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51 Heart-warming Ways To Say I Love You Without Saying It

Oftentimes, words don’t cut it at all. No, don’t get me wrong. I love saying and hearing I love you – all the friggin’ time. But I love it when those words slip up and something else makes me feel the same way an honest ‘I love you’ does.

Wondering what?

All the times when people say I love you without saying it. Yes, it happens. With you, with me, and with everybody. Coz you know what they say about love being in the air – it’s true, they mean it. <blush>

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Check out all the ways on how to say I love you without saying it:

1. With paper planes with secret love messages tucked inside the folds and creases of wings!

1 with paper planes 1

2. With a pet who carries the scroll- you took hours to etch her favorite picture on!

2 with a pet 2

3. With a bowl of hot soup when he has a boombox cough!

3 hot soup 3

4. With the coat she needs when the nippy winter night is touching the skin only you can!

4 wrap coat 4

5. With a musical attachment and a ‘I heard this and thought of you’ message!

5 music 5

6. With breakfast in bed.

6 breakfast in bed 6

7. With the ALWAYS smile… coz you will replace it with another when this one is about to end…

7 smile 7

8. With a simple touch- like tucking her playful lock behind her delicate ear or pulling her close on a dark night!

8 hair 8

9. With a kiss on the forehead…

9 kiss 9

10. With a pillow-fight…

10 pillow fight 10

11. With poor jokes that still leave both of you in splits…

11 laughing 11

12. With a life-size bouquet of flowers right before their big performance!

12 bouquet 12

13. With the longer walk home so you can hold her hand a li’l longer!

13 long walk 13

14. With an unexpected knock on their door…just because…

14 knock 14

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15. With a hug that knows no end…

15 hug 15

16. With patience for quick tempers and even quicker regrets for having lost it…

16 patience 16

17. With a kiss that becomes as important as air!

17 kiss 17

18. With a raindance…

18 raindance 18

19. With a song you sing…only for her…

19 song 19

20. With the last slice of pizza…

20 pizza 20

21. With a meal you fixed because you knew he had a rough day at work…

21 meal 21

22. With a bottle of cold water right after his big game…

22 after game 22

23. With a treasure map that brings them HOME to you!

23 treasure map 23

24. With letters and love notes in his coat pocket or lunch box.

24 love notes 24

25. With her name on the sand castle you built her…

25 sand castle 25

26. With love-filled post-it notes on the car windshield!

26 on car 26

27. With the lipstick kiss on the mirror…

27 lipstick kiss 27

28. With TIME- and not just any time, time that gives her your undivided attention!

28 time 28

29. With the TRUTH- a clear NO, a real YES!

29 truth 29

30. With a long drive into the night- to have ice-cream under the starlit sky…

30 long drive 30

31. With messages chalked on the sidewalk they take everyday…

31 message on the sidewalk 31

32. With a room full of balloon-messages!

32 balloon messages 32

33. With a day of free laundry service and dish-washing!

33 laundry 33

34. With ‘Call me when you get home!’

34 call me 34

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35. With a blanket when she has fallen asleep reading…

35 blanket 35

36. With ice cream on a Sunday…

36 icecream 36

37. With a spool that has a long, long, long, long message wrapped right in the middle…

37 spool 37

38. With map coordinates that bring them to YOU..or maybe a bunch of presents before YOU!

38 map coordinates 38

39. With a ring inside a golden egg!

39 egg 39

40. With a look that tells her she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever known…

40 look 40

41. With a love nest…

41 love nest 41

42. With candy…

42 candy 42

43. With appreciation of her hard work and how proud you are of her…

43 appreciation 43

44. With help, when he hasn’t asked…

44 help 44

45. With those five minutes extra until she gets to her door…

45 five mins 45

46. With the habit of sharing all you go through- good or bad…

46 sharing 46

47. With the shoulder they can lean on when times are tough…

47 shoulder 47

48. With ‘I’d not know what I’d do without you…’

48 i'd not know 48

49. With a promise to let her melt in the strength of your arms each night…

49 sleep 49

50. …and a promise to wake up to a smiling kiss…

50 wake up kiss 50

51. With just being there for each other- as is- whatever be…

51 being there 51

Have you done these? Or do you know some other magical ways on how to say I love you without saying it?

We are all ears… okay, eyes… there’s a comments section below. <putting on my reading glasses> 😉

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51 Heart-warming Ways To Say I Love You Without Saying It
Coz there are a million ways you do say I love you without saying it - and it is plain MAGIC!
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