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10 Effective Tips On How To Attract A Man And Keep Him

While it’s easy to say that the man should make the first move when it comes to dating, it doesn’t mean that we women can’t also take control. In fact, it is also possible that we are attracted to them much before they think of us in a certain way – but as society would have it – they are going to have to ask us out.

Then comes the question of how to attract a man?

The lady really needs to have her own personality to attract a man. Men also have their own set of expectations and qualities that they want from a partner. Attracting him is one thing, but keeping him is another, and it ultimately comes down to your compatibility as a pair.

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So here we are, to help our fellow lady friends. We will tell you how to attract men, and keep them. But keep in mind that these are not foolproof plans – they are subject to the man that you choose, and also who you are as a person. Read on for a few tips:

1. Make your body language inclined towards him

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No. Do not throw yourself on him. Just flirt a little with your body language. Lean forward when he is talking to you, play with your hair so that he knows that you are interested in him, and when you are friendly with him, nudge him a little bit and make physical contact.

Your body language speaks volumes about you and it also determines how he sees you. Ensure that you are not faking it, because no matter how hard you try, he is going to find out eventually.

2. Eye contact is essential

Men like a confident woman who is comfortable in her skin. Make eye contact and ensure that he feels the intensity of it. When you are able to do that, he is going to be awestruck by the confidence you have in yourself.

Once he starts to feel that, there is no looking back on the attraction scale. If you are able to keep up that confidence (read: if you really have it in you and you haven’t put on a show) then you are going to be able to keep the man that you have chosen.

3. Take on his left side

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The left side is connected to the right brain, which is meant to take care of emotions, sentiments, and other intangible things. The right brain has everything to do with logic, practicality, and the worldly wisdom that the man has. Walking or sitting on his left side and talking in his left ear or holding his left hand is going to have an emotionally stimulating effect on his right brain.

This has been one of the key answers to the eternal question of how to attract a man!

4. Stay happy!

We cannot repeat ourselves enough here. Men want a girlfriend who is going to be fun and interesting and easy to spend time with. Being weak and grieved all the time is not going to do you any good. This might end up pushing him away.

You really don’t want that. You are reading something on how to attract a man, not how to gain a man’s sympathy!

5. Be fun and interesting

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While we know that this is a really subjective aspect of a person, one person’s idea of fun can be another’s misery. If you are interested in a man, and are really looking to take things ahead with him, do your homework and find out what his hobbies and interests are. Understand him and find the common areas of interest and converse about them. Common interests always help in initially strengthening the bond.

If you two have no common areas of interest, then you really need to reconsider the relationship. You might not really have anything to do with him or talk about even if you manage to get him out on a date.

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6. Do not act pricey

A woman who is nice, cute, happy, interesting and all of the good things can be a huge turn off to any man if she is too pricey. If you are expecting that he is going to chase you, you may need to think again. Nothing is better than a lady who is easygoing and does not create too much drama.

If you want the perfect tip on how to attract a man and keep him, here it is – DO NOT ACT PRICEY!

7. Throw those mind games away

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Well, we all know that some women can be twisted! Testing the man, trying to be the boss, and throwing tantrums when it is not really required are traits that many women are guilty of. You need to be that exception. You both need to be able to fully trust each other.

Make him feel emotionally secure and be true to that. When he realizes that you are there to support him and not stab him in the back, he will be even more attracted to you and will want to keep you.

8. Do not fake it, be real!

If you are still looking for the answer to how to attract a man, you just need to be real. Right from the get go, be clear about what you are looking for and what you expect from the relationship. Men love it when there is clarity between them and their girl and there are no problems in understanding the nature of the relationship.

It is also possible that you have changed your mind about what you want. Even then, do not hesitate to talk about it openly. What they decide is their call, but ensure that you are real about the entire situation and they get to hear your side of the story directly from you.

9. Have your own principles and values

While you might like the guy a lot, never give up your principles. Not only does a man admire a woman with values, but her giving up her values for him makes her look desperate and that is not something that they are going to fall for. You can always respect his principles, even if they completely contradict yours, but ensure that you do not give yours up in the process.

This also lets the man know that you are not the kind who is willing to give up your identity for the sake of a person you have recently met. It is also the best way to keep your identity intact.

10. Positivity is always welcome!

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You need to be positive, whether it’s an issue related to physically intimacy or if he needs support for something happening in his life. You should aim to be that girl that he will turn to when he wants to talk about something. It could be a serious talk about his career, a random beer session, a formal dinner where he has no plus one, a crazy party, or just a coffee and smoke. If you are positive, you are going to find yourself invited to all of these things.

Maintain that positive attitude, and the boy is going to be smitten and is never going to let you go, no matter what. It will also do you a lot of good in life to remain positive and independent.

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While all of these tips are going to be helpful, we are warning you that you are never going to be able to keep him if you are not going to be honest with yourself. The looks and the body language can be used deliberately, and if the relationship turns into something, you two can actually laugh about it as well. But do not make the grave mistake of faking your personality.

If you do, you are either going to be losing your identity, or your relationship to just some act that did not succeed. Simple gestures, simple acts of affection, and some flirtatiousness are going to get you a long way with the man that you choose. Do not overthink and be yourself, you will be good to go!

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