to invade your space, then you should definitely be cautious of her. Checking your phone every now and then or accessing your email might get complicated. Here are a few things that your jealous girlfriend could be doing without getting noticed by you at all.

1. Playing mind games

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She could be manipulating you, without letting you notice her true intentions. You won’t even realize how easily you would fall for her games as she would change your priorities.

2. Demanding proof of your affection

A jealous girlfriend will never be happy with her relationship. She will compare you with her friends and her ex. She would keep looking for a reason to prove you wrong and would even test your affection for her, every once in awhile.

3. Reading your text messages and chats

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She would ask your phone’s passcode only to read your chats and browse your pictures. Every relationship have a few boundaries that should never be crossed. She, on the other hand, would make her own rules and invade your privacy without any trouble.

4. Talking to your friends behind your back

She might question your judgment regarding your friends and could start making you feel low of them. She would breach your privacy and might start talking to your friends without letting you know, only to damage your relationship with them even more.

5. Affecting your schedule

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Every now and then, she would come up with something that will affect your schedule. She would ask you to put herself ahead of everything and might even create an undesirable scenario for you.

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6. Invading your workspace

Not just your personal life, she would also affect your work as well. She could get in touch with your colleagues or might even drop by at your workplace unexpectedly only to keep a check on you. She won’t like you spending more time with other female colleagues and might start to ruin your work just to get your attention.

7. Checking your browsing history

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This one is one of the most common traits of every jealous girlfriend. She will not only check your history but will also try to open your social media profiles to track every move of yours.

8. Keeping a check on your finance

You might not notice it at first, but she would know about your finances more than you. From checking your credit card bills to your internet banking accounts, she would try to control it all while letting you think that she is doing it only to take some load off your shoulders.

9. Always knowing your whereabouts

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It would be like as is she has installed an invisible GPS on your body. You would never be able to escape her. She will always know where you are going and with whom you are spending your time. You will never be away from her radar.

10. Alienating you from your circle

The more time she would spend with you, the more she would keep you away from your friends. She won’t approve you spending time with your own circle of friends and family and will gradually alienate you from your loved ones, without letting you realize.

Being with a jealous girlfriend is not an easy task. Your life would be affected in the most unimaginable way. This is not how love is supposed to feel like. Make sure that you are happy in a relationship and are not being fooled by her. Try to look for these signs and have a conversation with your girl is she is crossing the line.

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10 Things An Extremely Jealous Girlfriend Is Doing That She Won't Let You Know Of
Because a jealous girlfriend will do ANYTHING to keep her jealousy a secret!
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