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11 Essential Things You Must Be Aware Of When Dating An Extrovert As An Introvert

Opposites attract – this has been a known fact for almost forever now. In fact, that’s the reason people often end up with partners who are different. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your partner and you can be replicas of each other and still survive. But people who are different are often drawn towards each other because of a sense of mutual delight. You find in each other, the parts that were missing in your life. You might love staying in and reading a book, while your partner might want to go out clubbing, but since you’re together, you get the best of both worlds.

Being an introvert is not easy. You are the quiet one in the relationship who can often be misinterpreted as the boring one. You’re not the loud and fun person all the time, because you just don’t see the point in being that way at all times. But then, your partner is all of these things and you still love them. Sometimes you wonder how the two of you manage to stay on the same page because you’re poles apart. It’s going great nevertheless, and that’s good enough for now.

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But dating an extrovert comes with its own set of dos and don’ts. So here are things you need to be aware of while you’re with one.

1. They are good with people

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Period. You might fumble and dread the awkward silences, but your lover has it all under control. They know how to keep the conversation going even if everyone has run out of things to talk about. It doesn’t matter who they’re with or how many of them are there , they will say all the jokes, talk, and make sure that everyone is having a good time. They just know how to handle people.  SOo, all you have to do is sit back and relax

2. Saving isn’t much fun

Extroverts in general love immediate gratification. Got a new job? They’ll make sure that you go out and celebrate. They rather spend on a holiday or outing today, instead of saving up for a house tomorrow. The entire concept of saving doesn’t go down very well with them. Don’t be surprised if they’re absolutely broke on some days. They’ll tell you it was worth it. So in other words, you need to start saving up.

3. Spotlight love

If you haven’t realized it already, they love basking in the attention. Be it alone or with a group of people, they make sure that everyone knows that they exist. They will do everything in their power to shine as bright as the sun. If you know this, then make sure that you give them all the attention they want, because you’ll just have to do it or they’ll come whining about how you won’t pay special attention to them. But if you do give them some extra attention, be sure that you’ll get a dose of it too. Annoying but cute at one go, eh?

4. Boredom hits quick

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Although they do need a few quiet times, they just need to be doing something almost all the time. They need some sort of external stimulus to keep their batteries charged, because otherwise they’re going to be restless. They have a short attention span which in turn means that they need something interesting to keep their mind occupied for a good time period. So, in a way, it’ll be great because they’ll keep trying out new things and possibly pull you along as well. New experience  doesn’t sound all too bad now, does it? Though maybe, you’ll have to sneak in some of that alone time you want.

5. Positive vibes

Dating an extrovert will mean dating a person who is just happy all the time. They have a positive outlook towards life and they don’t see the point in wasting any time in being sad. They like a happy environment, so they’ll stick to it. And, it doesn’t stop at that. Their happiness is infectious and will definitely get to you as well. A little more happiness doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? Tell them to put a lid on it if it’s getting to you on a bad day, but it shouldn’t be much trouble otherwise.

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6. Compromise is necessary

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Both of you love each other but both of you have a few wants and needs that doesn’t interest the other. But you have to figure out a way to balance it before things get out of hand. All you have to simply do is make a few decisions. Decide how many social events you’ll attend together, how many dates you’ll go on, when you’ll spend time alone and everything else that might cause a conflict. Of course, there are a few things that both of you will have to indulge regardless of your likes and dislikes, but remember compromises?

7. Likely to live longer

No, it’s not because they talk so much, but it’s because they have such a wide social circle. This is a major advantage over all the lonely people out there who barely include a double digit number when it comes to their friend circle. This is because, when they’re in need of something, they can always turn to someone for help. If you’re dating them, then you don’t have to worry about getting lost somewhere or running out of food. They’ll know someone who can rescue you.

8.Talking is a part of the package

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You already know that. They love talking about everything. In fact, they’ll ask you about every little detail of your day because that’s probably the only way to get you talking. They try to fill up silences with small talk about anything and everything. When they like something, you’ll know; when they don’t like something, you’ll know. Not just that, you’ll have to talk too, especially if you’re down in the dumps. They won’t realize until you tell them because that’s how they work. Guessing games aren’t their specialty.

9. Very adaptable

This is good news. Apart from the not liking the ‘let’s stay quiet’ bit, extroverts are pretty adaptable people. You had to cancel on a date because of some family thing? No issues at all. They will go to the game alone or take a friend along. If you want them to come with you to pick up a friend and later entertain them, they will do that too. You name it, they’re in for it! Just don’t keep them stuck in a room while they have nothing to do for too long.

10. Privacy may not come easy

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Extroverts are an open book. Their life is all over the place, both online as well as offline. They sometimes don’t know what to not tell someone else because of their excited nature. They also find it difficult to say no to things because of which their schedules are always packed. Now, as annoying as this might be, the best you can do is help them to slow down when they’re going overboard, or  need to like they pushing you to do things. That way, you both benefit each other.

11. It’s okay if you’re not one

This is something that you shouldn’t forget. Your lover will have other extrovert friends that they’ll hang out with, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you because you’re not an extrovert. You don’t have to party all the time or talk as much. If you want to stay in the background, make sure that you tell them and they’ll let you be without bothering you. You don’t have to be one to be loved by them and that is all that should matter.

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Dating an extrovert if you’re not one isn’t very easy. Of course, every person has both sides to them. I am an introvert who loves adventures and making new friends as much as holing up in my room and reading a book; while my partner is the stark opposite. But we both survive on the basis of a few compromises and mutual understanding.

Extroverts are fun people. But like every working and successful relationship, you’ll both have to make compromises. If you can do that, you’ll create a balance and a kind of love that no can break through. It’ll give the two of you plenty of opportunities to learn and grow personally. You can go out partying together on Saturday, order pizza and chill with Netflix on Sunday, and go away on a trip the next weekend. All you have to do is, communicate and listen; the rest will follow along with all the love.

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11 Things You Must Be Aware Of When Dating An Extrovert When You Aren't One
So you're dating an extrovert, eh? These are the things you need to be aware of to have a good relationship with them.
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