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10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Girlfriend

Sometimes it just so happens that men have a very weird idea about women and their nature, based on their fickleness, their delicacy, their supposed fragile nature, and the misleading ideas that magazines and movies tend to give you of women. Guys get over-protective of their girlfriends and forget that they too have an identity of their own. It is in these times that guys need to remind themselves that girls are not THAT weak and can handle situations by themselves as well.

It can’t be denied that girls do need their partners to be by their sides, giving support and making them feel that they are there for them, no matter what, but going overboard while doing that just brings about a guy’s own doom. Hence here are a few things not to say to your girlfriend if you love her and do not want to annoy the hell out of her.

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Just keep these dialogues in mind and the next time you have an argument you will know exactly what to say and what not to say to not sabotage your relationship.

1. “Either works.”

making decisions

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Frankly speaking, you are allowed to say anything but that when your girlfriend asks you to give your opinion. Say, you are in a clothing store and, after trying on some dresses, she asks you which would suit you better among the two. Such a situation may also arise when she is getting ready for a party and cannot decide which dress to wear – her trusty LBD or the red sequined number. Of course, you think she looks gorgeous in both, but you have no idea how invaluable your opinion at that moment is to her. So go ahead, take your pick and tell her which one you think looks better on her. You cannot just absentmindedly tell her, “Either works.”

2. “Whatever.”


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This statement, especially when accompanied with a shrug, is the ultimate expression of indifference, and will simply show that you don’t really care about what your girlfriend is on about. Your girlfriend will get seriously offended by this and you will put your relationship at risk. You will do well to consider giving a more serious response rather than blurt out an annoying and bordering on indifference, “Whatever.”

3. “You look the same without makeup.”

shut up

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Maybe you meant that as a compliment, but it is likely that your dearest will not take it as one. Girls put in a lot of effort in applying makeup and dolling up – especially when it is for you – and it is not to hear from her boyfriend that it does not make a difference. Of course you think that she looks beautiful no matter what and all the glitter and colors couldn’t add to how beautiful she already is. However, she does look prettier and dazzles when she has her makeup on as well, and let her know that you do notice. This will make her feel that all the hours spent before the mirror were actually worth it.

4. “Haven’t you eaten already?”

are you kidding me

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Honestly, most girls think a lot before eating, counting calories meticulously, and planning to eat as little as possible. So if your girlfriend does think of having a burger or French fries after having dinner, you needn’t pull her leg for that. Though you may have not meant it as a taunt, a girl is always very conscious about remarks passed about the food she eats or her figure, and she will automatically take it as a fat accusation. That won’t really make things look good now, would it? So if she plans on having some late-night munchies, just give her a break and let her.

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5. “You smell of (insert name of food item).”

talk to food about this

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Now that is plain absurd. You better not let that comment come out of your mouth because that wouldn’t sound very gentlemanly, no matter how honest you are being.

6. “True, she is a pain in the b*tt.”


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Big blunder, buddy. Only your girlfriend can badmouth her parents to you if she is in THAT bad of a mood and you can subtly agree with her, but you should not even think of using the swearwords that she mentally uses for her parents. It does not matter that you too find her parents annoying, you cannot just join her while she is venting her anger.

7. “Is that your friend? She’s kinda pretty.”

she's so hot

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That statement, my friend, may just put an end to your relationship following a serious tiff. Even if your girlfriend’s friend looks hot, you have to keep your evaluation to yourself rather than sharing it with your beloved. Your girl is the one who is in love with you, not her friend, so if you care a fig about your relationship or, as a matter of fact, her feelings, stick to complimenting your girl alone, and refrain from praising other girls or their figures.

8. “Jessica did not do it like this.”

don't tell me what to do

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Your ex-girlfriend may have done something differently from your present girlfriend, but that does not mean you can draw a comparison. That is, unless you are out of your mind and wish to anger your girlfriend to a great extent. No matter how well Jessica did something, you cannot express it in front of your ladylove. This might lead to a number of results depending on your girlfriend’s temperament, but none of them would be very pleasing. In fact, it is better that you refrain from bringing up your ex at all times.

9. “When’s your birthday again?”


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Now this would simply imply that you do not care about your girlfriend enough, so much so that you do not even try to remember these little but important details about her. It may not be a big deal for you, but girls are always very particular about dates and events in their lives and hence it is better that you make a mental note of these things – and celebrate them accordingly. If not a mental note, there sure are numerous apps for your smartphone to remind you of these important dates and events. Install them, for crying out loud – after all, you are in the 21st century!

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10. “I don’t think you will understand.”

i don't know me

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Your girlfriend is more sensitive, caring, and understanding than you think and makes for a great listener. Hence there’s no way that you can say such a thing to your girlfriend no matter what it is. You should brief her on whatever’s on your mind or, even better, have a proper conversation with her about it.

Now that you have been sufficiently warned on the things NOT to say to your girlfriend, you can rest easy and have a smooth relationship with her. Good luck, buddy!

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