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10 Vital Things You MUST Know When Dating An Alpha Female

If you are a man and are looking to get your hands on a good fish in the sea of women – you are probably already confused. Even after you succeed in finding that woman, it might seem like a daunting task to keep up with the relationship. This can get so much worse when you are dating an alpha female.

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For those of you who don’t know who an alpha female is, here are some clues:

1. She is confident

The alpha female doesn’t really need a man to protect her and guide her through anything. She is capable of making decisions and carrying them out confidently.

2. She has her career sorted

One of the major characteristics of an alpha woman is that she is not going to be financially dependent on anybody. She knows that her career is important, and she is willing to go to any extent to ensure that she doesn’t mess around with it.

3. She is emotionally independent

This is not the type of woman you are going to find crying on your shoulder all the time. She knows how to take care of her emotions and handles things fairly well.

4. She surrounds herself with the right people

An alpha chick is always backed up. She has her friends who she is never going to lose faith in. She takes her time with people and then knows how to carry those friendships with her throughout her life. She is one of the most sought-after friends, and whenever she calls out to her friends, they are always going to be there for her.

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All in all, she is this majestic woman who is going to steal your heart with her compassion and also her ability to take care of herself in all situations. But these ladies are not meant to be treated like regular ones. They have their own ways of working and they are particular as hell about it. Understanding her might be a hassle, but they are actually the simples of all.

We will help you get around to her! Here is a list of 10 things you need to keep in mind when you are dating an alpha female:

1. Be expressive of what you want

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It could be a dinner plan or a movie, or something more serious like relationship and career decisions. She is going to love it when you know what you want and are not pondering over everything all the time. She is the kind of woman who believes in giving things a rational thought, and coming to a decision. If you are going to keep hovering over what she will like and what she will not – you might give her the impression that you don’t really have an opinion of your own.

That is not what you want when you are dating one of these women!

2. She is looking for creativity

When you are dating a majestic woman, you cannot let it get boring. She feeds on creativity and new things to do. Doing the same old things that all couples do can get really boring for her and there is no way she will stick around for too long if your relationship gets boring.

Even if she does, she is not going to be really happy in it.

3. Have your opinions, respect hers

She is not the girl who is going to give in just because you are the man. In fact, there is a good possibility that she opposes the patriarchal systems in the world. But she will hate it if you have no opinions at all. You are allowed to have an opinion, but you also need to be respectful of hers. Do not discard her opinions and thoughts.

She will lose respect for you if you do that.

4. You might have to be the patient one

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One thing about the alpha female is that she is impulsive. She loves to take things in her own hands and act fast. If ticked off, she is going to explode and maybe turn both your worlds upside down. Yes, she is very capable of that. In this scenario, you are the one who is going to have to be more patient and calm. When she sees that the two of you complement each other like that, she is going to love the relationship and will value it much more.

If she is capable of turning your world upside down, she is also capable of bringing heaven and earth together to make it work.

5. Get your life together

There are some women who have the patience and heart to take a broken man and fix him. If you are thinking that you are going to be receiving that from her, dating an alpha woman might not be the best idea for you, mate! This is the kind of girl who wants a boyfriend she can be a girlfriend to, not a child that she has to nanny all the time.

There are better chances of her getting sick of you if you are going to be a burden to her. It could be financial, emotional, or social.

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6. Rock her world in bed

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When it comes to doing things between the sheets, there is no end to how much she is going to love it if you two have great chemistry. Sex is an important part of the relationship, and she knows that. Therefore, she is going to ensure that she gives you the best that she can, and will expect you to do the same. Alpha females are generally dominant in the outside world, but you can change this in bed. Take over because that is one place where she will love to surrender control.

7. Keep that pride aside

While she loves that you have an opinion and you respect hers, she might not be the one to swallow her pride very often. When you do it, she is going to see that she can do it sometimes, too. This is going to ensure that both of you have a certain amount of respect for each other and neither of you will allow pride to come between the two of you.

A relationship without pride is the ideal relationship to have anyway!

8. You may not know what every day is going to look like

While she is not really looking for emotional support all the time, and has her wits about her – she is in love with learning. Also, she loves to try out new things and she can also sometimes demand that you join her in her adventures. While she might love the date that you took her on, she might ask you to trek the next weekend and then go on a romantic beach vacation the next month. Be prepared to take up that challenge and understand that the thrill is a part of her well-being.

You might enjoy living on the edge too!

9. Let her be!

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We understand that you men have a natural tendency to be protective. When she is your girl, you are bound to be caring and protective toward her. But, if she is working late in the night, and forgets to inform you about her reaching home – then do not make an issue about it. She was tired and maybe she forgot. If she needs her space by herself, or with her friends, or both – you have to give it to her.

It is easy to suffocate an alpha woman, and she will walk out if she feels that way.

10. Communication will take your relationship to new levels

She is not the kind who is going to read between the lines and try to understand everything that you don’t say. While she might be intelligent and strong, she is also relaxed in her ways. Talking to her is the best way to resolve an issue because she is going to be willing to listen, understand, and reason with you. You can only truly solve a problem with open communication.

If you don’t communicate and bring all of your issues up in fight later, you are heading in the wrong direction my friend.

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Yes, we have listed out 10 points for you to keep in mind if you have an alpha woman as your girlfriend. We might have also turned you off the idea of dating one too! But don’t proceed with that thought. Dating an alpha female could be one of the best things that can happen to you. You two can be the perfect tag team and will be able to virtually conquer the world together.

While she might be capable of taking you down, that will never actually be her intent. In fact, she holds the strength and courage to take on any challenge. In times of trouble, she will not only pull herself through, she will also ensure that she supports you too.

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