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12 Effective Tips On How To Attract A Woman And Keep Her

One of the fundamental facts about the laws of attraction is that it widely varies from one person to another. Being able to attract is an art, and it takes more than just good looks. Attracting someone is not that easy after all, and requires a patient understanding of what the person across you is looking for. The way you carry yourself, the aura you have around you, and your overall personality, all contribute in making an impression on another person.

“The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned.” (Becca Fitzpatrick). But, when it comes to understanding how to attract a woman, it is a different ball game altogether. Different women have different interests as well as expectations. As such, there are no ground rules on how to attract women but just a few general tips that can be very handy.

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Now, if you are looking at a bigger picture and want to take a step further than just drawing a woman towards you, a little more effort will be required. Attracting is one thing but attracting a woman and keeping her is another. If you have found the special one you would want to keep for life, it’s worth all the trials and tribulations. So, here are 12 effective tips on how to attract a woman and keep her.

1. Dress well and be presentable

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A man is known by the shoes he wears and the hair he keeps. Sounds old fashioned? Not really. A well-dressed man is always found attractive. Also, a large majority of women value good hygiene (including me!) and like their man to be serious about cleanliness. So beware of those smelly socks, guys! Look good, smell good, and this will not only attract a woman but also help you keep her with you for long!

2. Good manners and etiquette are always appreciated

Manners maketh a man, they say, and how true it is when it comes to attracting a woman. Good manners and etiquette are a part of a person’s upbringing and manifest themselves in everyday activities. Being a gentleman will definitely attract your lady love toward you and help you keep her, because she will definitely want those manners to pass onto her children!

3. Flowers and chocolate as gifts never go out of style

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The joy of giving is a joy unparalleled. And when it comes to giving gifts to a woman, simple things do the trick. You don’t have to buy her pearls or take her out to a fancy dinner to impress her. Most women like being surprised with flowers and chocolates. Maybe not for every gift, but once in a while if you take her by surprise, you will surely be rewarded.

4. Complimenting and making her smile

Yes, women love to be complimented and if those are from the heart, you earn brownie points. Genuine compliments attract women and they like to be pampered with such praises all their lives. Also, hone your art of being humorous and tell her things to tickle her funny bone (but avoid lame jokes!). So, start with a compliment that will make her blush and smile a little, and make way to her heart forever.

5. Focusing on her while talking and listening to her

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Women are instantly attracted when you shower them with attention. It is also good manners to maintain eye contact and focus on someone when you converse with them. This is one of the major areas which you must concentrate on because a girl can always find out if you are distracted. If you want to keep her then you better give her your undivided attention, buddy!

6. Be honest about yourself and your past

One of the best tips on how to attract a woman is to be honest! Be frank and forthcoming about yourself – your goals, hobbies, and also about your past if you are thinking of taking the relationship further. Do not try to be someone you are not, even just for the time being, because sooner or later she is going to find out the real you! So, attract her by being you and you will have no regrets for life.

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7. If you make promises, try your best to keep them

Promises are made to be broken – if you thought so, you are wrong! Keeping your word and standing by what you say are qualities a woman looks for. It is understood that sometimes things don’t fall into place, and if that happens, then apologize. Even if it’s the smallest of things, always keep your promises. This will surely help you keep the woman you want to attract too.

8. Remember her likes and dislikes and share yours

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A woman will always appreciate it if you remember her preferences, and what irritates her. Remember that she prefers daisies to roses. Remember she doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Also tell her what you like and dislike. This way, she will also know that you have more than just attracting her on your mind.

9. Don’t be too eager about your future plans

Yes, we know you like this girl a lot and would want to spend the rest of your life with her, but hold your reins, boy! Women usually do not like guys who make hasty decisions and jump to conclusions. Attract her by being calm and composed. Hover over your future plans but don’t just seal them. You never know how life turns out to be, so give space for your life to blossom in the way it should. This way, your girl will also have time to consider where she figures into your life and then you can plan ahead.

10. Be patient till you take it to next level

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Oh yes, she is young and beautiful and you just can’t take your eyes off her. Your testosterone levels have sky-rocketed by now and you can’t stop thinking of getting intimate with her. But, think a thousand times before you even take the first step towards it because the woman sitting right across you is summing you up by now. Don’t repel her by behaving like a pervert and stay calm. When she wants it, you will surely know. If you want to keep her for life, be patient and act cool.

11. Ask questions but don’t interview her or try to judge her by her activities

You might want to know everything about her but don’t choke her with your inquisitiveness. Also avoid passing a comment about everything she says or does. Don’t ask her irrational questions or bore her to death. Take interest in her activities but let her decide what is good or bad for her. Women are never comfortable with judgmental men around. Attract her by being a man who respects her and it is guaranteed that you can keep her for life.

12. Keep the conversation interesting

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An engaging conversation is something that is always going to keep a girl hooked onto you. You might be a man of few words, and it’s accepted that brevity has its own beauty, but make sure that even those few words make sense! As long as you can talk about the hills and valleys, books and movies, and various other things that interest her, you can expect to keep her glued to you!

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Beauty is only skin deep, says an old proverb and yet so true especially in a time when the perception of beauty has reduced to a synonym of glamour. A good intellect and an even better sense of humor can easily surpass the set standards of beauty in a society. A wise woman will always be attracted to the good qualities and behavior of a gentleman. It is said that a happy woman is a myth. But if you only tried a little harder, you could dispel that myth. Literally speaking, attraction is a temporary thing and once the ball is already in your court, you seem to give it least importance. But remember, if you really want to keep your girl by your side, you have to be kind and considerate about what she wants from a man.

Now that you know the subtle skills about how to attract a girl, go practice them. You can now not only attract but also keep the woman of your dreams, so pull up your sleeves boys and get to work! And the ones with super good looks and a handsome physique, who think it’s a cake walk for you, think again! All the real women out there are looking for their own definition of attractiveness, which can range from being well-read to being well-traveled. So, follow the above listed tips on the woman you are dating and keep her for yourself for a lifetime to come!

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