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12 Seemingly Harmless Everyday Things You Must NEVER Put On Your Face

In today’s world when we are so dependent on the internet for beauty regimes and solutions to hair problems, sometimes it so happens that we blindly follow the instructions given on websites without even thinking twice about the adverse effect it could have on our face or hair. More often than not, it is the skin on our face that gets affected in the worst ways by these less researched elements that we put on our face. The internet today is filled with DIY solutions for any and all skin problems. However, it does not mean that all of these solutions are dependable and will be good for your skin.

There are endless ways in which you can keep your skin healthy. But remember that you can never use these everyday things on your face as a solution to your skin problems – EVER!

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1. Body lotion

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The name itself clearly indicates that this is meant only for the body and nowhere else. So you can’t really think of using body lotion anywhere other than your body. You also must avoid its usage on your face. The logic and reason behind this advice is that the skin on your face is much thinner than the skin on your body, and is also more delicate. It also goes without saying that the skin on your face is far more sensitive and prone to rashes and adverse reactions more easily than the rest of your body. Body lotions are manufactured in a way so that they are far more fragrant than face creams or moisturizers. Though some body lotions can be used as face creams also, it is for the best that you totally avoid using body lotion on your face.

2. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is an ingredient that is always used in various skin moisturizers. Moreover, it is also considered to be a great natural remedy for bug bites and even some shallow cuts. It is something that most people will tell you to put on your face if you are suffering from any kind of skin condition. Although petroleum jelly may seem to have a positive effect on your skin, healing all your skin problems, the harmful work that it does is that it makes the natural oils on your face soft and then removes the protective barrier of your skin. Eventually, petroleum jelly will only seal all the debris and dirt inside the pores of your face. The result of this would be disastrous skin problems that will certainly make you unhappy.

3. Mayonnaise


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Mayonnaise maybe one of those indispensable things if you are planning to make a yummy sandwich for yourself or for the kids, but bear this in mind, mayonnaise can never be a good solution to skin problems, unlike what most DIY moisturizers and masks suggested on the internet. Mayonnaise, according to our skin experts, is one of those everyday things that you must never bring anywhere close to your facial skin. It is way too full of acid, either citric or acetic, and also contains salt. Thus, mayonnaise does not allow the skin on your face to breathe, eventually also clogging your pores. At the most, you can use mayonnaise on your hair, but that too only if your hair is damaged and dry beyond repair.

4. Nail polish

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Image source: Pinterest

You do love applying nail polish on your face in order to get that glamorous glittery look on Halloween or April Fools’ Day, but skin experts strongly advise not to put any of that chemical on your face. It may look great for the day, but it will leave your skin in a terrible condition, making your face feel chapped, damaged, and extremely rough. So, nail polish is another one of those everyday things that you must avoid putting on your face at any cost. Refrain from using colored nail polish anywhere but on your nails.

5. Vegetable shortening

This ingredient comes pretty handy when it comes to curing psoriasis. It is one of those everyday things that can cure this complicated skin disease in no time and with no hassle. Mind you though, you cannot use vegetable shortening for any other skin problem, let alone for any problem that arises on your face. You should never apply it on your face as it will do more harm than good. Vegetable shortening is bound to clog all the pores on your face and even lead to some disastrous breakouts. And it’s the last thing you want to deal with.

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6. Lemon


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Lemon is yet another ordinary thing that you should never put on your face. It has elements in it that are acidic like baking soda. This acidic property causes the pH balance on your face to disrupt greatly. Moreover, it has properties that are phototoxic, and thus even makes the skin really irritated if perchance you get exposed to the sun with lemon juice on your face. This even leads to disastrous chemical burns on your face, something that we are sure you wouldn’t like your skin to suffer from!

7. Rubbing alcohol

As far as dermatological benefits are concerned, alcohol, at the most, can be used to sterilize wounds. It is also an antibacterial disinfectant. However, if the internet or any other source suggests to rub it on your face, you better not pay heed to such words, because alcohol never really does any good to your face. It will cause the skin on your face to dry out extensively. Moreover, it will also dissolve the DNA of both bacteria and your skin cells, causing dryness and dead skin cells to accumulate on your face.

8. Baking soda

It is a common ingredient that lesser experienced beauty experts on the internet or elsewhere may suggest you use in your facial scrubs. This may seem justifiable, what with the rough texture of baking soda, which makes it look like an excellent exfoliating agent. But experts who are more experienced in this field will say that your skin, which has an acidic pH that is totally natural, tends to keep the lipid layer in proper place. But if you apply something like baking soda that is highly alkaline, then this lipid layer on your face gets thoroughly damaged. Most people use baking soda on their face thinking that it has to be great for your skin as it is already such a great cleanser for the face. However, for the sake of your face’s delicate skin, do not use baking soda in any of your facial scrubs or masks.

9. Mint


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Who knew something as seemingly harmless, cool, and soothing as mint leaves can actually harm your skin instead of improving it? More often than not you will see that skin care products that are manufactured for the very purpose of cooling and refreshing your face, contain a lot of mint. However, research conducted by an expert on skincare, Paul Begoun, has revealed that peppermint, spearmint, and menthol are actually great skin irritants. So if you have problems that relate to redness, pimples, acne and other such sensitive skin issues, then be sure not to use products made with mint leaves, as this will only worsen your condition.

10. Salt

Many times, bloggers or lifestyle magazines will tell you to use salt in your facial scrubs or as a cleanser. While using salt as your scrub, you may feel satisfied with the relishing way in which it seems to cleanse your pores, but experts say that the effects of rubbing salt on your face can be disastrous. Salt tends to take out all the moisture from your skin and thus dehydrates your skin to a great extent. So, instead of helping your skin, it only tends to harm it to a great extent.

11. Fragrance

woman spraying perfume_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Lotions that have a strong fragrance and makes people feel our presence from almost miles away, do tempt us to buy them over and over again, but little do we know that these makeup products that contain a lot of such fragrance can do us a lot of harm. Aesthetician Hanah Tetro has said that when a beauty product contains a lot of fragrance, whether the fragrance is artificial or natural, it is bound to have a bad reaction on sensitive skin. Sometimes the damage may be short term, while at other times, the effect may be pretty long lasting. However, it has been tested and revealed that when people with sensitive skin apply beauty products containing strong fragrances, they instantly get major breakouts.

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12. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is almost a household remedy for acne breakouts and pimples and we keep getting advised by elders to apply a pinch of toothpaste if and when we have acne problems on our face. But dermatologists say that the usage of toothpaste on our skin can increase the production of melanin on our face, thus causing brown spots and discoloration.

If you avoid using these everyday ingredients that may apparently seem so harmless, you will actually save your face from endless skin problems. Problems that could otherwise leave you baffled, as you would never really know what actually was causing all the skin irritation.

Featured image source: Pinterest

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12 Everyday Things You Must NEVER Put On Your Face
These everyday things might seem harmless to put in your facial scrubs or masks, but what nobody told you was that you must NEVER put these on your face!
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